"Because why not?"

Curios are a class of gadgets that have a functional use, but are used just for fun. However, they are the most expensive gadget type.

Slimepedia Entry

Curios are a class of Slime Science gadgets that while functional, are not necessarily useful. Curios include toys, games, and other gimmicky gadgets that can be a great time with an equally great imagination.

Craft curios in order to make your slime ranching a little sillier (which is the best kind of slime ranching, to be honest).



Slimeball Hoop Slime Stage


Echo Net

Fashion Pods

These gadgets apply cosmetic accessories to slimes.
Handlebar Fashion Pod Shady Fashion Pod Clip-On Fashion Pod Googly Fashion Pod

Smart Fashion Pod Serious Fashion Pod Dandy Fashion Pod Cute Fashion Pod Royal Fashion Pod

Fashion Pod Remover

This gadget removes existing Fashion Pod accessories from slimes.
Fashion Pod Remover


  • 0.5.1 - Added Echo Net.
  • 0.4.2 - Three other fashion pods (Cute, Dandy, Royal) were added, with a Fashion Pod remover.
  • 0.4.1 - First six fashion pods (Serious, Smart, Googly, Handlebar, Clip-on, Shady) have been added.
  • 0.4.0 - Addition of them (with only the #1 Slime Stage and the Slimeball Hoop) with Slime Science into the game.


  • There are two achievements associated with Curios; Best of the Worst, by placing a Tarr on the #1 Slime Stage, and She's on Fire!, by scoring 50 points in a game of slimeball.
  • When Puddle Slimes are placed on the slime stage, they will not set down completely and instead float in midair. Either that or they'll lose their "puddle" shape and obtain the shape of normal slimes.
  • Slimes on the Slime Stage are still susceptible to hunger, and will eventually escape the stage.
  • When Gold Slimes are hit with a fashionable accessory, they fly away as if fed, but without dropping any plorts in return.
  • If a Gordo slime wearing a fashion pod bursts, all the resulting slimes will also be wearing that fashion pod.
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