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GildedGinger SP

This is a list of possible locations where the Gilded Ginger can spawn.
Note that this list may be incomplete.

Note: If you encounter a Gilded Ginger that is not in the table below, please provide screenshots of the Ginger still in the ground or a GIF of it being harvested, along with a screenshot of the Map. If you do not know how to add to the table, leave your images in the comments below so someone else can.

Since the in-game map is very simplistic prior to being unlocked using Map Data Nodes and this page uses fully-unlocked maps to pinpoint locations, it is recommendeded to activate the Desert's Map node first before proceeding.


In-game screenshot
Additional notes
10-9-2017 12-47-54 AM 10-9-2017 12-47-59 AM On the East side of the entrance to The Glass Desert, next to a purple Treasure Pod.
GildedGingerLocation top-east-entrance-ramp GildedGingerLocation top-east-entrance-ramp map Near the entrance to The Glass Desert, on the west side of the top ramp.
Gilded Ginger at Entrance GlassDesertEntranceGinger A little bit further down the ramp at the entrance to The Glass Desert on the west side.
20170825192108 1 20170825192136 1 Near the entrance to The Glass Desert, on the East side of the middle ramp.
GildedGingerSpot GlassDesertRuinedPillar Behind the north end of a fallen pillar in the first area of The Glass Desert, west of the first oasis.
Gilded ginger loc2 Gilded ginger loc Near the outer wall of the first zone.
SlimeRancher-2017-12-08-09-45-52-59 Slime Rancher Just behind the above.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-23-01-40-08-50 20170823133958 1 North of the previous location, closer to the Hen Hen nest.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-15-04-59-15-61 20170815165908 1 Directly north of the first oasis, behind some fallen cinderblocks.
NNK56YT 7cvhJXn Under the foundations of the Tangle fountain.
20170825160057 1 20170825160550 1 Behind the Tangle fountain on a cliff edge with a glass sculpture beside it, directly high above the semi-buried giant regular Slime Statue closest to the first visible Oasis/Oasis Bud.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-09-02-33-28-16 Gildedgingerspot In a hidden alcove found near a Tangle Slime Statue, next to the Blue Treasure Pod.
Another gilded ginger kappa Another gilded ginger High up, behind the Dervish Gordo. Across from the first tangle fountain.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-09-07-36-57-90 GGMap1 On top of rock formation directly in front of the first tangle fountain entrance.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-20-03-03-31-42 20170820150344 1 On a small ledge around the corner from the first tangle fountain, above the Dervish Gordo.
20171008215009 1 20171008215031 1 A bit above the last Gilded Ginger, with a much longer path to climb.
GildedGingerLocation over-bridge-arch GildedGingerLocation over-bridge-arch map On top of the west ledge overlooking the arch after the bridge from the entrance area.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-25-02-20-50-61 20170825142108 1 Directly south of the Tangle fountain, at ground level.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-16-02-27-21-68 2017.08.16-14.27 Just before the third oasis, next to the ramp.
20170812173248 1 20170812173311 1 Just after the third oasis, drop down and turn around.
Gilded Ginger 3 GildedGingerUnderFountainMap In a small cave housing two Hen nests, underneath the steps leading up to an Oasis.
20170820220632 1 20170820220639 1 In the same area as the Tangle Gordo.
GildedGingerWestOfSteps GingerMap West of the steps leading to the Tangle Gordo.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-11-11-30-15-00 未命名 Directly west of the Tangle Gordo or return teleporter building, behind the broken base of a pillar, just before the first Slime Gate
TangleStructureNest TangleStructureNestMap Just east of the eastern oasis in the large area with the Tangle Gordo or return teleporter.
Gilded 4 Gilde 4 map In the small ruins north of the Slime Gate by the Rock Fountain, next to a palm tree.
10-9-2017 12-47-31 AM Above Rock Fountain Gilded Ginger Location In the small ruins southeast of the Tangle Gordo or return teleporter, above the second Slime Gate, in a heart beet patch.
Rock fountain kappa Rock fountain In the bottom of the small ruins southeast of the Tangle Gordo  or return teleporter, behind the rock fountain.
GildedGingerUnderBrokenBridge GildedGingerUnderBrokenBridgeMap Located under the broken bridge leading to the Mosaic Fountain ruins.
