Boom Slimes are slimes that explode occasionally from time to time. They can spawn at any time in the two first unlockable zones.

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Boom Slimes are often heard before they're seen. The slime cells of a boom slime are constantly vibrating, causing their slime to increasingly crackle with energy before ultimately exploding. However, the boom slime always comes out unscathed, though always a little dazed.

Rancher Risks:
Boom slimes are constantly building toward an inevitable explosion, making them quite hazardous to ranchers. In addition to those explosions causing bodily harm, they also have the capacity to send all nearby slimes flying into the air, making them a hard slime to corral. To prevent them from exploding as often in corrals, you can purchase a music box to calm them down.

Highly volatile boom plorts have all sorts of applications, including powering rocket thrusters and demolitions. Military organizations value their highly destructive capabilities for "medical technology and other research". Imagine that!


Boom Slimes are carnivorous slimes found in the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. They have a tendency to, well, explode, giving them their name. Boom Slimes have cracks on them that grow bigger as they prepare for an explosion. If agitated enough, they can explode to try to hurt you. These explosions scatter everything that isn't nailed to the ground, including food, plorts, and other slimes. Luckily for them, explosions will only daze them, and after regaining its bearings, the slime continues its merry existence.


  • In Corrals, you can purchase a Music Box to calm them down. Unfortunately, it does not always work.
  • You need to throw a boom largo in the air as it explodes to get the Fireworks achievement.
  • The Boom Slime's Yellow "Cracks" aren't visible when they are dazed after an explosion. They will then appear as small cracks, then eventually become larger cracks and once the cracks are joined together, they will charge up towards explosion with a fuse sound effect.
  • Well fed slimes take up to three times the time to explode compared to starved slimes.
  • Provided an infinite amount of water you can prolongate the explosion indefinitely. The water seems to have a splash radius of about 1/4 of the corral. Ways to calm them down include using a Music Box, Feeding them (Needs confirmation), or throwing Water before they explode, because it will cause the cracks to not "grow" and they will not explode for a longer duration. (Also needs confirmation)
  • Rad Boom largos, despite the traumatically familiar combination, do not cause massive mile-wide explosions, or even radiation fallout.
    • This is because of references to nuclear explosive weapons, which are the most powerful human-made weapons ever made.
  • Despite looking like it's on fire, it'll get destroyed by the Incinerator and isn't related to the Fire Slime.
  • Boom Largos usually look fiery, but there are exceptions.
  • In their normal state, they seem to be cell-shaded; this does not appear to be the case right after they explode though.
  • Boom Slimes are the only slimes whose Gordo is in a zone the normal slime isn't, namely, the Ancient Ruins.


  • 0.4.0b: Fix of a bug where audio for boom slime explode warmup was absent.
  • 0.3.3: Fix of a bug causing their explosions to be strong enough to blow smaller objects like food and Plorts through a corral.
  • 0.3.0: Visual improvement of their explosions; They now also spawn in the Indigo Quarry.
  • 0.2.5: Fix of a bug where audio for boom slime explode warmup ignored volume settings.
  • 0.2.4: Adjusted timing of their explosions.
  • Before 0.2.0: Added.


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