• Fear moi

    Guide to Rush Mode

    March 18, 2018 by Fear moi

    I made a steam guide about the new Rush Mode!

    I hope it's useful!

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  • FriendlessPhoton

    Your Ranches

    March 17, 2018 by FriendlessPhoton

    What is your ranch like? Post screenshots of yours in the comments!

    Here's mine:

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  • The1AndOnlyMike


    March 5, 2018 by The1AndOnlyMike

    V • E Extractors
    Novice Novice Drill • Novice Apiary • Novice Pump
    Advanced Advanced Drill • Advanced Apiary • Advanced Pump
    Master Master Drill • Master Apiary • Master Pump
    7Zee Rewards Club Titan Drill • Royal Apiary • Abyssal Pump Read more >
  • The1AndOnlyMike

    There are 74 possible locations where the Gilded Ginger can spawn.
    Note that this list is incomplete.

    Note: If you encounter a Gilded Ginger that is not in the table below, please provide screenshots of the Ginger still in the ground or a GIF of it being harvested, along with a screenshot of the Map. If you do not know how to add to the table, leave your images in the comments below so someone else can.

    Since the in-game map is very simplistic prior to being unlocked using Map Data Nodes and this page uses fully-unlocked maps to pinpoint locations, it is recommended to activate the Desert's Map node first before proceeding.

    In-game screenshot
    Additional notes

    On the East side of the entrance to The Glass Desert, next to a purple Treasure Pod.

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    Enough time has passed now and it's been a while since the last contribution, so I've gone and boiled down the suggestions from both the Discord and my blog to these few candidates.

    What would you see yourself calling Puddles, Fires, and Quicksilver Slimes as a group? I'm likely going to keep this open until Mochi's Megabucks update. So pitch in your vote while you can.

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  • Jirachihunter


    A cute game that I really love! (People who know me on Steam know, that I spend very very much hours of my life in Slime Rancher) The problem is the UPDATE TIME!!! Remember, the time, when we though that The Glass Desert came out with 0.5.0. Half year later: The Glass Desert and Tier 4 Slimes came out with 0.6.0+ Sad News: Meteor Slime was scrapped because it "don't works"!


    Awwwww I love SlugTerra! I think, that not so many of you know SlugTerra. (This not mean that I think you are stupid, no you are't stupid, but SlugTerra is a little bit unknown, I think.)

    DIFFS: Slimes doesn't exist in SlugTerra, and Slugs doesn't exist in Slime Rancher, but they are both slippery.

    For the moment, that was it, and Bye!

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  • Jimmy2004Backup

    Back again with a new idea (probably going to get comments saying this is my first and that this should be on the Fan-made wiki, check out my other idea, the Dark Caves which is on my original account I lost somehow), now the Volcanic Depths will explain new Slimes, Hazards and ect. So I hope you like this idea I made!

    The Volcanic Depths is considered the most dangerous area on the far far reef, not even the most expierenced ranchers could explore it fully as it houses many secrets full of dangerous obstacles. Found underneath the Glass Desert, one can safely presume that the firestorms had been coming from here. Others also presume that a part of the volcanic Depths is also under the Dry Reef and can also kinda probably explain the caved …

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  • AdorableEspurr193

    Sequel to the Largo Poll :P

    What is your favorite slime? Pink Slime Rock Slime Phosphor Slime Tabby Slime Rad Slime Honey Slime Boom Slime Puddle Slime Fire Slime Crystal Slime Quantum Slime Dervish Slime Hunter Slime Mosaic Slime Tangle Slime Saber Slime Quicksilver Slime Gold Slime Lucky Slime

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    As we all know, Puddle Slimes, Fire Slimes, and Quicksilver Slimes all have a few things in common; their disc-like shape when in contact with the ground, their oval shape when airborne, their requirement for a specific habitat, the fact they can't be largo'd (Quicksilvers pending) and their exclusive diet (water, ash, electric charges).

    So naturally I would like to make a category for these slimes.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I've compiled the better suggestions into a poll. You can view it here.

