Below is a list of the controls for Slime Rancher on both PC and Xbox One.

PC Controls:

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left Click: Shoot
  • Right Click: Vac
  • Middle Click or Q: Pulse Wave
  • 1-5 or Mouse Wheel: Slots
  • Space: Jump (Hold for Jetpack)
  • Shift: Sprint
  • E: Interact
  • F: Flashlight
  • F1: Slimepedia
  • F2: Emergency Exit
  • M: Map
  • R: Radar
  • G: Save Gif File
  • T: Gadget Mode
  • Backslash: Save Screenshot

Xbox Controls:

  • Left Trigger: Vacking
  • Right Trigger: Shoot
  • Left Bumper: Previous Slot
  • Right Bumper: Next Slot
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Left Stick (Push): Sprint
  • A: Jump (Hold for Jetpack)
  • B: Pulse Wave
  • X: Interact
  • Y: Flashlight
  • D-Pad Up: Slimepedia
  • D-Pad Down: Gadget Mode
  • D-Pad Left: Currently None
  • D-Pad Right: Map
  • Right Stick: Look
  • Right Stick (Push): Radar
  • View: Currently None
  • Menu: Pause

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