I AM BACK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Slime making. It's awesome.

    Except I'm removing these special sub-zones and replacing it with something better...

    JUST KIDDING. I'm only just gonna add some new biomes. I'm also thinking of adding new slimes.

    I'm starting off with my favorite biome.

    Rumored to be the place where there's many fountains. The last of the life.

    Some of the Glass Desert got winter.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    (sigh) I'm in pieces now.

    Now there's only Photos, Videos, and Tables.

    Stress builds up.

    All I can say,


    Now guess what? Discord.

    Urgh... how come I'm the only one without Discord?

    I'm rarely active, I'll try and be active everyday...

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  • Dervythedervishslime

    (firestorm music starts playing)

    o boi everyone! 

    guess who's coming back!


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  • Tabby The Rancher Slime

    On ​Slime Thoughts​ we have the Pink Slime.

    It's cute, easy to raise and good for Largos. You can feed it anything, which makes it a brilliant starter Slime for beginners. The Pink Slime's Plorts are found anywhere, which basically gives you free money if you've got the Ultra Tank Booster. However, this Slime has it's goods AND it's bads. It's Plorts are found anywhere, which can be frustrating if you're looking for a Hunter Slime, you see one and then it eats a Pink Plort. It can easily cause Tarrs, especially because I accidently turned all the Pink Slimes in the first area into Pink Honey Largos and now everything dies when the Phosphors come out. It can eat anything, including your entire garden if you don't have a Scareslime. And I'd hea…

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  • Tabby The Rancher Slime

    I'll be starting something new with my blog. I'm going to begin writing ​Slime Thoughts​, which will be a review about my thoughts on the current Slimes, scrapped Slimes and upcoming Slimes. I might even do some about the entire game. This'll be easy, because I have this game on Xbox One, and I've completed the Slimepedia, unlocked the Vaults, seen the credits... basically, I've completed the game. Expect positive thoughts about the Hunter Slime. Seeya!

    ~ Tabby

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    This page lists all of the available Treasure Pods in The Glass Desert.

    While the Jetpack is not necessary to find some of these Pods, it is recommended to buy it to be able to reach a vast majority of them. Having fully upgraded Energy is also highly recommended, since some of these locations require extensive Jetpack usage to get to.

    Additionally, there are no Green Treasure Pods in The Glass Desert, so the Treasure Cracker MK II is required to start opening them, however the Treasure Cracker MK III is recommended since almost all of them are purple pods.


    Butterscotch Slime Lamp

    Ruined Desert Blocks

    Potted Tactus

    Ruined Desert Column

    Cocoa Slime Lamp

    Coil Grass

    Berry Slime Lamp


    Berry Teleporter

    Master Apiary

    Gold Plort


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  • Baileyanddad

    ToDay is FirSt daY for TaNglE slIme'S JOb

    TaNglEE slImE's JOb is To creAte sLIme plOrtz

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  • King Guillo 15


    October 4, 2017 by King Guillo 15

    I'M ALIVE. Sorry I've been inactive, it's just that a certain storm destroyed the power grid at my country.

    Wait, this is a Slime Rancher wiki. Aw snap, gotta have something to do with SR. Ummm... nice weather at the slime sea lately huh?

    A challenge:

    • 5-day rush
    • Collect 100 of every type of plort, and have them in a Silo.

    I may not come back in a while, but I am not dead... yet. I am a hardy Hunter Slime.

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  • CalicoRuby1991


    September 20, 2017 by CalicoRuby1991

    Who else thinks BOb is a stack of pink slimes? All he requests is chickens and a human can't survive entirely on chickens. Then again, if you really think about it, he could be pink tabby slimes or pink tangle slimes. It does make sense though. He usually pays you with pink plorts doesn't he? But BOb could be a rancher that finds pink plorts and painted himself pink and spells weirdly. There are sooooooooooooooo many possibilities.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    You may realize I'm inactive. That's because:

    1. I've joined a new wiki.
    2. I can't believe there's images videos on the wiki, I hate those, they make advertising more easy, it's like mocking.
    3. Monomi NEVER asked Sega if they can ripoff Puyo Puyo. Eh, maybe just that I can't handle Puyo Puyo ripoffs, except Paya Paya.
    4. The whole wiki changed ALOT. Now there's discussions. They're quite stupid, because navigation is harder.
    5. I'm working on a series on that wiki.
    6. I've gotta make new friends.

