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This page lists frequently asked questions about the game, along with their answers.

If the question you are looking for isn't on this page, you can always ask it in the comments and wait for a reply. All the answers are updated to fit in with version 1.0.1e.

The Ranch and Slimes

Q: So why are Largo Slimes better for ranching than regular ones? I don't get it.
A: While it is true that you can contain more small slimes in a corral, remember that you still have to feed them, and a fully upgraded garden still only produces a maximum of 15-20 food units, depending on the crop.

The advantages largos have over pure slimes is that they are a combination of two slimes, therefore adopt the behaviours, the diets and favoured foods of both types, if applicable. Harder to feed slimes like Tabby Slimes can be converted into largos with an easy to grow favoured crop, which is a great way to get an otherwise tricky-to-get plort type. In addition, largos by default produce two plorts; one for each of its base slime types. When fed a favoured food, it produces double that. So one food item can potentially be turned into four plorts in this way, and with far less mouths to feed it reduces the risk of negative behaviours from slimes through high agitation. Any excess food can be stored in an auto feeder to dispense to slimes over time.

Q: How do I use an auto feeder?
A: Once you buy the upgrade, an autofeeder will be located on one of a Corral's corners. Simply shoot food into the receptacle and it will store the item to distribute to the slimes inside the corral over time. You can choose the frequency at which food gets distributed via the button on the feeder.

The feeder is helpful to prevent wasting excess food.

Q: My Slimes keep trying to escape!
A: Small slimes have the ability to stack when near one another. Multiple may even spawn from a single location in a stack all at once and are capable of breaking the stack if they so choose. While this is not inherently a bad thing on its own, be warned that if a lot of small slimes are coralled together, they will stack much more often. If left unfed, they may also try to seek out food sources while stacked, which increases their probability of escaping.

Because of this, it is recommended not to keep too many small slimes in a corral since more mouths are more difficult to feed. It is recommended to instead use up to about 10 Largo Slimes because they produce two types of plorts, produce double of each when fed a favoured food and do not stack, so they are far more efficient for ranching than pure slimes.

Q: Can a Boom Slime blast a plort into another corral?
A: Currently Boom Slimes work as intended, and will not blast plorts directly into a corral via the corral walls. However Boom Slimes can break their own Air Nets and send plorts flying, littering the area with random plorts. If no slimes are left stray in the area and corrals have an Air Net that is not likely to be destroyed, then this behaviour is unlikely to cause a Tarr outbreak.

Q: Is it possible to get a Largo of a Gold Slime, a Fire Slime, a Puddle Slime or a Lucky Slime?
A: As of now it is not possible to create any of these largos. Golden plorts, Puddle plorts and Fire plorts can not be eaten by any slime, and Lucky Slimes don't produce plorts at all. In addition, none of these slimes consume plorts themselves.

Q: How do I use the Ash Trough Incinerator upgrade?
A: The Ash Trough's primary function is to house Fire Slimes which are only obtained from The Glass Desert. It holds 20 units and they automatically feed on - and deplete - the ash contained within the trough similar to Puddle Slimes and water. To refill it, you must burn Food which provides 1 unit per food item.

Note that trying to feed a burning Fire Slime directly causes them to instantly destroy the food item, and it will not count as a feed.

Until Update 1.0.1, Fire Slimes despawned when the trough was empty, but this is no longer the case.

Slime Science

Q: How do I use Slime Science?

A: Before you can dip your toes into the Slime Science mechanics, you must buy The Lab for 10,000
. You will immediately receive a small tutorial in-game about how to utilise it.

Plorts must be deposited into the refinery to create Extractors, which will produce Slime Science Resources which again must be deposited into the refinery to make other gadgets or decor. Blueprints for various gadgets will either unlock automatically by reading Casey StarMail (though they must be purchased before they can be used), or must be found in Treasure Pods.

Q: Can I get location-exclusive Slime Science Resources in The Overgrowth and The Grotto because they look like The Moss Blanket and The Indigo Quarry?
A: No. Indigonium can only be obtained in The Indigo Quarry with a drill, and Wild Honey can only be obtained in The Moss Blanket with an apiary. The Grotto and The Overgrowth are considered part of The Ranch, which produces no unique resources. The Lab and The Docks are also part of The Ranch, so they too produce no unique resources.