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  • Dervythedervishslime


    February 4, 2018 by Dervythedervishslime

    i'm probably going to be less active on the wiki than i already am.... that's because of the SR discord that i'm a part of now..... so, you'll see me less on the wiki now.... but you will still see me on discord tho

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  • KyaraTsuka

    Howdy! So you've stumbled on my little blog in this big wiki site. Before I go on and in order to prevent a potential kick/ban from the site (nobanpls ;u;), I got permission from an admin of the Slime Rancher Wiki Discord server (pretty certain they're an admin here too XD) to do this. *ahem* Anyways, now that that's cleared up, onto the point of the blog! I have made a Slime Rancher centered server on Discord and I was wondering who all wanted to join! If you wish to join, the link is right here: If not... then why are you still reading this blog...? O-o Anyways, I hope you all join and we can all have fun! The server is still really new, so any suggestions from you guys to improve the server would be greatly ap…

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  • Purplecharmanderz

    No Damage Runs

    January 17, 2018 by Purplecharmanderz

    Hey I’ll be compiling a list of challenges to take on for no damage runs. I’ll add a few every now and then and remove any I’ve done and set them in a section set for archiving them. If you have any suggestions post them below I’ll select the few I like.

    accepted: No plort market 7zee, keys to the retreat, collect all pure slimes (excludes golds and luckies obviously)

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    From another wiki alot of people hate the music.

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  • SkitSkit

    Some random idea's

    January 8, 2018 by SkitSkit

    Heyia, I wanted to talk about some ideas i've had for awhile now so here it goes!

    ~(Ice/snow/flake slime)~

    I'm going to be calling this slime the "flake slime" from now on. The flake slimes color pallete is built up with light/dark blues and some whites. The flake slime is slower than most other slimes due to it's icey/snowy body and because of this flake slimes don't move around to much so they don't often stray to far from one area. Flake slimes often huddle with other slimes (they never huddle with other flake slimes though) to gain warmth but doing so results in the other slime getting really cold. When flake slimes huddle with other slimes the slime that the flake slime huddles with gets really cold and in result of it the slime will st…

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  • HoneymintTheSlime

    Remember when I made a bunch of honey tabby largos live in the Overgrowth? Well, they were becoming a problem.

    They were blocking the Docks, and every time I tried to enter or exit the Overgrowth they would bounce out to boop me. They were becoming a problem, and I also needed my chicken farm back, so I chose to get rid of them. I know, it's sad, and I was making a lot of money with all those plorts, but they were becoming a problem. They had to go! So, I got rid of a few in the Slime Sea, but when I realized that would take hours, I decided to do it the fun way...

    That's when I started Operation: Free Ranching.

    I made a brand new save file and started doing what I normally do when I start a new save. Fill my vacpack with items that I'll want…

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  • The1AndOnlyMike
    • Redo Hobson Twillgers page; change from a text format to an image format and include maps for each note.
    • Redo Treasure Pods page; change from a text-based guide to a visual one, giving all locations a subpage seperated by zone.
    • Redo Gordo Slimes page; give all 16 locations a subpage seperate from the Gordo Slimes page.
      • Add a map for Gordo Slime locations similar to Treasure Pods.
    • Add Game Modes page to state and detail the game modes in the game, including 5 day rush; someone else created the page and it has since been added to. The "5-day-rush" page which prompted the page's conception has now been deleted.
    • Redo Ring Island, Cinder Grove, Ash Isle, Moustache Island, Mushroom Lake, and Feral Path.
      • Carruan kindly did these 6 pages for me, includi…
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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    Image dump blog

    January 4, 2018 by The1AndOnlyMike

    A lot of these files keep flagging up as unused even though they are being used. So just dumping them here to fix that. Don't mind this blog.

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  • Slimeologist

    "Where have you been?" my colleagues have asked, as I have come back from a two year hiatus. My clothes are besmirched with caked on dirt, plort stains of all varieties, and ketchup. To them I answer, "I am living the truth! I have taken slime research to the next level!"

    I have been living among the slimes for quite some time now, watching and learning as they've accepted me as one of their own. My family consists of several tabby slimes who live in The Wilds, hunting and playing all day. It is a relaxing and truly freeing life. I must admit, my duties as a slimeologist have slipped from time as I gave into my primal urges. Climbing trees, stealing fruits and veggies, teasing other slimes- is there truly any other joy in life? 

    For a short …

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  • RockyTheWhateverSlime

    I'm pretty bored these days not having any messages(except on discord)in slime rancher wiki, and I don't have friends in this wiki.(except Derby and Vine, but we can't talk a lot)So I would really appreciate if you become my friend

    Nonfication: Announcements on next week!

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  • HoneymintTheSlime

    Honey Tabbies

    January 3, 2018 by HoneymintTheSlime

    So I got bored and decided to put a bunch of honey slimes in the Overgrowth (my chicken farm) to see what would happen. So, I grabbed a bunch of honey slimes and threw them all in.

    They all seemed to like it in there, so I decided to give them some fully upgraded gardens with mint mangoes to help them feel at home.

    They were really enjoying themselves now!

    But then I got thinking: what will control the hen hen population?  I instantly knew the answer: tabbies.So, I went to the Moss Blanket once again to get the tabbies (I managed to see 2 gold slimes,one of which I got, and a lucky slime while I was collecting) and brought them back to the Overgrowth.

