Garden SP
"Nothing beats the taste of food
grown in your own backyard"

The gardens used by ranchers use advanced technology to rapidly grow clones of fruits and veggies in a natural, though greatly sped up way. By placing a sample into the replicator, the gardens soil is instantly populated by a fruit tree or veggie patch and will infinitely produce harvests until the crop is removed. - Slimepedia

Cost: 250Newbucks


Garden SoilNutrient Soil Nutrient Soil
Nutrient soil contains compost from the Moss Blanket and minerals from the Indigo Quarry. Makes crops always yield the maximum harvest.

Price: 350Newbucks

Garden SprinklerSprinkler Sprinkler

A sprinkler ensures that your crops are always watered, making them grow twice as fast.
Price: 500Newbucks

Garden ScareslimeScareslime Scareslime
A scareslime is a stuffed tarr model designed to keep wandering slimes away from your crops. Simple, but terrifying.

Price: 425Newbucks

MiracleMixSPMiracle Mix Miracle Mix

This special mix greatly increases the time it takes for ripe fruits and veggies to rot, so long as they are touching the garden's soil.
Price: 500Newbucks; available after trading 75 Kookadoba at Ogden's Retreat.

GardenDeluxeSPDeluxe Upgrade Deluxe Upgrade

A special upgrade designed by Ogden Ortiz that tweaks the garden's replicator to produce a bigger harvest than normally possible.
Price: 650Newbucks; available after unlocking Miracle Mix and trading a further 120 Kookadoba at Ogden's Retreat.

Notes and Tips

  • Ranchers can replant any fruit or veggie in a crop plot.
  • The "remove crops" option will let you uproot a current crop so that you can plant a different crop.
    • The cost for this is 10.Newbucks
  • You can increase your hourly food yield (up to effectively double yield) by harvesting as soon as the crops are grown, removing the crops (10Newbucks) and replanting it, skipping the regrowth phase.

Fruits and Veggies


  • 1.3.0b - Fixed bug where sometimes gardens would produce slightly less food than intended. To claim any carrots you may have lost, please send a postcard to 'Where's My Carrots?' c/o Monomi Park in Walla Walla Washington, or visit your local grocer.
  • 1.2.0 - Fixed the garden tutorial getting stuck if you planted a crop before the tutorial prompt.
  • 1.1.1 - Renamed Garden Deluxe as Deluxe Upgrade.
  • 1.1.0 - Miracle Mix and Garden Deluxe upgrades were added.
  • 1.0.1 - The timer was removed from crops, allowing for infinite harvests.
  • Before 0.2.0 - Implemented.


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