Ginger 4 sc Ginger 4 Behind the Mosaic fountain ruins, on the island just past the northern Slime Gate.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-17-01-28-42-87 GildedGingerWestIslandLocation On top of the largest island west of the Mosaic fountain ruins.
Gilded Ginger1 Gilded Ginger 1 location On a small ledge just below the west wall of the West Feral Rock Slime canyon, just past the northern Slime Gate.
GlassDesertRockFeralOasisPlatform GlassDesertRockFeralOasisPlatformMap Past the northern Slime Gate, just after the West Feral Rock Slime canyon, drop down and turn around.
RockFeralOasisCorner RockFeralOasisCornerMap In the drop off, after the West Feral Rock Slime canyon, after the northern Slime Gate. It is in the far corner behind the Glass Sculpture, hidden in the grass.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-08-03-09-02-24 GlassDesertRockFeralOasis In an alcove north of the first oasis after the West Feral Rock Slime canyon, past the northern Slime Gate.
Mosaicpathstart Mosaicpathstartmap In a hidden area above the rest of the map, behind where the Mosaic Gordo is located, to the right.
Mosaic path end Gg mosaic path end map In the hidden area above the rest of the map; just to the right, behind the Mosaic Gordo, follow a small ledge then drop down and turn around.
Gilded Ginger picture taken by user Rm12642 20170810032229 1 In the hidden area above the rest of the map, just past the Mosaic Gordo, drop down to a hidden alcove.
20170811111514 1 20170811111516 1 In the hidden area above the rest of the map, just past the Mosaic Gordo, drop down to a hidden alcove.
Gilded Ginger 2 20170810033748 1 Above the area just beyond the eastern Feral Rock Slime canyon. Along the western wall on a ledge overlooking the enterance to the area with the eastern Slime Gate.
GildedGingerFireSlimeCanyon GildedGingerFireSlimeCanyonMap In the area just beyond the eastern Feral Rock Slime canyon. In the northeast corner of the area, follow a ramp up to the first turn, then drop off and turn around.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-22-04-35-23-57 C33814dc5a1040b18b230a9352e777a8 Right next to the above.
GildedGingerLocation eastern-canyon-middle-ledge GildedGingerLocation eastern-canyon-middle-ledge map Near the above two locations.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-11-07-58-40-57 Eedeededede In the area just beyond the eastern Feral Rock Slime canyon. Along the north wall of the area, about half way up, on a ledge.
10-9-2017 1-07-47 AM 10-9-2017 1-07-54 AM Below the above location, in the eastern Feral Rock Slime canyon, right before you go up the ramp.
20170818152022 1 GildedGingerTreasurePodSecretArea In the area just beyond the eastern Feral Rock Slime canyon. Fly over the sand ocean east of the area to a hidden ledge with a purple Treasure Pod.
SpiritedSardonicIncatern-size restricted EJWkUHM Behind the Ruins area.
20170810182704 1 20170810182717 1 Near the large ruins structure in the furthest part of The Glass Desert.
SlimeRancher 2017-08-11 18-12-09 SlimeRancher 2017-08-11 18-12-48 Behind the Dervish fountain.
20170818185205 1 20170818185208 1 In the closed off area next to two Silver Parsnip patches and inhabited by Mosaic Slimes.
Ifoundagingerlocatonlol GingerMap2 Next to the hole leading to the cave with the Cocoa Slime Lamp Treasure Pod.
GildedGingerLocation -44 20170904154753 1 In the corridor connected to the ruins containing the Dervish fountain, almost directly under the Hobson note.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-10-11-36-50-75 Map2
SlimeRancher-2017-08-11-11-02-11-10 Map1
20170815144800 1 20170815144810 1 In the cave housing the Cocoa Slime Lamp Treasure Pod, interconnecting the northern area of the Glass Desert with an Oasis. Mosic Slimes naturally spawn here.
GDRuins GDRuinsMap On the large ruins structure at the north of The Glass Desert.
Ginger1 Ginger2 On the lower side of the large rock, near the Warp Terminal building.
Gilded 3 Gilded 3 map In the Warp Terminal building, next to the Prickle Pear tree.
Last building Last building map In the last building, left of the left door.
GDWarpTerminal GDWarpTerminalmap In the Warp Terminal building at the northernmost area of The Glass Desert.
SlimeRancher-2017-08-14-10-55-45-12 2017.08.14-22.56 01 On the northeast outside edge of the final room.
GildedGingerLocation northwest-outside-final-room GildedGingerLocation northwest-outside-final-room map

On the northwest outside edge of the final room.


The following locations were reported without screenshots or screenshots were provided without a Ginger in the ground and could be incorrect. If you find one at one of these locations, please provide the wiki with a screenshot of the Ginger in the ground.

In-game screenshot
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