The debug menu was used by developers to easily test the game. It was accessed using keybindings as seen here. The numbers refer to the keys above the letters on the keyboard, The numpads do not work, most likely.

[ Decrement time of day
] Increment time of day
+ Add 1000 Newbucks
- Remove 1000 Newbucks
f6 Toggle HUD
f12 Reset Achievement Progress
0 Award all personal upgrades (jetpack, energy, etc.)
7 Force Save
9 Fill Vacpack with random items (How Rad slimes, Hunter Slimes, Prickle pears, Silver Parsnips and Oca Ocas were obtained in 0.2.0.)

Accessing The Menu

As of v0.2.2 the menu was removed and is no longer accessible, as a reddit post gave a tutorial on how to use the menu by modifying C-Sharp.

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