Food refers to all items that Slimes can eat, which in turn produces plorts which can be sold on the Plort Market for Newbucks or deposited into the Refinery for Slime Science. With the exception of Hens and Roostros, if food is left outside uneaten they will turn rotten and eventually disappear, and rotten food will immediately disappear when trying to vac it up. Food can be broken up into 3 main types:

  • Fruit; which are found on trees
  • Veggies; which are found growing in soil
  • and Meat; Hens and Roostros found by nests.

With the exception of Pink Slimes and Gold Slimes (the latter of which has no diet, but exclusively eats Gilded Ginger), Slimes exclusively eat food in the same type as its favourite food; for example a Honey Slime's favourite food is Mint Mango and only eats fruit. Slimes can be converted to Largo Slimes which can have two favorite foods instead of one and potentially expand its diet to another food type. A Slime or Largo eating a favoured food will produce double the normal amount of Plorts.

Puddle Slimes and Fire Slimes are a special case; they consume Water and Ash, respectively.


  • Slimes can eat Plorts to induce a transformation into a Largo, or if already a Largo a Tarr, but Plorts are not considered food.
  • While Chickadoos are themselves not food, they do naturally grow up into the Hen of their type or a Roostro, which are.
  • The player, as well as almost all other Slimes, are considered food by Tarr.

Types of Food


Heart Beet
Oca Oca
OddOnion SP
Silver Parsnip
GildedGinger SP
Carrot Heart Beet Oca Oca Odd Onion Silver Parsnip Gilded Ginger


Pogo fruit
Mint mango
PhaseLemon SP
Prickle Pear
Pogofruit Cuberry Mint Mango Phase Lemon Prickle Pear Kookadoba


Hen hen
Stony hen
Briar hen
Painted Hens
Elder hen
Elder roostro
Hen Hen Stony Hen Briar Hen Painted Hen Roostro Elder Hen Elder Roostro

Future Meat

These cannot be eaten by any slime

Stony Chickadoo
Briar chickadoo
Painted Chickadoo
Chickadoo Stony Chickadoo Briar Chickadoo Painted Chickadoo


Water icon
Ash Trough
Water Ash Spicy Tofu

Favoured food table

This is a table indicating the favorite food of each slime:

Food Type Favored by: Comes from Plot
Pogo fruitPogofruit Fruit (none) Trees Garden
CuberryCuberry Fruit
Phosphor Slime SP
Phosphor Slime
Trees Garden
Mint mangoMint Mango Fruit
Honey Slime SP
Honey Slime
Trees Garden
PhaseLemon SPPhase Lemon Fruit
QuantumSlime SP
Quantum Slime
Trees Garden
Prickle PearPrickle Pear Fruit
Dervish Slime
Dervish Slime
Trees Garden
CarrotCarrot Veggie (none) Crops Garden
Heart BeetHeart Beet Veggie
Rock Slime
Rock Slime
Crops Garden
Oca OcaOca Oca Veggie
Rad Slime-2
Rad Slime
Crops Garden
OddOnion SPOdd Onion Veggie
CrystalSlime SP
Crystal Slime
Crops Garden
Silver ParsnipSilver Parsnip Veggie
M slime 3
Mosaic Slime
Crops Garden
GildedGinger SPGilded Ginger Veggie
Gold Slime
Gold Slime
Crops Only in The Glass Desert
Hen henHen Hen Meat (none) Chickadoo Coop
Stony henStony Hen Meat
Tabby Slime SP
Tabby Slime
Stony Chickadoo Coop
Briar henBriar Hen Meat
Boom Slime SP
Boom Slime
Briar Chickadoo Coop
Painted HensPainted Hen Meat
Tangle Slime-0
Tangle Slime
Painted Chickadoo Coop
Elder henElder Hen Meat (none) Any Hen Coop
RoostroRoostro Meat
HunterSlime SP
Hunter Slime
Any Chickadoo Coop
Elder roostroElder Roostro Meat (none) Roostro Coop

Food that is only mentioned

This is a list of food items that are not in the game, but are mentioned to exist on the Far, Far Range.

  • Starfire
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Upcoming Quicksilver Slime
Scrapped Meteor Slime
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Fruit PogofruitCuberryMint MangoPhase LemonPrickle PearKookadoba
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