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Agitation is one of the hidden values all slimes have which determines which standard facial expression slimes assume in relation to their agitation and hunger values, and is the primary trigger for how often their negative behaviors occur.

Agitation modifiers

Agitation naturally decays along with a slime's hunger, and not feeding them causes them to get agitated more quickly, but there are outside modifiers which can affect the rate of agitation in various ways;


Pogo fruit
Feeding a slime is the only way to completely lower agitation and restore it to a happy state. However, it can only eat when it is hungry. Feeding a slime its favorite food will reduce its agitation by 30%. Feeding it anything else will restore it by 15%.


Water icon
Water is not only capable of negating negative behaviors for 20 seconds, but it can also reduce the agitation of some slimes by 10% to prevent them from happening, or to slow them down once the 20-second cooldown wears off.

Music Box

Corral Music

The Music Box is an upgrade to the Corral which reduces all agitation growth significantly.

Slime Toys

Slime Toys
Slime Toys are purchasable items unlocked through the 7Zee Rewards Club which reduces the natural rate of agitation growth by 25%, or 50% if any toy in range favored by the slimes. Additional Slime Toys do not stack their effects, but can stack with a Music Box.

Tangle Slime Pollen

Tangle Slime-0
Tangle Slimes can produce pollen when heavily agitated which agitates nearby slimes. Tangle Slimes are immune to this effect.

Fire Slime Contact

Fire Slime SP
Fire Slimes are able to cause a severe boost in agitation on contact with another slime if on fire.
Fire Slimes are immune to this effect.

Negative behaviors

Certain slimes have negative behaviors which are performed much more frequently or made apparent once they reach a certain agitation state. Many of these behaviors can be suppressed for 20 seconds by splashing the slime with Water or Ancient Water. This includes:

  • Rock Slime rolling frequency is reduced by 1 second per action at 100% agitation, making them roll more often.
  • Boom Slime explosion frequency is reduced by 1 second per action at 100% agitation, making them explode more often.
  • Crystal Slime crystal production is reduced by 1 second per action at 100% agitation, making them produce crystals more frequently.
  • Hunter Slime Largos can go feral at 99.99% agitation.
  • Quantum Slimes will change places with one of their illusionary clones, and produce them at a faster rate; by default ghost production is limited to every 20 seconds, and at 100% agitation the time is reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Mosaic Slime glint production is reduced by 1 second per action at 100% agitation, making them produce glints more frequently. they also can not produce glints while below 20% agitation, and the radius at which they can be produced increases at 95%
  • Dervish Slimes will produce tornados at 95% agitation.
  • Tangle Slimes produce pollen which causes nearby slimes to sneeze, agitating them. they begin doing this at 75% agitation.



  • Despite being a rare slime and despawning once noticing the player, Gold Slimes are susceptable to hunger and agitation like any other slime.
  • Tarr are also subjected to agitation, although are set to 100% every frame.
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