Q: How do I open a treasure pod?
A: You need to have unlocked The Lab and purchase Treasure Crackers. There are 3 types of Pods: Green which requires the Treasure Cracker MK I, blue which requires MK II and purple which requires MK III.

  • To get the MK I, you need to have created one gadget.
  • To get the MK II, you need to have created 30 gadgets and previously purchased the MK I.
  • To get the MK III, you need to have created 100 gadgets and have the MK II.


Q: How do I use the map?
A: The map was added in version 1.0.1. The default button to bring it up on Xbox is D-Pad Right, or on PC keyboard button M.

Q: My map is just blue and it doesn't help me much. Wat do?
A: By default the map is purposely blanked out because you need to locate Map Data Nodes to partially unlock it. There is one data node for each zone.

Gordo Slimes and Slime Keys

Q: I can't find a specific Gordo Slime!
A: Our page on Gordo Slime locations has everything you need to know about locations in relation to the map. If you need any further help, feel free to ask in the comments below or on the Gordo Slimes/Locations page.

Q: How many Slime Gates/Slime Keys are there?
A: There are 8 Slime gates, plus 3 more located in The Vaults which can only be accessed after watching the credits. So altogether there are 11 keys to 11 gates.

Q: What do I do with the extra Slime Keys?
A: Slime keys can be used to unlock doors at various locations in The Dry Reef, including within a cave to access The Indigo Quarry, across bridges to The Moss Blanket, beyond a winding canyon to access the beach, shortcuts to the Ancient Ruins from The Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry, in The Glass Desert behind the Tangle Gordo "temple" and in the place with the Rock Slime statues. Assuming you get all the keys, there will be three left over which are used in The Vaults.

Note that older saves may have an extra key because the Tabby Gordo on the beach once dropped a key, but now no longer does.

Q: I used all my Slime Keys and now I'm stuck! What do I do?
A: The game has been designed in such a way that no matter which order you open the Slime Gates, you will never be left in a position where you can no longer get another Slime Key to progress. Even if you don't have the key on you, there will always be a Gordo with a Slime Key within reach.

If you are stuck, please refer to our page on Gordo Slime locations.

Q: The Tabby Gordos, Rock Gordos and Tangle Gordo didn't drop a Slime Key. Is this normal?
A: Yes. Both Tabby Gordos, both Rock Gordos and the Tangle Gordo lock off teleporters until burst instead of dropping a Slime Key.

Q: Can snared Gordos drop Slime Keys?
A: No. They drop the usual Gordo loot of 10 Slimes of its type, plus 3 crates; including one containing Slime Science Resources.

The game itself

Q: I have a question about upcoming content. Is there any way to see what will be implemented in the future?
A: The Monomi Park Forums has made a list with all the future content of the game. Keep in mind it is subject to change. You can see it here. You can also access it by digging into the games files or modding.

Q: I'm having issues playing the game. It keeps randomly crashing, or the screen locks up but continues playing normally!
A: The game, despite how simple and light-hearted it is, is very resource-intensive. Chances are your system can't handle the game properly. When your system does not meet the minimum requirements to play, you may encounter issues with gameplay. The latter issue is caused by having an insufficient Graphics Processing output.

Q: Does the game update on its own?
A: Copies of the game hosted by a platform such as Steam and Xbox will update automatically. However the standalone game does not have an updater, so it will have to be redownloaded manually. Any copy of the game purchased from - for example Humble Bundle - should provide a Steam Key for a "free" Steam copy of the game, either in a purchase confirmation e-mail or in your account's purchase history.

Q: Is it possible to re-visit old builds of the game?
A: It is not currently possible to re-visit old versions of the game in the game itself, and Steam and Xbox automatically updates the game to the latest version. So currently it is not possible through those methods.

However, if the game is purchased on PC as a standalone game, the game does not have an auto-update feature so previous builds are not disabled when a new update is out. It is possible to keep old versions when upgrading to new ones, or downloading previous builds from the internet. This does however run its own risks, like corrupted saves or downloading a virus.

Q: Does the game have any merchandise?
A: Our Merchandise page lists all of the available merchandise, as well as links to buy it.

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