Chroma Packs
"A picture is always more
beautiful when there are more
colors than you can count"

Chroma Packs can be applied from the terminal on the ranch earned in the 7Zee Rewards Club. They allow you to apply color schemes you have earned to your ranch house, vac-pack and ranch tech such as corrals and silos.

You can acquire more Chroma Packs by continuing to rank up in the 7Zee Rewards Club. Only the most succesful ranchers will be able to show off the rarest chroma packs! - Slimepedia

As of now there are 25 Chroma Packs, all of which are earned through the 7Zee rewards Club.

Chroma Packs

The following is a list of all the available Chroma Packs, with in-game previews. The house, vac-pack and ranch tech can all be given a different chroma pack.

Name Requirement Preview
Classic Chroma Pack Classic None Classic Chroma Preview
Milkshake Chroma Pack Milkshake 7Zee rank 5
(Skylark I)
Milkshake Chroma Preview
Cobalt Chroma Pack Cobalt 7Zee rank 5
(Skylark I)
Cobalt Chroma Preview
Firecracker Chroma Pack Firecracker 7Zee rank 7
(Skylark III)
Firecracker Chroma Preview
Grapeshot Chroma Pack Grapeshot 7Zee rank 7
(Skylark III)
Grapeshot Chroma Preview
Robo Ranger Chroma Pack Robo Ranger 7Zee rank 9
(Rolling Beetle II)
Robo Ranger Chroma Preview
Maidatron Chroma Pack Maidatron 7Zee rank 9
(Rolling Beetle II)
Maidatron Chroma Preview
Gingersnap Chroma Pack Gingersnap 7Zee rank 11
(Playfull Fox I)
Gingersnap Chroma Preview
Peapod Chroma Pack Peapod 7Zee rank 11
(Playfull Fox I)
Peapod Chroma Preview
Vanguard Chroma Pack Vanguard 7Zee rank 13
(Playfull Fox III)
Vanguard Chroma Preview
Willow Chroma Pack Willow 7Zee rank 13
(Playfull Fox III)
Willow Chroma Preview
Daybreak Chroma Pack Daybreak 7Zee rank 15
(Silver Storm II)
Daybreak Chroma Preview
Eventide Chroma Pack Eventide 7Zee rank 15
(Silver Storm II)
Eventide Chroma Preview
Salamander Chroma Pack Salamander 7Zee rank 17
(Dancing Mongoose I)
Salamander Chroma Preview
Royalton Chroma Pack Royalton 7Zee rank 17
(Dancing Mongoose I)
Royalton Chroma Preview
Neopolitan Chroma Pack Neopolitan 7Zee rank 19
(Dancing Mongoose III)
Neopolitan Chroma Preview
Mint Chip Chroma Pack Mint Chip 7Zee rank 19
(Dancing Mongoose III)
Mint Chip Chroma Preview
Ghost Wine Chroma Pack Ghost Wine 7Zee rank 21
(Endless Mountain II)
Ghost Wine Chroma Preview
Volcanic Chroma Pack Volcanic 7Zee rank 21
(Endless Mountain II)
Volcanic Chroma Preview
Knight Light Chroma Pack Knight Light 7Zee rank 23
(Wander Wolf I)
Knight Light Chroma Preview
Pretty Loud Chroma Pack Pretty Loud 7Zee rank 23
(Wander Wolf I)
Pretty Loud Chroma Preview
Silverfox Chroma Pack Silverfox 7Zee rank 25
(Wander Wolf III)
Silverfox Chroma Preview
Frozen Violet Chroma Pack Frozen Violet 7Zee rank 25
(Wander Wolf III)
Frozen Violet Chroma Preview
Astro Pearl Chroma Pack Astro Pearl 7Zee rank 27
(Golden Owl II)
Astro Pearl Chroma Preview
Goldleaf Chroma Pack Goldleaf 7Zee rank 27
(Golden Owl II)
Gold Leaf Chroma Preview
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