• Dervythedervishslime

    new friend!

    August 23, 2017 by Dervythedervishslime

    so, i met a nice rancher, Beatrix Lebau, and we are good friends now. 

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    The First Idea!

    August 19, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Gosh, this is going to be surprisingly scary. Slime Rancher will be following me EVERYWHERE... I can feel it!

    Anyways, let's go to the ideas!

    Basically, a connection to the Slime Lab. You can get free money here. Seriously. If you decide to travel down there, prepare as there's:

    • Buster Slime - Shoots photon beams.
    • Rail Slime - Disguises as a minecart rail. Is actually aggressive.


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  • IsItBecauseIHaveNumbersInMyName

    Hey there, fellow ranchers! I have a question for the more experienced ones. Is it possible to activate the huge portal on the top of the Glass Desert, or is that getting implemented in the future? I have already activated all the fountains, and even oases, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    oh no

    August 16, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Sorry, I now hate this top one reason.

    Searching on the wiki for less boredom, guess what I found.

    "Intro to Slimeology: A Brief Guide to Slime Rancher's adorable creatures"


    Come on, those creatures aren't adorable. And it's serving as the trending fandom articles!

    What, you think Sega will never notice this? WRONG! Who thinks that? Is there something even adorable then that?



    That Corral Party is still making me mad. But even then, which one is adorable?!

    UM... let's just get help from another wiki.

    Ringo has some cute, anime designs.

    Slimes are just balls which smile and don't show alot.

    Who wins?

    Puyo Puyo obviously!

    Of course, we need a little offtopicness.

    Slime Rancher is too calm and nothing is good.


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  • Prismite


    This community I have noticed is very kind and helpful, as well as active. We havent seen too many HUGE things added (the biggest one so far is the glass desert). I have some ideas.

    • Meteor slime: Strikes down onto the earth almost anywhere it can target. Eats everything, favors nothing. 
    • Light slime: Spawns extremely rarely during the day. Can kill tar, but can also hurt you. Doesn't eat.
    • Spectrum slime: Spawns in the prismal dimension and blinds you with an array of colors. Eats veggies, favors shoggery plant.
    • Wisp slime: Spawns during prismal fractures in the prismal dimension. Very fast, sortof a worse gold slime you can ranch. Eats specifically biafruit.
    • Snow slime: Most common spawn in the snowed mountains…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    If you say we got these ideas:



    The one I'm really bothered at is the Fire Slime. Why didn't they just make another reference to Spiral Knights and name it Oil Slime?

    However, this is another thing.

    Remember this post? The Whirl Slime's description was:

    "Slimes which are found in the HIGH sky. They suck every food and plort in... Then oops."

    Well, guess what.

    These have the same designs, but the Dervish has a tornado which doesn't look like a tornado.

    It's still a "idea steal" because they not only copied the design, but also the ability.

    This has to be the most great reason I hate this game; All Meat is just, CHICKENS. Chickens here. Chickens there. Chickens everywhere. Just, no. Would you pla…

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  • Raidbull99

    les slimes

    August 14, 2017 by Raidbull99

    dans slime rancher il a le slime rose,rock et le tabby. LE PLUS RARE C'EST LE SLIME DORRé ET AUSSI LE LUCKY SLIME. Les slime les plus dangereux sont le goudrron et les slimes sauvages. et enfin le slime radioactif et le slime boom. celui qui vit dans l'eau le slime aqueu.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    All Slimes, I'm really sorry if I pwned you, BUT WE MUST FIGHT BACK.

    Three Clones are trying to pwn me.

    The first one is japanese copycat.

    The second is not a copycat, but a random dude. He lied about me copying an user. I knew he was lying when I saw the page, and it didn't exist.

    And lastly...


    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............................. The leader of it all.

    First off, it's like I'm in a Pinkie Pie Swarm. Second off, here's what he said. He says he was "watching me for a long time" and thinks I'm a clone by saying that I copied him when I didn't copy him.

    Here's what I did: I challenged him and then he said "says the clone". NO I AM NOT A …

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  • Sparkofcourage

    Hello i'm a honey slime nmed mosey and this is a test of using a blog

    if you want to want to talk to me go on my message wall ( its empty )

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  • Jimmy2004Backup

    On wiki's all across out, I keep getting signed out of the wiki's every time I start up safari again, does anyone know how to fix this? (Note:Please delete page after I edit it saying "It has been fixed" at the bottom.

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    Article mockups

    August 9, 2017 by The1AndOnlyMike
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  • Knakveey

    Hello everyone,

    Myself and Jack will be playing Slime Rancher tomorrow. Please stop by to chat and hang out!

    We will be streaming at Twitch @ 10am PST/1pm EST. Hope to see you there!

