• Kunzite-Spodumene

    So I drew this hunter slime avatar based off that disgusted cat image and made several versions of them.

    The high-quality avatar, imitating the Steam avatar;

    the lower-quality version, but with size of 184x184 so you'll be able to set it as your profile picture on Steam;

    The high-quality transparent version;

    And finally, the low-quality JPEG variant.

    You can use them all without credit, but it'd still be appreciated. I had fun making these, honestly.

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  • PopsicleNinja

    There are some things that need to be considered when you are adding new slimes to your ranch. Granted, I don't expect you to have "The Plan" all at once, or have a plan at all, because most players are spontaneous and make it up as they go. So instead, this guide is about common good and bad locations to put slimes.

    The Grotto is worth it's investment. It will provide more use than a single corral ever could, and provides you with the ability to free-range phosphor slimes.

    Rock/Tabbies were the first slimes that ever took permanent residency in my ranch, back in old save games where there was room for me to free-range all of the slime species (except pink). And this was an easy location to keep them in, because rock slimes actually need a l…

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  • PopsicleNinja

    This is a short guide about common largo combinations, and which ones are a good or bad idea. This also contains tips for how to subvert potential problems. Note that the elaborate list is assuming that you have unlocked at least either the Indigo Quarry or the Moss Blanket, there is a guide for new players at the bottom that deals with early-game largos. There is a difference between Sometimes Bad and Mixed Results; Sometimes Bad is when a combination is only a problem for some people, while Mixed Results has nothing to do with subjective reactions and is where a combination has both strong good and strong bad points, and they can't outweigh each other.

    Some people find raising chickens a hassle, because they are slow to reproduce and are m…

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  • FacepalmbOI


    June 18, 2017 by FacepalmbOI

    what if monomi park made fish and then made that tabby slimes favorite food. dog slimes also should be a thing

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  • Firekirby135

    First 5-day run

    June 18, 2017 by Firekirby135

    Hoo boy, finally decided to buck up and do a FDR run, trying for those 'cheevos. I was initially worried coming up on time that I was cutting it too close, only to remember that you get all of Day 5 AS WELL AS 12 hours/minutes in Day 6. Needless to say, my worries were voided, and I nailed that gold achievement! The knock-out was actually intentional to save time, and it worked out in the end. (I had two runs prior that a KO actually forced me to reset on day one, one in the crystal cave in the indigo quarry and one from the feral slimes in the dry desert)

    All in all, it wasn't too difficult. Day 1 was mostly about starting a farm, getting the funds from cherry-picking plorts in the wild to get a second going, and popping the Pink Gordo to …

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  • Kunzite-Spodumene

    ...And it failed. I was streaming it(I also left around 400 slimes there beforehand)and when I got back to the Teleporter Area, there were only few slimes left there. I shot all of my dervish slimes(100, since I have the Tank Booster Ultra upgrade), and then poof! The remaining slimes disappeared. I shot 49 mosaics there - half of dervishes disappeared. I shot 28 crystal slimes - some mosaics and dervishes disappeared.

    That's why I believe Slime Rancher actually has a slime limit per each area, most likely because 1000 slimes will sure as hell kill your computer/laptop. I also think it's a glitch, but that's very unlikely.

    I was really disappointed by this, because I wanted to impress people by being (maybe) the first person to get 1000 slimes…

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  • Kunzite-Spodumene

    I think it's Unity but I am not quite sure to be honest. Does anyone know?

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  • Slimes of Slime Rancher

    Today owner gave us the best toy! It was a: Beach Big Yarn Night Power Bomb Buzzy Rubber Crystal Stuffed Puzzle Disco Gyro Sol Charcoal BOX!!! Also, it was made out of cardboard on the inside!

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  • Jimmy2004Backup

    Yes as in the title, this is about DLC that I think slime rancher could have, so here it is and let's kick it off with...

    Now I would think that the more challenges dlc would cost around 6 bucks and have 5 new challenges added...

    Now in Largos only the small slimes are all replaced with largos (and of course puddles and fire slimes spawn still, but rarer)

    Now in Singles only, the small slimes cannot eat plorts to become Largos, but become tarr instead, hey let's face it at least their "Mini Tarrs" right?

    In Hunger all slimes will become hungry twice as fast and hunters will be a pain to take care of, but more money... kinda... If you can manage hungry slimes 24/7.