    That's all. So, if you see me not replying, don't just ask "hello?" I'm inactive. Well, on this wiki.

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  • Dervythedervishslime

    going inactive

    September 17, 2017 by Dervythedervishslime

    Hello everybody! i have a quick announcement to make. 

    as you have probably read by the title, i am going inactive. but! that doesn't mean that i am going to be forever, i am just going to be inactive until 1.1.0 comes out. when it will be out? i don't know. also, why am i going inactive? you may ask. well, there's just nothing to do here right now that would help with the wiki,the community,not even me!,aside from getting badges. so, see you all once 1.1.0 drops! bye!

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  • BiscuitEars

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  • ThoseAwfulRavenousRainbows

    Hello. I forgot I even had this account. I found this page on my bookmarks so yeah. :P

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  • Carruan

    Tab testing (The Glass Desert)

    September 16, 2017 by Carruan

    If used in the Glass Desert page, 'Gallery' would drive to The Glass Desert/Gallery.

    Silver Parsnip
    Prickle Pear
    Painted Hen ( Chickadoo)
    Ancient Water
    Glass Shard
    Silky Sand
    Pepper Jam
    Gilded Ginger

    |nop = 0 |nog = 84

    |imagecaption =
    "Under a blistering sun, prismatic giants evoke beauty and peril."
    |nop = 0}}

    The Glass Desert is an area that was added in update 0.6.0. It's very far from the mainland of the Far Far Range, and is only accessible through a teleporter located in The Ancient Ruins. It's a barren wasteland covered with giant glass structures that create ultra hot Solar Anomalies. This harsh, uninhabitable environment has little hint of what it once was, but you might be able to bring it back. It acts as the end-game zone, and has many chal…

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  • Carruan

    Tab testing (Gordo Slimes)

    September 16, 2017 by Carruan

    If used in the Gordo Slimes page, 'Locations' would drive to Gordo Slimes/Locations.

    Gordo Slimes are giant, stationary Slimes. They can not be directly interacted with nor can they be moved, but can be fed large amounts of Food to burst them.

    There are currently 16 wild Gordos in specific areas in the Far, Far Range which can hold a Slime Key or reveal a Static Teleporter. Gordos can also be spawned on a Gadget Site by baiting a Gordo Snare with Food. Snared Gordos do not hold Keys.

    Gordo Slimes are a rare phenomenon that occurs when multiple slimes of the same type congregate. The result is that the slimes seem to merge together into a much larger slime that is seemingly incapable of movement.

    A gordo will eat until it bursts, causin…

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  • Carruan

    Welcome! As many of you probably know, a preview of the 1.1.0 update was posted on Steam by Monomi Park yesterday (you can see it here in case you didn't yet). It also includes some gifs and pictures of this new zone and the long extinct Saber Slime. Keep reading!

    We could see some gifs showing The Wilds weeks ago, but instead of gifs we got two new pictures now!

    It has many palm trees similar to the ones in Glass Desert and the rocks and coral columns found in the Indigo Quarry. The theme of this new area is related with prehistoric and ancient stuff — a look at the past!

    Remember Saber Slimes? Well, we could finally see them!

    It seems that they will be Feral Largo slimes, so we shall bring some food with us. That gif shows a Hunter Saber Largo,…

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  • Dervythedervishslime

    this is a challenge where you can only use dervish largos & normal dervish slimes on your ranch.  


    1. you can only use dervish slimes and their largos
    2. it MUST be on ether: normal,casual,or iron rancher modes
    3. you can use the pink slimes given to you for days 1 and 2.  

    feel free to comment on how you feel about this challenge down below in the comments. 