    Knakveey (talk) 21:23, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Emerald the crystal Slime

    This morning I was on the wiki then I saw I had a new message! I checked and it was DeryTheDrivshSlime saying what Hydro Turrets are! so I asked a Tarr (Not TarrRancher) to come. Everyone was hiding, then we saw that the Hydro Turret worked and destroyed him! Thanks, DeryTheDervishSlime!

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  • Keeshboy

    Calling all rollplayers, in this rollplay, slimes will be able to rule the Far, Far Ranch, over run the galaxy, have human ranches, and EAT TWINKIES (just do it) in this Slime Rancher RP

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  • Emerald the crystal Slime


    August 3, 2017 by Emerald the crystal Slime

    Hello, I'm Emerald the Crystal Slime. I love Odd Onions and Carrots and hate Tarrs, Boom Slimes, and Those weird water shooting things. 

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  • VineTheTangleSlime

    1.0.0 is here and if like me you have gone to the glass desert, you can see Hobsens end story. Time to get to work on the wiki!

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  • TarrRancher

    Roleplay zone

    August 1, 2017 by TarrRancher

    Content Deleted

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    ......CAKE.........................BECAUSE I SURE AS HECK AM!!!!!

                              (you can quote me if you wish, because i sure as heck am!)

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  • Fungus3

    Buggy Login

    July 30, 2017 by Fungus3

    Did the wiki get hacked? I think so, because whenever I go onto the Tangle Slime page, I am automatically logged-off. I also recently downloaded Cheat Engine, and combed my PC to remove any viruses found.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Slimerday 5

    July 29, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902


    This edition is...

    PUYO PUYO EDITION (because of how dumb the puyo puyo slime rancher shirt was.)

    Tetris Slime - You know what they say? ALL TETRIS, CREATE BLOCKS!

    Puyo Slime - Do not ask how much colors there is...

    Demon Slime - They aren't really happy :(

    Candy Slime - When unwrapped, they show a Puyo Slime.


    Ghast Slime - Cover yourself with its mantle, or you GET ATTACKED!

    S - It's shrouded in mysteries.

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  • Dervythedervishslime
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  • The1AndOnlyMike


    July 23, 2017 by The1AndOnlyMike

    RightWidth, Height, LeftWidth, Length

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Okay, this is a report on meat. So all meats are chickens, right? They're also chicks, but future meat. They also say Pink Slimes eat everything when they only eat Fruit, Veggie, and Meat, not Future Meat. I hoped the next meat will not be a furry meaty chicken, but it ended up as a Painted Hen. SERIOUSLY? Does all meat have to be chickens? And why is there no Roostro (excluding Elder) variants? There's more meat.

    So I present you to...

    Except they're fanon. Lame.

    • Roostro Variants: Like Hen Hen variants, there will be Roostro Variants!
      • Stone - This is the replacement for Hunter's favorite.
      • Briar - This is the Aero Slime's Favorite.
    • Fish: The normal one will replace the Painted Hen, 'cuz it's very dumb to just use hens or roosters as meat.
      • Fish - …

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  • Dervythedervishslime


    July 22, 2017 by Dervythedervishslime

    so,i whent into a pink thing,and i'm here. wish me luck!

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  • Kalkrona
    will be sufficient.

    The Plort Recipes section is something that I would like to try out, but I'm unsure if it should be implemented

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    Hi a 2008

    July 20, 2017 by 30VOGUEHK

    I love the slimes you make

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    July 20, 2017 by 30VOGUEHK

    Butt shots

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  • Dervythedervishslime


    July 20, 2017 by Dervythedervishslime

    hello! i am a dervish slime,and i just got this account,so feel free to welcome me to the wiki! 

    here's a photo of me and my home (the glass deasert)-->

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  • Minhtri2005vn2


    July 18, 2017 by Minhtri2005vn2

    This is not really a blog, you know.

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  • Tinlot

    Slime Science Guide

    July 16, 2017 by Tinlot

    So, I decided to make a little guide for a couple things to do in Slime Science. I decided to put it into 3 parts. This part is about:

    In the area surrounding the Slime Science barn you should have a corral of 10-20 Pink Slimes. These will help you get all of the Pink Plorts you need for the devices. You will want to upgrade this with High Walls and an Air Net. If you want, also place down a Plort Collector.

    Make at least one farm and equip it with all upgrades. Use it only to grow Carrots or Pogofruits.

    Then you are ready to start sciencing! 

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    [Tarr Rancher] All Slimes must be Tarr in Corrals.

    [Cooped Slimes] Slimes must be ranched in Coops.

    [No Upgrades] It says it; NO UPGRADES FOR BUILDINGS!

    [No Jetpacks] It says it; NO JETPACKS!

    [Mythbusted] No Slime Science at all. Unless you're making decorations or extractors, no slime science at all, until you reach the last rank.

