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Game Modes in Slime Rancher refer to the different ways to play the game. Currently, there are 3 game modes, plus the Slime Rancher Demo available on Steam.

Demo Version


The Demo version at the end of its time limit.

The Slime Rancher Demo version is a free version of the game that was released with Update 1.0.0. It has all the features of the standard game including endgame content, but the gameplay is limited to 60 real-time minutes, and any saved games cannot be accessed once created until you buy the full game.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the standard game mode that has full access to the game.

StarMail functions as normal, introducing various NPCs in Days 1-6. Casey regularly contacts Beatrix after certain milestones have been completed in the game. Hobson notes are present around the world, giving some background lore. Progressing through the game by reading notes and Casey StarMail will eventually trigger and unlock the credits sequence.

Plort values rise and fall on a day-to-day basis, partially influenced by how many you've sold previously.

Getting knocked out advances time for 12+ hours and the player respawns back at The Ranch. If knocked out by The Slime Sea, a select few items from the inventory is found at the beach of The Docks.

7Zee Rewards Club unlocks at day 7, allowing for exclusive rewards for more long-term ranching.

Casual Mode

Casual Mode is a modified version of Adventure Mode where The Tarr does not appear in any form, due to Largo Slimes no longer eating plorts to induce the transformation into a Tarr in this mode. Feral Slimes are also less aggressive, and will not perform their Area of Effect buttstomp.

Because Tarr does not spawn in Casual Mode, Tarr related Achievements cannot be achieved in this mode, and its Slimepedia entry is already unlocked.

The two Tarr related Achievements are:

  • Once Bitten, Twice...Bitten (Hold onto a Tarr for 15 seconds)
  • Best of the Worst (Put a Tarr on the #1 Slime Stage)

Rush Mode

Rush Mode is a special game mode where the player has three days (which can be extended to five through Range Exchange trades) to earn as much

Splash screen at the end of Rush Mode

as possible using any means at their disposal.

Beatrix’s House is uninteractable making starmail, the 7Zee Rewards Club, and sleeping unavailable. Hobson notes are not present, and the game starts the player off with 500
instead of 250. All ranch expansions are unlocked except for Ogden's Retreat and Mochi's Manor which are completely inaccessible as the teleporters are not present. The Lab is unavailable, however you start Rush Mode with teleporters, warp depots, a market link, hydro turrets, and med stations. All personal upgrades are unlocked, and the Miles Tech Vacpack from Adventure Mode is used in Rush Mode which displays how much time left is of the activity; otherwise it functions identically to the normal vacpack.

NPCs offer Gilded Ginger and extra time in the Range Exchange for successful trades, and the game tracks how much money is earned via Plorts and how much money has been spent on Plot costs. Additionally, Plorts do not change in value on a day-to-day basis, going by their default value instead. When a plort is sold on the market 25 or more times, a star appears where there would normally show a price change and you will get a bonus to improve your score. Saber Plorts are not shown on the market in Rush Mode.

Instead of having normal loot, Treasure Pods have money inside of them with Green Pods having 100 newbucks, Blue with 200 newbucks, and Purple with 350 newbucks.

Gold Gordos spawn naturally around the world and can be fed using the Range Exchange ginger. Preexisting Gordos are already pre-fed with Pink Gordos only needing 20 units, Gordos who are on a teleporter only need 1 unit, and other normal Gordos requiring 30 units. Because there is no credits sequence in Rush Mode, the vaults are locked off and instead have Gold Gordos on top of them.

Slime statues will already be activated except for the Glass Desert statues. This means that the gate to get into the Ruins will already be open and the teleporter to the Glass Desert will already be activated.

Getting knocked out does not advance time by 12+ hours. Instead, it only advances the clock 1 hour but also removes 10% of your current newbucks.

The game ends when the timer runs out and will present the player with a small splash screen telling them their results. Their save file is then disabled and the player can no longer access it.

There are three achievements directly associated with Rush mode:

  • "Rush Challenger": collect 10,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.
  • "Rush Champion": collect 35,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.
  • "Rush Plortmaster": collect 75,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.


These modes have been mentioned on the Developer Roadmap and are not yet in the game.

Iron Rancher

An exciting new game mode that adds a replay-able, survival-like experience to Slime Rancher! Aimed at veteran ranchers who have cleared Adventure Mode and seek an increased challenge, the Iron Rancher Competition has you racing against the clock to collect quotas of various plorts across multi-day rounds. However, each round offers unique challenges and remixed rules that greatly changes the standard Slime Rancher experience. Vampiric chickens? Whaaaa?

Removed or Changed

5 Day Rush

The 5 Day Rush was a special game mode where the player had to earn as much Newbucks as possible using any means at their disposal.

StarMail was disabled, Hobson notes were not present, and the game started the player off with 500 Newbucks instead of 250. Since the 7Zee Rewards Club unlocks at day 7, this feature was not available.

NPCs offered Gold Plorts in the Range Exchange for successful trades, and the game tracked how much money is earned via Plorts and how much money was spent on Plot costs and Upgrades to Beatrix. Additionally, Plorts did not change in value on a day-to-day basis, going by their default value instead.

Getting knocked out did not advance time by 12+ hours. Instead, it only advanced the clock 1 hour but also removed 10% of your current newbucks.

The game ended on Day 6 at noon and would present the player with a small splash screen telling them their results. Their save file was then disabled and the player could no longer access it.

There were three achievements directly associated with the 5 Day rush:

  • "5-Day Challenger": collect 10,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.
  • "5-Day Champion": collect 25,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.
  • "5-Day Plortmaster": collect 50,000 Newbucks by the end of the Rush.

all of these achievements were converted to Rush mode upon the removal of the old game mode.


  • 1.2.1 - Added an intro animation to the start of Rush Mode.
    • Added a pinch of pizzazz to the end animation for Rush Mode. (it’s much more than a pinch tbh)
  • 1.2.0 - Five Day Rush is now Rush Mode.
    • 1.2.0b - Fixed bug where certain gold gordos (not pointing any fingers here) in Rush Mode could “forget” how many gingers they'd eaten after you left the game.
  • 1.1.0 - Casual Mode is implemented.
  • 0.3.0 - A new game mode has been added, the 5-Day Rush (the standard experience is now ‘Adventure’) where ranchers try to collect as many newbucks as possible over the course of 5 days.
    • 0.3.0c - Fix reversed list of most profitable plorts in 5-day-rush.
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