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  • The Rad Rad Boom Largo Named Rad

    Whenever I try to change my avatar it doesn't show up. I was wondering if anyone could tell why?

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  • The Rad Rad Boom Largo Named Rad

    I made my first article today. It probably wasn't a good one granted that it was my first on but it was still an article. It was one on the various game modes so yeah. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on making an article? (This is my first blog post on the wiki.)

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  • Shadow rancher

    Ok well i may be new to the chat and all but one thing I would like to see is something to dobwith the slime sea like some kind of diving or fishing mechanic with the idea of the sea slmies people thought of because that can opwn up a whole new thing in slime rancher a new mechanic and probably millions of new slimes able to be made now i may have this idea but i don't know what to do with it anyway so their can be the octoslime (apoligizing in advance for mesing up the names) that someone created and even some kind of shark ,fish ,dolphin ,and whale the posibility will never end that might be true because we have not even finished exploring the ocean this may be a idea now but hopefully it will become a reality

    Thank you i… Read more >
  • Dervythedervishslime

    just some screenshots of my ranch. 

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  • Naskadesu

    whirlwinds not disappearing

    September 9, 2017 by Naskadesu

    Hello Rancher devs, I just came across my first batch of dervish slimes and decided to keep a few of them in a corral. I normally don't read the slime encyclopedia (to make things interesting) and they started making cyclones. I had given them an abundance of food and a toy but the cyclones were destroying my chicken pen next to it so I decided to remove the dervish slimes and think of a better strategy. It's been day 5 since I removed the dervish slimes but the cyclones are still there. I tried everything from spraying water to tossing the dervish slimes off the cliff but have had no luck. Is this a bug? 

    Thanks for listening! ;)

    - naskadesu

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  • HoneyPichu

    g                       So, i think tangles should have more Spawn areas in the main area, why? i love tangle slimes, 

                        and when i go to find them. i find them mixed with other slimes (Not finshed)



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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    September 5, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902


    But somehow it evolved into A GIGANTIC IDEA BLOG!

    I'm bored. Bored of what? SLIME PLORTS BEING THE SAME!

    They're the normal, diamonds... SERIOUSLY?

    Please don't say the plort designs are OK! It looks confusing! They're ALL DIAMONDS.

    (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC) Also, THEY STOLE TWO SLIMES! And they deployed video traps so I can't be able to view BECAUSE THE TRENDING ARTICLES FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE. (Reaction: BOOOOOOOO!) Atleast they don't show up in the history looks.

    Let's get them new (FANMADE) designs.

    • Pink stays the same.
    • Phosphor would be a cube.
    • Tabby would be a pyramid.
    • Honey would be a gooey sphere.
    • Puddle would be disk-shaped.
    • Hunter would be a cylinder.
    • Quantum would ran…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Do you know what looks like the word lemon in some sites, like Wikia?

    Yep, that's Iemon.

    Do you know how he descended into madness?

    Yep, that's Oiwa.

    Do you know how I descended into madness?

    The Corral Party Shirt.

    Do you know what Spawny's holding?

    Yep, that's SupaMerge.

    Do you know what it does?

    Yep, it mixes.

    Do you know the way slimes merge?

    Yep, plorts.

    Do you know there's a simpler way?


    What is the simple way to do it, because plorts don't make sense?


    Do you know what's pink?

    Yes, Pink Slimes.

    Do you know what's also pink?

    Yep, Flowers.

    Do you ONE color it could be?

    Yep, red.

    Who has the Color Red?

    Yep, Ringo.

    Who does Ringo belong to?


    What is the game she's in?

    Puyo Puyo.

    What is the ripoff shirt?

    Corral Party.

    Do you know what they say abo…

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  • P3NNK

    Fixed the Plort Prices!