    [Pink Gutter] All Pink Slimes must be thrown away.

    [Tabby Ain't Cute] All Tabby Slimes must not be fed.

    [Dangerous] All dangerous slimes (except this "fire" slime) must only …

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    So we got a bit of hardships, right? WELL I ADD FOUR NEW BIOMES. Oh yeah, you need gear for all of them.

    "You never know what's falling."

    This zone is incredibly hard. Seriously! It's a red cave with alot of staticles falling. Out of nowhere. In caves. If you want to access this zone, you'd need not only the Crag Key to get there, but...

    Because there's rocks you need to mine, you're going to need this. This allows you to break rocks by a press of X. Basically, the recipe is:

    • 50 Rock Plorts
    • 40 Crystal Plorts
    • 30 Mosaic Plorts
    • 10 Indigonium
    • 20 Slime Fossils

    • Crystal Slime
    • Mosaic Slime (Only found in the Reflecting Hall)
    • Dervish Slime (Found in the Windy Bridge and Windy Pillar)
    • Rad Slime (Only found in the Miner Lab)

    • Geo Slime - A slime which basically ro…

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  • CaptainFredbear

    1: The Tropics!

    This zone near the freshest water in the Slime Sea is the perfect place to find all kinds of food for your Slimes! 2 New Slimes would spawn in the Tropics and many treasure pods could be found here! Other Slimes that you could find would be the Pink, Tabby, Phosphor, Puddle, and Hunter Slimes. Like the Mesa Wasteland, this area is not needed to complete the game. Buzz Slimes also spawn here, and Hunter Largos don't go feral!

    2: MORE New Slimes!

    The Jelly Slime and the Electro Slime would arrive to the Tropics! The Jelly Slime eats Fruit, and is one very gooey and bouncy little guy! It even spawns in the Mesa Wasteland! The Electro Slime is a Meat-Eater that loves to snack on a good chicken! But don't be fooled by this slime's …

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  • CaptainFredbear

    1: New 7Zee Rewards!

    One New 7Zee Reward would include Free Range Forcefields, Corral-like shields that prevent slimes from escaping a ranch expansion. This would be unlocked on Rank 16.

    Another Reward would be the Hydro Shower. This upgraded Hydro Turret now targets Tarr faster and fires rapidly. This would be unlocked on Rank 22.

    2: The Mesa Wasteland!

    The Mesa Wasteland would be a zone that could be reached from the Indigo Quarry. 2 New slimes would spawn here! The Mesa Wasteland is a large open area with many mesas around. In the area, you'll come across the usual Pink, Phosphor, and Rock Slimes, but keep an eye out! Crystal Slimes also show up here! This area has many treasure pods containing new decorations, gadgets, fashion pods, and ot…

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  • Kalkrona
    The Glass Desert

    |vop = 75 |diet = Veggies |fav = Silver Parsnip |toy = Disco Ball |harm = While under sunlight, other slimes are attracted towards Mosaic Slimes increasing the risk of producing Tarr, and regularly produce glints of light that erupt into a ball of fire when they hit the ground. Glints appear regardless of the light level of the Mosaic Slime's environment. |image = M slime 3.png

    |imagecaption =
    "Remarkable from every angle."

    ' are Slimes that have a glass-like shell that periodically creates hot glints of light similar to the ones produced in solar anomalies. They are exclusively found in The Glass Desert

    The mosaic slime gets its name from the glittering array of glass tiles that cover its body. This glass produ…

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    Long story short worker bees "chew" nectar from the foraging bees. The enzymes they produce turns it into easily digestible goop and they put it into honeycombs where excess water evaporates leaving honey, which they then seal up with beeswax.

    Basically we eat the bee equivalent of chewed up food.

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  • Wolrusthegamer

    That's odd...

    July 11, 2017 by Wolrusthegamer

    I don't think that this is a boom slime. If you can't read that, it says 'Boom Slime' under the briar hen, "Mosaic Slime' under the silver parsnip, and 'Tangle Slime' under the painted hen. Unless of course, the great chicken uprising has begun... Has anyone else seen strange things on the wiki?