    In Picky all slimes (except pink can still eat anything) will only eat their favourite fo…

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  • Firekirby135

    I... I did it... I finally managed to do it. Ah... haha... HAHAHAHAHA! YES! Say hello to the first direct asset I have managed to rip from Slime Rancher! Beautiful, innit? Finally, after about a year of looking, I've FINALLY found a way to get icons from the game to help update the files here! Gone are the days of needing to photoshop everything out for use in the wiki! From this day forth, I shall do my duty to ensure the best quality for all icons on the site! Glory to Slime Rancher!

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  • BigJGoat


    June 15, 2017 by BigJGoat


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  • TheCreeps12345

    I think I just found my new favorite largo. Well it's tied with the honey hunter largo.

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  • TheCreeps12345

    Mosaic Gordo

    June 14, 2017 by TheCreeps12345

    Look what I got!

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  • Jimmy2004Backup

    Voting Polls

    June 14, 2017 by Jimmy2004Backup

    Welcome to the voting polls, what happens here is that there is polls where can vote at and it can get passed or not get passed, hey it's your choice...

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  • Otisolive12345

    0.6.0 is out

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  • Firekirby135

    If you're here, you're probably in need of a pointer or two, right? Can't find those elusive Slime Statues, having some trouble scouting out those Gordos, or simply can't spot one of those all-too-important ancient fountains? Don't worry, I'm here for ya. Just to keep this all neat and tidy, I'll be going over the Gordos first, just to make sure ya got your shortcut back to the ranch and the Slime Keys you need to get around the place. Sound good? Good. Just be aware, for some of this stuff, you WILL need the jetpack upgrade at the VERY least. Get your parkour skills ready, because this area will require it.

    The first Gordo you'll likely come across is the easiest to find, as it's in the most obvious structure in the entire Glass Desert. Th…

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  • Fivebee

    0.6.0 Download problem?

    June 13, 2017 by Fivebee

    Where can I download Slime Rancher 0.6.0 to check out everything new? Thx.

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  • Mrgoot999


    June 11, 2017 by Mrgoot999

    The map of Glass Desert is :

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    There is a fan-made system I made up.

    Melee: For any slimes which do damage with rolls, headbutts, or slams. (?)

    Ranged: For any slimes which do damage with arrow spitting, table flipping, or rocket jumping. (rocket jumping is where a slime shoots a rocket to propel themselves)

    Magic: For any slimes which do damage with ice balls, tornadoes, or even magical rockets!

    Healer/Radiant: For any slimes which do heal others (and maybe damage, and yes I am also adding HP onto slimes) with life drain (aggresive), powering up stats (passive), or making slimes attack tarrs (aggresive).

    Melee beats Radiant because punching is unholy.

    Radiant beats Magic because random reasons. magic is like healing. Also, wizards do not hurt priests I think.

    Magic beats Ranged…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    You might never expect what you see.

    A really deep arcane pit.


    Because you'd never come back.


    100(,000) floors going down.

    You must.




    There's 10 floors. Each one represents a legendary element. If you can find all of these, you would be rewarded something very, very, very, special...

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Something's tasty. YEP, THIS TIME, WE CAN TASTE! (Including some new slimes!)

    Taste is what a Slime would like to taste or hate to taste. There is:

    Spicy, Salty, Sour, Bitter, and Umami.


    For your glory, there is:

    Tang Slime, Acerb Slime, Umami Slime, Saline Slime, and Rancid Slime

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    I'd like to make a PRETTY cool expansion which is pretty expansive, meaning:

    • You must have atleast 100,000,000,000 (such gigantic to prevent people from running into there ready to meet ALL NEW Slimes
    • You must have unlocked atleast 1 Purple Pod, 5 Blue Pods, and umm... 10 Green Pods?

    LOL, such a big cost, however, this directs THE END TO IT!

    This is actually a blue zone where it's mixed with all other zones: BONUS THAT ONLY THE 3.6+ SLIMES APPEAR. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH.

    Let's just go over the slimes before you move on to a NEW EXPERIENCE.

    Name Resources
    Slimes Crystal Slimes, Hunter Slimes, Quantum Slimes, Mosaic Slime, F…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Due to the new 3 SLIMES revealed, I saw the Fire Slime, and guess what?! SECOND TIME where devs make something which was created by someone else! (previously DANCEYKITTY'S crystal slime).

    So yeah guys, FIRE SLIME is renamed to ANGER SLIME!

    Also, the ability... WOT?! "It's a little burning oil slick that dines on ash." DID THE DEVS SEE MY METEOR SLIME IDEA ABOUT LEAVING A FIERY TRAIL?! WOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

    Nuff' with the strange-sense. Let's move onto...

    Basically, it's a steampunk world with LOTS and LOTS of tech. While slimes are mostly peaceful, a dangerous entity is lurking apon this zone...


    Note: Bold slimes are NEW.