    September 2, 2017 by P3NNK

    I just fixed the plort prices and I'm asking if anyone can confirm the prices at least. I found some of the prices on Reddit. If anyone finds any mistakes, please correct me - Thank you

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    welp sorry for not posting in a LONG time. THIS IS THE NEXT IDEA!



    • Deconstruction Slime: Likes breaking things. Goes aggresive when bounced by a Spring Pad.
    • Aero Slime: Found on the flying Aero Plains. They are like a Boom Slime, but does less damage and pushes you back far.
    • Slimebolax: Boss of Slimedle's Fiendish Caves. Acts like Snarbolax from Spiral Knights.
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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    I have an old save on my Slime Rancher game that existed, probably around 0.3.0. Around this time Tangle Slimes didn't exist and I'd already long decided to give meat-eating Slimes a diet of fruit or veg, so Hens in The Overgrowth were useless to me. What I did to get rid of them was stash them under the stairs, keep them out the way.

    Then 0.5.1 came out - which was the Better Homes and Gordos update - and suddenly an invisible wall was placed there. I couldn't put anymore Hens in, or take them out. Those that didn't suddenly disappear when touching the vac stream were stuck there.

    Quite some time later I started a new game and left this one to collect dust. Went back on it today and decided to clear out The Overgrowth and have 100 Pink Tab…

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  • Dervythedervishslime

    new friend!

    August 23, 2017 by Dervythedervishslime

    so, i met a nice rancher, Beatrix Lebau, and we are good friends now. 

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    The First Idea!

    August 19, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Gosh, this is going to be surprisingly scary. Slime Rancher will be following me EVERYWHERE... I can feel it!

    Anyways, let's go to the ideas!

    Basically, a connection to the Slime Lab. You can get free money here. Seriously. If you decide to travel down there, prepare as there's:

    • Buster Slime - Shoots photon beams.
    • Rail Slime - Disguises as a minecart rail. Is actually aggressive.


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  • IsItBecauseIHaveNumbersInMyName

    Hey there, fellow ranchers! I have a question for the more experienced ones. Is it possible to activate the huge portal on the top of the Glass Desert, or is that getting implemented in the future? I have already activated all the fountains, and even oases, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    oh no

    August 16, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Sorry, I now hate this top one reason.

    Searching on the wiki for less boredom, guess what I found.

    "Intro to Slimeology: A Brief Guide to Slime Rancher's adorable creatures"


    Come on, those creatures aren't adorable. And it's serving as the trending fandom articles!

    What, you think Sega will never notice this? WRONG! Who thinks that? Is there something even adorable then that?



    That Corral Party is still making me mad. But even then, which one is adorable?!

    UM... let's just get help from another wiki.

    Ringo has some cute, anime designs.

    Slimes are just balls which smile and don't show alot.

    Who wins?

    Puyo Puyo obviously!

    Of course, we need a little offtopicness.

    Slime Rancher is too calm and nothing is good.


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  • Prismite


    This community I have noticed is very kind and helpful, as well as active. We havent seen too many HUGE things added (the biggest one so far is the glass desert). I have some ideas.

    • Meteor slime: Strikes down onto the earth almost anywhere it can target. Eats everything, favors nothing. 
    • Light slime: Spawns extremely rarely during the day. Can kill tar, but can also hurt you. Doesn't eat.
    • Spectrum slime: Spawns in the prismal dimension and blinds you with an array of colors. Eats veggies, favors shoggery plant.
    • Wisp slime: Spawns during prismal fractures in the prismal dimension. Very fast, sortof a worse gold slime you can ranch. Eats specifically biafruit.
    • Snow slime: Most common spawn in the snowed mountains…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    If you say we got these ideas:



    The one I'm really bothered at is the Fire Slime. Why didn't they just make another reference to Spiral Knights and name it Oil Slime?

    However, this is another thing.

    Remember this post? The Whirl Slime's description was:

    "Slimes which are found in the HIGH sky. They suck every food and plort in... Then oops."

    Well, guess what.

    These have the same designs, but the Dervish has a tornado which doesn't look like a tornado.

