Coop SP
"Keeping chickens in their place
prevents the uprising."

Though many ranchers simply let their chickens roam the ranch, a coop is the tool of a serious poultry producer. Coops keep Henhens and Roostros close, allowing for maximum egg-laying potential. Just remember to avoid crowding the coop: Chickens won't reproduce when in close proximity to more than a dozen other hens or roostros. But give them room and watch the love bloom.

A coop is an obtainable plot in Slime Rancher. Coops are typically used for owning and breeding Hen Hens and Roostros.

Cost: 250Newbucks


Coop WallsHigh Walls High Walls
HighWall Vitamizer

Great for keeping chickens in and hungry slimes out.
Price: 350Newbucks

Coop GrassSpring Grass Spring Grass

Spring grass attracts scuttle bugs that chickens just love to eat. With their bellies full, hens will produce eggs twice as fast.
Price: 425Newbucks

Coop VitamizerVitamizer Vitamizer

The very latest in advanced poultry tech, the vitamizer bathes the chickens in 'vita-rays,' allowing them to grow into healthy hens and roostros twice as fast.
Price: 500Newbucks



  • The reference to "uprising" is likely a pun on the word "coup" which means uprising or revolt.
    • A coop is not necessary to breed chickens, as they can breed in the wild. The term "uprising" in this case actually means that chickens in the ranch, if not fed to slimes or stored in silos, can multiply out of control due to the abundance of open space allowing them to spread out their population so they can continue reproducing without hitting their population density limit.
    • And even when breeding chickens in a coop, there is a very slim chance for an egg to hatch outside of the coop. If not taken care of properly, an "escaped" hen may lay more eggs outside of the coop, and even cause an "uprising" if one of its chicks becomes a Roostro...
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