    Fire Slime, Tangle Slime, Dervish Slime, Anger Slime like saidV-Heat (Heat Vision) Slime, Quantum Slime,…

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  • SkytheGuy355


    May 2, 2017 by SkytheGuy355

    Hello! I'm Sky! Although I'm not new to this wiki, I only started contributing to the wiki recently.

    I hope I won't mess things up, as I wouldn't like upsetting this great, kind, and friendly community!

    This was my introduction to the Great Slime Rancher Wiki!

    See ya in the comments!

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    It's a more challenging Slime Science Category. From paint splatting to Water Cannons... THOSE KINDS OF STUFF!

    This category is totally big. Probably because... well, y'know.

    Frost Turret: Builds up cold pressure and freezes tarr with it.

    Geyser Maker: Makes holes for geysers!

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Inspired by PETE (aka the only contestant RIGHT NOW), this is one gigantic one.

    Yes, every planet has atleast TEN new slimes.

    This is a craggy planet. You have to watch out for flying rocks.

    Crag Slime: A slime which doesn't bounce, but rolls. Watch out when it's furios! "You knew the drill, right?!"

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  • Fuzzbutt15

    Invalid Ranch ???

    April 26, 2017 by Fuzzbutt15

     Yesterday (4/25/2017) I had signed in to play Slime Rancher, and had to wait on it to update. No issues. When done, logged in and played for a bit. Again, no issues. But when I came back later and logged in to play, it said that my Ranch was an invalid file. Now, there are three ranches on my account, but only mine was labeled invalid. This morning, one of the other players in the house opened their ranch to play, and there were weird issues with the drill placement tool turning on randomly. Then there are crops that show on the bin that something is growing there, but there are no sprouts, no veggies, and the port collectors aren't collecting. I was wondering if this could be a bug in the update? Could something have went wrong? Is anyon…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Masters all Water, Ice, and Poison ATTACKS!

    Masters all Fire, Air (Relates to STEAM), and Steel ATTACKS!

    Masters all Earth, Wood, and... Thunder Attacks?

    Masters all Dark, Phantom, and Neutral (NO REALLY) ATTACKS!

    Masters all Light, Fairy, and Space ATTACKS!

    Round #8: The narrator forgets to talk about the place types! You'll learn Land, Water, and Air enemies. This one is a water enemy, so make sure to watch your attacks! Wood type. For real. This is a bog monster.

    Round #9: A fake looking card which is able to use infinite cards. Neutral type.

    Round #10: FIRST BOSS! Watch out for it's stomp. Neutral type.

    Round #11: First Mine Enemy. This one can counter even the guard-breaking attacks! Earth type.

    Round …

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  • Tabbo the tabby slime

    Hey i wanted to start a conversation debating which slime is best and i think the tabby slime is the best

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  • Petetheman23


    April 24, 2017 by Petetheman23

    Slime langage: A slime laguage.

    Plop=Need foob

    Plop plo: Need Foob BAD


    Ploppy: Honey Plort

    Hahaha: Happy

    Er: Ow

    Aaaaa: TARR!!!!!!!!

    Ploop: :D

    PloopPloop: :DD

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  • FeltedAxolotl

    Welcome to the world of Slime Rancher! Well, of course you know what Slime Rancher is, but you don't know what my fan slimes are! So, here is basically stuff. Enjoy! This is a WIP.

    Like little nightlights, but wireless.

    Closely related to Phosphor slimes, Firefly Slimes enjoy lighting up the night just as much as their glowy relatives do. However, they can stand daylight, but will refuse to produce plorts while the sun is shining on them. Their glow actually lights up the area around them, unlike Phosphor Slimes.

    These slimes can be useful to bring in dark areas if you want to go exploring at night.

    If anything, the Firefly Slimes are quite helpful, as they light up the dark.

    Firefly Plorts are said to hold magic within them. Really, it's just …

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  • Petetheman23

    Inspired by MrYokaiWatchs APPLUND, I decided to make this. (BTW THIS AINT DONE)

    This takes place with a newcomer to the Ranch. You we're just exploring The Ruins, trying to find quantums one of his friends told him, but there were none to be found. Near the back of The Ruins you find a weapon vacing up all the slimes and shooting out Tarrs. The rancher thinks "Who could've done this! It couldn't have been The Ruins, its too high tech!!!" This is where our story begins... (The Ruin Weapon fight starts after this)

    VacTank: This upgrade will create a special spot in its inventory, bigger than the others. However, the upgrade will only work with Largos. It will also give you a special Slime Access Terminal (SAT) Gui. Press u to access the SAT. I…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    It's actually a reference to Digimon: Appli Monsters :l

    But hoo knows


    No really, EVERYWHERE.

