Fire Slimes are primarily encountered during Solar Anomalies in The Glass Desert. They require a specific habitat to survive and can feed on any food, as long as it has been burned on the Incinerator and converted to ash.

Because of their similarities, they are often considered to be a counterpart to the Puddle Slime.

Slimepedia Entry

Fire slimes are a rare breed of slime that lives on ash. Fire slimes will eat just about any food, but not without it being burned into ash first. The only way to feed a fire slime is to use an incinerator with an ash trough upgrade.

Fire slimes need ash to survive and will quickly snuff out if left on any other surface for too long. When keeping fire slimes in an ash trough, simply burn any food item to produce some ash and fill the trough. 

Rancher Risks:
A fire slime's naturally burning state makes them bad companions for other slimes as their fiery touch will send a slime flying. Additionally, fire slimes and their plorts need to be kept in an ash trough under an incinerator or they'll quickly snuff out. If you need to deal with fire slimes directly, a splash of fresh water will put out their fires for a short while.

Fire plorts are used in the developing world on Earth to keep stoves and fireplaces burning. Thanks to fire plorts, warm hands and hot food is a possibility for millions of people who otherwise would not have access to such luxuries.  A rancher won't get rich selling fire plorts, and certainly managing them can be a dangerous endeavor, but they should know that the sale of each helps those in need. Now and far into the future, the little noble actions of every individual help us move forward as a people. That much will never change. 


  • Unlike their Puddle counterparts, Fire slimes do not have a hard limit of how many can be in the same Ash Trough. As such, you can keep as many fire slimes in them as you wish.
  • While water will extinguish the fire from the fire slimes, it will also extinguish the fire plorts, causing them to burst instantly. As such, it is recommended to simply take the risk of getting burned when vaccing up Fire Plorts.
  • A burning Fire Slime will heavily agitate any Slime that comes into contact with it; for example, a happy well-fed Hunter Largo can turn feral after just three hits.




  • 1.1.1 - Fixed bug where Tarr and Fire slimes were bounced too aggressively out of ponds.
  • 1.1.0 - Fire slimes have lost the ants in their pants and no longer leap at toys. It was getting them killed.
  • 1.0.1 - Fire slimes will no longer despawn in an empty Ash Trough, but will not be fed if left empty.
  • 0.6.0b - Fixed a bug that caused Fire slimes to not periodically spawn during Solar Anomalies.
  • 0.6.0 - Fire slimes have been added and are spawned during Solar Anomalies.


  • Fire Slimes, their plorts, and their Slime Toy the Charcoal Brick, are all immune to the Incinerator. They are also immune from agitating each other on contact.
  • Fire Slimes cannot survive under normal conditions anywhere in the Far, Far Range; as there is no naturally occurring ash.
    • Although they will not despawn while immersed in a body of water.
  • If shot into a body of water (such as a Pond plot or a natural body of water), they will remain on fire. If their fire is extinguished by shooting them with water, they will re-ignite.


  1. Chris Lum talks about the prototype firestorms on Twitter
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