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A list containing frequently asked questions about the game. If your question isn't on this page, please ask it in the comments. All the answers are updated to fit in with version 0.6.0d

Q: Is it possible to get a Largo of a Gold Slime,a Fire Slime, a Puddle Slime or a Lucky Slime?

A: As of now it is not possible to create any of these largos. Golden plorts, Puddle plorts and Fire plorts can not be eaten by any slime, and Lucky Slimes don't produce plorts at all.

Q: How do I use the map?

A: The map was added in version 1.0.1. The default button to bring it up is D-Pad Right, or M with a keyboard.

Q: I can't find the Phosphor Gordo!

A: From the Ranch, walk all the way over to the tunnel right before the "cell" with Tabby Slimes and a Cuberry tree. Take a left immediately after you have passed through the tunnel and jump over the ledge. Turn around and Voila! The entrance to the Phosphor Gordo's cave. Alternatively, jump over the normal sized rock wall onto the ledge below, after the tunnel that leads to the Tabby Slimes.

Q: What do I do with the extra Slime Keys?

A: Slime keys can be used to unlock doors at various locations in The Dry Reef, including within a cave to access The Indigo Quarry, across bridges to The Moss Blanket, beyond a winding canyon to access the beach, shortcuts to the Ancient Ruins from The Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry, in The Glass Desert behind the Tangle Gordo "temple" and in the place with the Rock Slime statues. Assuming you get all the keys, there will be three left over which are used in The Vaults.

Note that older saves may have more Keys, because some wild Gordos dropped keys in the past that no longer do.

Q: I used all my Slime Keys and now I'm stuck! What do I do?

A: The game has been designed in such a way that no matter which order you open the Slime Gates in, you will never be left in a position where you can no longer get another Slime Key to progress. Even if you don't have the key on you, there will always be a Gordo with a Slime Key within reach. For a more in-depth guide to the locations of all Gordos, check here.

Q: The Tabby Gordos, Rock Gordos and Tangle Gordo didn't drop a Slime Key. Is this normal?

A: Yes, Tabby Gordos, Rock Gordos and Tangle Gordo currently only serve the purpose of locking off teleporters until burst.

Q: My Slimes are jumping on each other! That's a good thing, right?

A: Slimes have a habit of stacking when near one-another. While this is not inherently a bad thing on its own, be warned that in the close quarters of a corral, this will happen much more often, and might even lead to slimes being able to escape if the walls are not high enough, especially if all the slimes in a corral start moving towards something they want to eat while hungry outside of the corral, bunching up in the process.

Q: I have a question about upcoming content. Is there any way to see what will be implemented in the future?

A: The Monomi Park Forums has made a list with all the future content of the game. Keep in mind it is subject to change. You can see it here. You can also access it by digging into the games files or modding

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Hostile The TarrFeral Slimes
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Upcoming Saber SlimeQuicksilver Slime
Scrapped Meteor Slime
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