    Quantum Slime: See Quantum Slime

    Cartoon Slime: A slime which seems to attack you no matter what. "Feed it, it attacks you. No matter how hard you try, it eats you."

    This is basically the first place, AND IT'S VERY DANGEROUS. No, really. you have to watch out for Paint Slimes. Paint Slimes are the key to passing this place.

    The Puzzle here: USE Paint Slimes. You have to collect EVERY slime here.

    Page Slime: A interesting which can hide in Page Floors. "Page, Page, WHERE ARE YOU? Page, Page, we need you."

    Meat Slime: A slime which looks like chicken, when approached will flip you. "I'm hungry. I'm gonna ask this slime what he made."

    Strategy Slime: …

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Deciding that some of my ideas is going to be thrown off to the "BEST" I decided to make the PRO EDITION!

    Although it costs 1,000,000 newbucks (yes, be mad), YOU'LL GET:

    60 Slimes!

    3 New Zones! Elemental Peak, The Town, and China Dimension.

    New Slime Science!

    New Groups!

    And most of all: 3 Free Keys! Start your adventure now!

    It's a quite big place. It contains 20 New Slimes, all in the Animal Group.

    Squid Slime: A slime which attacks any enemies when provoked. "Not safe for: Days like this."

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  • Firekirby135

    Shirts?! OMG!

    April 3, 2017 by Firekirby135 GO! Go look at these now and love them and maybe buy a couple to support the devs some more! These look awesome. Personally love the Tarr shirt, but that corral shirt is a reference to Kirby's Avalanche... I'm so torn. TwT

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    "You can't tell what might happen with all these slimes."

    They say that this zone is very dangerous! Once found by a rancher, but then he died. His bones were never found again. People predict that a meteor hit him. All researches quickly got destroyed by strange compounds. People predict that these are most likely that this zone is created by someone, but who?

    It was almost later discovered that there's a secret about an array of prismatic slimes with different colors were trying to make this zone dangerous. We all know one thing thought: at the end of the road, there's no turning away with a secret mystery...

    Who knows what the mystery is? Some say it's Hobson possessed by the spirit of the Rancher, some say it's just a cute egg, and some s…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Tech Zone!

    March 31, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    When scrolling through the comments, I found a weird comment. Decided to make TECH ZONE.

    Auto Slime - A slime which can do human stuff... like clean... eat... or even punch (bite). "They know what they do, unless ranched."

    Subzero Slime - These slimes spits out Liquid Nitrogen. "Those balls bounce, and bounce, and bounce... that is until you vac it."

    Sonar Slime - Hard-to-ranch slimes which have a high hover jump. "Either their burps are the reason or they're just born that way.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Shadow Slimes

    March 29, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    After looking at some Spiral Knight stuff, I decided to make something called SHADOW CAVES. All largos created here ARE FERAL.

    Matter Slime: Like a feral slime, but instead extra feral. "If you think you've done it, you're WRRROOOOOOONG."

    Obsidian Slime: Slimes which spit out Obsidian Rocks which tend to trap you. "A pericular slime which is found within the realm of Crushterra. Wait, this seems similar..."

    Graviation Slime: Strong Slimes able to launch everything into the air when provoked. "You'll never know what it is until you stare into it's evil eye."

    Grim Slime: Slow-moving slimes which seem to repeatly attack, along with one major bite wave "One major hit, you're down, it ate a Cradle Obsidian, and now it's deadly."

    Virulent Slime: A sl…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    YES! Yes yes yes yes... these slimes are for... SCIENCE! However, they seem to destroy Corrals instanly if in one...

    So let's say...

    This is just housing. Sometimes it's very hard. Note: It has awesome upgrades.

    This is the same as the Corral upgrade. 

    Destroys any Magic Tarr/Tarr created.

    Makes Miasma Slime suit the Corrals.

    Splits any Largos about to eat plorts.

    Please put suggestions in the comments!

    Frond Slime - The closer you get (or tarr gets), the more shed it gets. If provoked, it launches it's petals in fury like boomerangs. "This thing doesn't know how to withstand a joke. No, really."

    Cumulus Slime - Slimes which explode into a cloudy mess if not fed in a while. "If you look closely up in the skies, you can figure out that some clouds r…

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  • RubbleRibble

    I made a discord.

    March 26, 2017 by RubbleRibble

    nevermind lol

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Once you're good at Slime Science, you'll move onto advanced.

    You're most likely going to need Elemental Cove Slimes. This is basically found when using "Sticker Peeler" and peeling off the a secret peelable Grotto wall.

