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The 7Zee Rewards Club is a optional program that rewards highly successful ranchers with unique rewards in exchange of newbucks. Starting at noon on day 7, you’ll receive a starmail from the 7Zee Corporation introducing you to their rewards club. You must read the starmail in order to unlock the rewards club.

Each tier of the rewards club costs increasingly larger amounts of newbucks to unlock, but comes with a unique reward. These rewards are generally prestigious, signifying your success in the world of slime ranching, including visual upgrades for your ranch, color customization features, slime toys, and more. The highest tier rewards will cost enormous sums of newbucks to acquire.


Some ranchers point out that the whole thing seems like a way of siphoning enormous sums of newbucks in exchange for fancy colors and trophies that don't actually serve any real purpose. But those ranchers aren't sporting the latest, most fashionable vacpack colors and obviously cannot be trusted.

Ranks and Rewards

Below is a list of all of the available rewards and the cost for each. Which rank a player has can be seen on the top left of the screen, underneath the time of day.

Title Cost
Ranch Chroma Blueprint Vacpack
1 Initiate 750Newbucks The Ranch
2 Pioneer I 1,000Newbucks
The Ranch
3 Pioneer II 1,500Newbucks
The Ranch
4 Pioneer III 2,000Newbucks
The Ranch
5 Skylark I 2,500Newbucks
Chroma Packs Classic Chroma PackCobalt Chroma PackMilkshake Chroma Pack
6 Skylark II 3,000Newbucks
The Ranch
7 Skylark III 3,500Newbucks
Firecracker Chroma PackGrapeshot Chroma Pack
8 Rolling
Beetle I
Slime Toys
9 Rolling
Beetle II
Robo Ranger Chroma PackMaidatron Chroma Pack
10 Rolling
Beetle III
Slime Toys
11 Playful
Fox I
Gingersnap Chroma PackPeapod Chroma Pack MarketLink
12 Playful
Fox II
The Grotto
13 Playful
Vanguard Chroma PackWillow Chroma Pack
14 Silver
Storm I
The Ranch
15 Silver
Storm II
Daybreak Chroma PackEventide Chroma Pack
16 Silver
Storm III
The Overgrowth
17 Dancing
Mongoose I
Salamander Chroma PackRoyalton Chroma Pack
18 Dancing
Mongoose II
The Ranch
19 Dancing
Mongoose III
Neopolitan Chroma PackMint Chip Chroma Pack UltraDashBoots
20 Endless
Mountain I
MasterGordoSnare TankBoosterUltra
21 Endless
Mountain II
Ghost Wine Chroma PackVolcanic Chroma Pack HeartModuleUltra
22 Endless
Mountain III
The Lab GoldenSureshot
23 Wander
Wolf I
Knight Light Chroma PackPretty Loud Chroma Pack OmegaDrill SP
24 Wander
Wolf II
The Ranch OmegaPump SP
25 Wander
Wolf III
Silverfox Chroma PackFrozen Violet Chroma Pack OmegaApiary SP
26 Golden
Owl I
The Docks GoldLamp
27 Golden
Owl II
Astro Pearl Chroma PackGoldleaf Chroma Pack IconGadgetWarpDepotGold
28 Golden
The Ranch IconGadgetTeleportGold


Introductory Mail

This mail is received on day 1.

Welcome to the Far, Far Range
The 7Zee Corporation
Ms LeBeau,
The 7Zee Corporation would like to welcome you to the Far, Far Range:
And extend our support in your bold new venture as a slime rancher:
(support extended)
We would also like to request that you exercise caution in your first few days on the range. Until you get more familiar with your surroundings, traveling at night is not advisable.
Lastly, should you require any additional tools for your vacpack or items to make your slime ranching experience easier, the 7Zee Corporation would be pleased to provide them to you from the shop located just outside your ranch house.
The 7Zee Corporation: Providing the tools you need to get the job done, for us, for a small fee.
The 7Zee Corporation

7Zee Rewards Club Invitation

This mail is received on day 7 and introduces the player to the 7Zee Rewards club.

The 7Zee Rewards Club
The 7Zee Corporation
Ms. LeBeau:
The 7Zee Corporation would like to extend a very special offer to you: an invitation to the very exclusive, exceptionally choice, highly sought-after '7Zee Rewards Club!'
The 7Zee Rewards Club allows you to earn ultra premium ranks within an exclusive club, for only a semi-ultra premium price. It's just that easy.
Each rank grants you a new club title, along with unique rewards such as beautiful upgrades for your ranch, exclusive customization options, and more. We look forward to your enrollment.
The 7Zee Corporation: Offering you a path to to greatness, one large sum of newbucks at a time.
The 7Zee Corporation

Chroma Pack Terminal Installation

This mail is received upon reaching rank 5 (Skylark I) and informs the player about Chroma Packs.

Chroma Packs Now Available
The 7Zee Corporation
Ms. LeBeau:
The 7Zee Corporation would like to congratulate you on obtaining the rank of Skylark I. With this rank you now have access to a new avenue of creative self-expression: Chroma Packs.
Chroma Packs allow you to apply new color schemes to your ranch house, vacpack, and ranch tech, allowing you to stand out from all the other ranchers on the Far, Far, Range. And while we realize that most slime ranchers never even see another rancher given geographic separation between rancher properties, we have a feeling that they know. Oh yes, they know.
Please also note that by the time you have likely read this message, the 7Zee Corporation has already installed a Chroma Pack terminal just outside your home.
The 7Zee Corporation: Covertly installing machines outside your home quickly... and reliably.
The 7Zee Corporation

Slime Toys Terminal Installation

This mail is received upon reaching rank 8 (Rolling Beetle I) and informs the player about Slime Toys.

Slime Enrichment Devices Now on Sale
The 7Zee Corporation
Ms. LeBeau:
The 7Zee Corporation would like to congratulate you on obtaining the rank of Rolling Beetle I. With this rank you now have access to a revolutionary, new technology for slime enrichment and preoccupation from activities that would otherwise hinder ranching. We call this new technology: slime toys.
Slime toys can now be purchased from the shop we have...... just....... installed....... on....... your..... ranch. Please excuse the excessive pauses in that last sentence, but our technician drones may have needed extra time for the installation and we did not wish for our claim to be inaccurate.
The 7Zee Corporation: giving robots time to do their job right, one sentence at a time.
The 7Zee Corporation

Congratulations Message

Thank You for Your Contribution
The 7Zee Corporation
Ms LeBeau:
We at the 7Zee Corporation are absolutely taken aback by your commitment to the 7Zee Rewards Club. You have achieved the highest possible rank currently available to rewards club members; congratulations.
Having no further ranks or rewards to offer you at this time, we have elected to make a substantial charitable contribution in your name to the International Association for Otter Awareness. Because of your efforts, more people will be aware of otters than ever before.
The 7Zee Corporation: creating systems that enable ranchers to purchase rewards that result in charity that raise otter awareness... one smile at a time.
The 7Zee Corporation


  • 0.6.0: Added Market Link, Ultra Dash Boots, Master Gordo Snare, Heart Module Ultra, Golden Sureshot, Titan Drill, Abyssal Pump, Royal Apiary, Gold Slime Lamp, Gold Warp Depot, and Gold Teleporter to the list of obtainable rewards.
  • 0.5.1: Implemented.
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