    Once I got back I realized they would all become largos, but I just ignored that and let them…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    But first let's answer these The1andOnlyMike's questions.

    1. I choose both!
    2. Oh, y'know, like "Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially (slime name) (other words)." That is certainly lazy.
    3. Naw way man! I can't!
    4. Okay, what about Tarr? What if you shoot them right into there mouth?
    5. Yeah, what if you mis-shoot and a largo like a Tabby Rad eats it? And what if the corral is Pink with Rad-Rock for example?
    6. Uh... I directly connected the "Duh, long paragraph alert." to the Stealing Puyo Puyo thing.

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  • Dat-boi-that's-a-tabby-slime

    He is op against bun bun with his anti floating ability!

    Still reading? Ok

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  • RockyTheWhateverSlime

    I'm usually in this wiki at 23:?? or at 00:?? because I'm living somewhere else, not at U.S., so that's why I'm in this wiki at 23:?? or at 00:??.

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  • HoneymintTheSlime

    It has no title.

    December 31, 2017 by HoneymintTheSlime

    Normally, when I use this wiki, I still have Slime Rancher running. I just wanted to mention that. And why did I want to mention it? Because why not.

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  • RockyTheWhateverSlime

    First edit

    December 31, 2017 by RockyTheWhateverSlime

    I just downloaded a picture to be used in 'Slimepedia'.

    hope you can see it.

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  • SonOfRyan

    This wikis favorate slime is...

    The tabby!

    Merry christmas from the far far ranch!

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  • LollipopStudios


    December 19, 2017 by LollipopStudios

    I made a new save file dedicated to BOb.

    The only things on my ranch are coops. In every avalible spot. I also have free roaming pink slimes everywhere. It's a mess. A very noisy mess. Nothing interesting to report, just thought it was funny :D I'll take pictures soon.

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  • Lightlozabow

    The 12 Days of Plortmas

    December 19, 2017 by Lightlozabow

    The Twelve Days of Plortmas

    On the twelfth day of Plortmas

    the ranchers sent to me:

    Twelve gadgets dancing

    Eleven boom slimes booming

    Ten hunters hunting

    Nine sabers biting

    Eight tabbies booping

    Seven puddles swimming

    Six gordos bursting

    Five golden plorts

    Four tangle slimes

    Three painted hens

    Two lava dust

    And some echoes in a sponge tree!

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 18.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

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  • Lightlozabow

    1. Set up a fully upgraded coral for them. 2. Put in and name your largo. 3. Give your largo both of its favorite toys. 4. Keep the auto feeder full of its favorite food. 5. Keep its coral clean. 6. Say goodbye to it and tell it when you will be back whenever you go. 7. Give it gifts of fashion pods, toys, and food. 8. Take screenshots of it on a slime stage. 9. Decorate the outside of its coral with echoes and slime science decorations. 10. Spend quality time with it. (If it’s a tabby, let it Boop you)

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  • SonOfRyan


    December 14, 2017 by SonOfRyan

    anyway, due to a lack of votes,  the countdown starts on the 18th.

    The Right and Honerable King Of rapture, SonOfRyan (talk) 11:08, December 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SonOfRyan

    small poll numbers gave to me

    only 7 entries

    5 found in the mainland


    4 this doesnt work

    1 parody with not enough numbers to make it work!

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  • SonOfRyan

    why is it all blue

    December 13, 2017 by SonOfRyan

    abi di aba dai, 

    but in all seriousness, i swere this wikia was green on monday. 

    why the shift? 

    it looks great, but its still odd. 

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  • I AM THE PuddleSlime

    Puddle Slime

    December 10, 2017 by I AM THE PuddleSlime

    Puddle Slimes are so cute. This is my first blog. Sorry is it isn't very cool.

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  • Ajani walker

    Dis Thread Is Dead For this wikia

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  • SonOfRyan


    December 8, 2017 by SonOfRyan

    well, its christmas now, so who else wishes that slime rancher had seasons? the game is beatiful already, but imagine snow in the dry reef, or the moss blanket in autumb? 

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  • SonOfRyan

    12 days of plortmass

    December 4, 2017 by SonOfRyan

    Hello everyone! 

    I thought I would do something fun! starting on the 13th of dec, I am going to be counting down this wiki's top 12 slimes! please vote below, so I can get things together! things will be finalised on the 12th. Slimes not in the game as of this post will not be concidered, even if their update drops between now and then! i will also have my personal pick for each slot in the bottom of each post.

    going to have it be a strawpoll, so please follow the link bellow!

    Merry Christmas!


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  • Zippee100

    I think they kookadobas be able to be planted with a special upgrade in the future, since there is a kookadoba growing in a garden animation, as they do not usually grow. so imagine this:

    Regular: Kookadoba plants growing like veggies.