    It's still a "idea steal" because they not only copied the design, but also the ability.

    This has to be the most great reason I hate this game; All Meat is just, CHICKENS. Chickens here. Chickens there. Chickens everywhere. Just, no. Would you pla…

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  • Raidbull99

    les slimes

    August 14, 2017 by Raidbull99

    dans slime rancher il a le slime rose,rock et le tabby. LE PLUS RARE C'EST LE SLIME DORRé ET AUSSI LE LUCKY SLIME. Les slime les plus dangereux sont le goudrron et les slimes sauvages. et enfin le slime radioactif et le slime boom. celui qui vit dans l'eau le slime aqueu.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    All Slimes, I'm really sorry if I pwned you, BUT WE MUST FIGHT BACK.

    Three Clones are trying to pwn me.

    The first one is japanese copycat.

    The second is not a copycat, but a random dude. He lied about me copying an user. I knew he was lying when I saw the page, and it didn't exist.

    And lastly...


    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............................. The leader of it all.

    First off, it's like I'm in a Pinkie Pie Swarm. Second off, here's what he said. He says he was "watching me for a long time" and thinks I'm a clone by saying that I copied him when I didn't copy him.

    Here's what I did: I challenged him and then he said "says the clone". NO I AM NOT A …

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  • Sparkofcourage

    Hello i'm a honey slime nmed mosey and this is a test of using a blog

    if you want to want to talk to me go on my message wall ( its empty )

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  • Jimmy2004Backup

    It has been fixed

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  • The1AndOnlyMike

    Article mockups

    August 9, 2017 by The1AndOnlyMike

    Not working on any at the moment.

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  • Knakveey

    Hello everyone,

    Myself and Jack will be playing Slime Rancher tomorrow. Please stop by to chat and hang out!

    We will be streaming at Twitch @ 10am PST/1pm EST. Hope to see you there!

    Knakveey (talk) 21:23, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Emerald the crystal Slime

    This morning I was on the wiki then I saw I had a new message! I checked and it was DeryTheDrivshSlime saying what Hydro Turrets are! so I asked a Tarr (Not TarrRancher) to come. Everyone was hiding, then we saw that the Hydro Turret worked and destroyed him! Thanks, DeryTheDervishSlime!

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  • Keeshboy

    Calling all rollplayers, in this rollplay, slimes will be able to rule the Far, Far Ranch, over run the galaxy, have human ranches, and EAT TWINKIES (just do it) in this Slime Rancher RP

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  • Emerald the crystal Slime


    August 3, 2017 by Emerald the crystal Slime

    Hello, I'm Emerald the Crystal Slime. I love Odd Onions and Carrots and hate Tarrs, Boom Slimes, and Those weird water shooting things. 

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  • VineTheTangleSlime

    1.0.0 is here and if like me you have gone to the glass desert, you can see Hobsens end story. Time to get to work on the wiki!

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  • TarrRancher

    Roleplay zone

    August 1, 2017 by TarrRancher

    Content Deleted

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    ......CAKE.........................BECAUSE I SURE AS HECK AM!!!!!

                              (you can quote me if you wish, because i sure as heck am!)

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  • Fungus3

    Buggy Login

    July 30, 2017 by Fungus3

    Did the wiki get hacked? I think so, because whenever I go onto the Tangle Slime page, I am automatically logged-off. I also recently downloaded Cheat Engine, and combed my PC to remove any viruses found.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Slimerday 5

    July 29, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902


    This edition is...

    PUYO PUYO EDITION (because of how dumb the puyo puyo slime rancher shirt was.)

    Tetris Slime - You know what they say? ALL TETRIS, CREATE BLOCKS!

    Puyo Slime - Do not ask how much colors there is...

    Demon Slime - They aren't really happy :(

    Candy Slime - When unwrapped, they show a Puyo Slime.


    Ghast Slime - Cover yourself with its mantle, or you GET ATTACKED!

    S - It's shrouded in mysteries.

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  • Dervythedervishslime
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