    "Be sweet. The sweet way."

    This consists of using a Plant Controller. This is kinda advancded because each one needs there own fuel.

    Bomb Scoop: A flower which lobs exploding plorts.

    Pinky's Laser: A flower which fires pink lasers.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    YES! Although fanon, this takes place where there's a secret entrance at the Busting Shards (aka the home of feral rads) if you basically pulse wave at the correct place. You're going to need to place some puddle slimes and the correct plort it's asking 5 times if you want to access this zone.

    Basically, you can go around and find 14 NEW SLIMES! That's big, right?

    However, later on the zone you have to be using fire to scorch down ice blocks. Sometimes ice blocks could hold a slime which has been ultra frozen! But watch out, who knows if you're going to find ravenous TARR...

    Also, once you get to the Slime's Express, you basically want to use your underwater skills to go into there, while also dodging the Awfully Quick Underwater Rainbow.


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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902
    1. Pink Slime
    2. Phosphor Slime
    3. Tabby Slime
    4. Honey Slime 
    5. Puddle Slime
    6. Hunter Slime
    7. Quantum Slime
    8. Rock Slime
    9. Boom Slime
    10. Rad Slime
    11. Crystal Slime
    12. Mosaic Slime
    13. Meteor Slime
    14. Unknown Slime, will be released when figured out

    Okay maybe not table but..

    Pink Phosphor Tabby Honey Puddle Hunter Quantum Rock Boom Rad Crystal Mosaic Meteor ???
    Pink Ring of Charm Radar Lamp

    Phosphor Radar Lamp












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  • Beanbear0324

    If they hav animals,minerals,food and phosphor slimes they should have a plant because that is the only thing left to do.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Double right click to suck everything up to you. NB: 1000

    Ramming into Largos now split them. NB: 1250

    While holding something with the Vac-Pack, click M to rapidly inflate them. Inflated slimes can be used as balloons or weights, just don't inflate the slime for too long.

    While holding something with the Vac-Pack, hold left click to charge a shot. The more longer you wait, the more damage it does. Also, the shots are different and maybe have special powers if different!

    The colors are originally up to see now. Powered up Pink Slime. Can eat plorts, but not become largos.

    Heat's it's middle name. Powered up Phosphor (finally didn't say Phospher, O wait I did) Slime. Causes the brightest light, and also the hottest field ever.

    Um... how many kitt…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Slimerday 4!

    March 19, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Sorry if I was tweaking Day 3 :l

    So yeah, today's day is...

    ...Food Day. Honey is food, and also an ingrediant.

    Sundae Slime: It tastes like tropical oceans and anything else tropical. Yum yum!

    Gelid Slime: Although it's jelly, it's actually Honey Slime's cousin.

    Bottle Slime: It's actually a quite sad story about some puddle slimes dissolving. It now is unable to move.

    Pasta Slime: Sluigi likes these!

    Cherry Slime: It just smells cherish, that Hon Hon keeps them. Mmm.

    Durian Slime: When attacked, it releases A PUTRID SMELL!

    Pineapple Slime: It knows how to jump high, you know?

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  • DragonSlayer1500

    Fan art I want!

    March 18, 2017 by DragonSlayer1500

    Hey guys! This is for posting the following fanart: A non-evil Tarr/Tarr if it was a slime; A Glitch Slime; and what you think the Mosaic, Meteor, and ??? slimes might look like. Post your fanart on these topics below!

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  • Firekirby135

    Nick's GDC panel

    March 18, 2017 by Firekirby135

    This is awesome and quite informative to the inner workings of Slime Rancher, as well as what's going through the devs minds when coming up with ideas for the game. I absolutely recommend watching it if you haven't already. I personally love how he calls slimes in a slime stack "Legos".

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Slimerday 3!

    March 17, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    This is replacement for the last friday, where it didn't allow me to place a #.

    x2 SLIMES!

    Polar Slime: This Slime is basically not squishy, unless heated. It is also frigid.

    Scorch Slime: Engulfs itself with flames when ranched! And engulfs you with flames when ranched!

    Meme Slime: Who want to have a bad tom? Beatrix? Ogden?

    Muck Slime: Mucky muck. Muckity muck muck. 

    Puff Slime: Huh. Seems too chubby. Might as well pop him.

    Umbra Slime: ...Shh! You ain't want them to throw ninja stars at ya'.

    Crag Slime: Sometimes, it's just you. Sometimes, it's a crag slime.

    Infinity Slime: It always revives. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. A…

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  • NewAqua

    Hello everybody!

    March 15, 2017 by NewAqua
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