    Garden Deluxe: The same as veggies. exept there are only a single kookadoba plant in each extra slot, instead of 3-5, like veggies

    so thats what I think kookadobas would look like growing in a garden

    can anyone tell me their opinions?

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  • SonOfRyan


    November 30, 2017 by SonOfRyan

    Hey everyone! 

    Found an idea to pollish the wiki! I noticed that all the achevements are bland, and default. if i was given the permissions to, i could rename them all to be more slime rancher themed. I would love it if anyone got back to me on this!

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  • SonOfRyan

    Hello world! 

    I hope we can get along, and make this wiki as helpful and informitive as possable!

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  • Mate21133


    November 26, 2017 by Mate21133


    én mate21133 vagyok,és ez a blogom.itt olyan témárol írok, ami szerintem ide illő.ADIOS!!!!!!

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  • KittyKat12345

    (Bronze) "Boop!" Get booped by a tabby ten times

    (Silver) "Swimmer" Fall into the slime sea 5 times

    (Gold) "Plorts... Everywhere." Have all your vacpack tanks filled with Plorts

    (Silver) "The great escape!" Escape a Tarr outbreak with no water

    (Silver) "Hunter Mayhem" Have 20 Hunter Slimes in a single corral

    (Gold) "7Zee Master" Get to the highest 7Zee rank (sorry if this is already an achievement)

    (Silver) "Chickadoo here, Chickadoo there." Have a coop filled with only Chickadoos

    (Bronze) "Let's get cracking!" Unlock the first treasure pod opener upgrade

    (Silver) "Tarr accident" Create a Tarr. 

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  • Deadshadow6666

    More Bioms

    November 19, 2017 by Deadshadow6666

    Could there be more bioms like the winter biom with ice slimes or something like that?If anyone can contact the developer about this please ,I love playing Slime Rancher but there isnt enough to explore, also more vac pack slots like 6 not 4.

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  • KittyKat12345

    Can someone help?

    November 19, 2017 by KittyKat12345


    I'm having some trouble. 

    Well, here's my problem:

    I'm at an area,  where there is a Feral Slime warning sign.

    But, there are no Feral Slimes there. 

    Does anyone know what this is, or is it just a slime that spawns at night? 

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  • AlexAnimations0421

    So, if you’re on a Gold, Lucky, or Hunter Hunt, you might want to avoid failing miserably. Here are 10 ways your hunt could lead in misery.

    (Me walking)

    Ohh, cute little Lucky Slime!

    Slot 1....Slot 2....Slot 3.....Slot 4...yep. Nothing.

    I’m screwed.

    (Lucky Slime goes away)

    So, if you are on a Slime hunt, be sure to bring some food. If you don’t, Sure, there might be a nearby food tree, but be quick. They can be fast.

    OHH! Gold Slime! Quick quick quick!

    (It jumps off)


    One thing:Gold Slimes have a tendency to jump off cliffs in Escape. Try to be quick and make sure you have something.

    Okay, Hunter Largo!

    Gotta feed it something before....

    (It eats another plort)

    Well crap.

    Hunter Largos will chomp at you ferociously but what’s an even bigger threat…

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  • AdorableEspurr193

    (I'm working on a youtube series where largos fight for food, wish your favorite one luck)

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  • Kepicket

    honey tabby largos

    October 30, 2017 by Kepicket

    y'all can we just take a moment to appreciate honey tabby largos??


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    October 28, 2017 by I'AM MOSAIC SLIME!!




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  • Danceykitty

    I RISE!

    October 28, 2017 by Danceykitty

    So, I decided to come back to this wiki, because why not? I really don't have a good reason to come back other than because I missed being here. Welp, that's pretty much all I have to say here.

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  • Tabby The Rancher Slime

    On Slime Thoughts ​we have the Tabby Slime.

    It's ridiciously cute. So cute that there's a 3% chance it might have been sent from hell. It's Largos are also cute, and they're easy to keep if you have loads of chickens at your ranch. However, it can seriously annoying. Once I saw something I needed, then a Tabby Slime picked it up and hid it's face in a corner. Plus, it only eats meat and I've got a loss of chickens, due to my Overgrowth being full of Hunter Slimes that I didn't put in Corrals. And let's not forget that it has 3 relatives.

    Overall, it's cute but it's actually sent from hell. Watch your house or it might burn down.

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  • Slimes of Slime Rancher

    I'm sorry

    October 23, 2017 by Slimes of Slime Rancher

    I logged out of this account and had to make a new account, it was SlimesOfSlimeRancher2. I'm sorry for disappearing for a while.

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