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  • King Guillo 15

    So in my last blog, I said about a fan-made update that I thought of, and this is some of the Slimepedia for the additions: -Boreal Hen: "A larger hen than usual that's found in The Great Tundra, these hens have a complex tribal structure, that is ruled by a Roostro and a Boreal Hen acting as some sort of monarchy. Researchers have absolutely no idea why these hens are like this. These hens have much more feathers than your usual hen, and are slightly bigger, they are also dark-brown and brown in color. They can be vicious and violent when with chicks, and will peck Ranchers and Slimes alike, using their razor-sharp beaks. Some Ranchers say that they can sometimes be scarier than Tarrs, but that isn't true... right? Well we hope not at lea…

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  • Kalkrona

    first run:

    crystal (5): 2 primordy oil, 1 diamond, 1 buzzwax, 1 slime fossil

    hunter (5): 1 primordy oil, 1 spiral steam, 1 jellystone, 1 buzzwax, 1 slime fossil

    dervish (5): 1 primordy oil, 1 spiral steam, 1 buzzwax, 1 slime fossil

    tangle (4): 1 primordy oil, 2 jellystone, 1 slime fossil

    mosaic (5): 2 jellystone, 1 buzzwax, 1 slime fossil, 1 honeycomb

    second run:

    crystal (4): 1 primordy oil, 1 jellystone, 2 buzzwax

    hunter (5): 2 primordy oil, 2 jellystone, 1 slime fossil

    dervish (4): 1 jellystone, 1 buzzwax, 2 slime fossil

    tangle (4): 1 slime fossil, 2 buzzwax, 1 spiral steam

    mosaic (4): 1 primordy oil, 1 jellystone, 2 buzzwax

    third run:

    crystal (4): 1 jellystone, 2 buzzwax, 1 spiral steam

    hunter (4): 1 honeycomb, 1 spiral steam, 2 buzzwax

    dervish (4): 1…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902 Current Jokemons. Da thread.

    Ever since I raged because of TSRITW used "his" template, I decided to brawl with him in a fight. He ended up "winning" TWO times, so I got my revenge, then he made a thread, I ragequitted but them came back.


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  • Slimegirl1234567890

    • Optionally, before drawing the slime, you can make a sketch with the pencil tool, although I  usually skip that part.
    • Now, on a seperate layer, create a color outline that is slightly lighter than your base color. (I do 5 tones lighter) If your program doesnt have layers, just erase the sketch.
    • Next, fill in the inside. Again, on a seperate layer or use the bucket tool if your program doesn't have layers, like MS paint.
    • After that, add shading. To do this, set your main color a few tones darker than your main color (More tones darker=more shading) and do the darkest color on the bottom and keep adding lighter tones on top until you get to your main color. If you want to, you can blur the shading to make it a gradient. I usually do 5 tones dar…

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  • King Guillo 15

    So in this update there would be a new area, an icy/snowy area. There would be a canine-like slime, that eats meat, and it's favorite food would be the Boreal Hen. There would also be Boreal Chicks.

    There would also be the Icy Slime/Frost Slime, this slime would be a fruit-eater, and it's favorite food would be the Breezy Banana. The Breezy Banana would be like a regular banana, but be blue, with light blue icy spots all over it.

    Finally, there would also be the Shadow Slime, and it would have a ghostly and dark appearance, it would eat the Cursed Nightroot; a vegetable. This slime would spawn deep underground, in the dark icy caves of this area. The Cursed Nightroot rots immediately if exposed to daylight long enough.

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    So I had to start a fresh game. Day 26 and unlocked the Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry, unlocked the Ancient Ruins and just need to pop a Boom Largo to get into the Glass Desert. Made some progress in getting teleporters from The Lab. I really took those for granted. Helps when you know what the hell you're doing.

    I digress; as I was phaffing around, I noticed my Newbuck total:

    Also I found out how to make GIFs in-game. Made one of me getting really unlucky with a crate after popping a Rock Gordo.

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    It works.

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    The Dry Reef
    The Moss Blanket
    The Indigo Quarry
    The Ancient Ruins
    The Glass Desert |type = Future Meat (as Chickadoo, not edible)
    Meat (As Hen) |fav = Tabby Slime }}

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Basically the alternate zone of Glass Desert found in The Ruins. It's hard like Glass Desert, but more disasters.

    First, let's show you the slimes which spawn in this zone:

    Puddle Slime, Saline Slime

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  • WItherKiller

    I Thinck they need more slimes in the ruins beacease ​one slime the quatom slime hes cool and all but there needs to be more slimes in there

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  • Jirachihunter

    More Edits are realy easy with comments!

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  • Kunzite-Spodumene

    What if we could create our own decorations, curios, slime, etc. and then publish them on Steam Workshop, so other people could download them and use in the game? That would be absolutely great in my opinion.

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  • PopsicleNinja

    Ugh, have you ever wondered what to do end-game? Do you ever get bored with your old save file, your same old gameplay style? Well, that is why this blog post exists: to address those issues. You can combine challenges or play them separately.

    You must not ranch largos, and any largo that happens must be released.

    Small slimes are much easier to keep in a corral, and you can fit more in there. Keep in mind that phosphor slimes can escape, though, and due to a glitch that makes largos unable to jump high enough, small slimes are much more mobile. Small slimes are also able to stack. So, if you keep corrals, you still need the high walls, and phosphor slimes need an air net, or they can fly straight out (I once lost a phosphor slime to the sun…

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