The most exclusive and sought after of all slime species is easily the Gold Slime. Very little is known about these slippery creatures as they have proven impossible to capture. Gold Slimes are quick as a flash and will immediately begin to flee ranchers on sight. If a rancher is to profit from an encounter with a Gold Slime, they need to think quick.

Rancher Risks:
Gold Slimes produce no direct risks to a rancher but their appearance often induces panic and leads to (sometimes fatal) mistakes. Further, the only way to obtain gold plorts is to strike a Gold Slime with any spare resources in your vac. Doing so can produce a gold plort, though it also leaves a trail of additional resources in the area, leading to unintended largos, or worse.

Gold plorts have little practical use and are the most valuable of all plorts simply because they are shiny and rare. Back on Earth, the elite love to adorn themselves in jewelry made of gold plorts, far exceeding the value of any terrestrial precious metal. For this reason a rancher should never pass up the chance to get a gold plort or two from a rare chance encounter with a Gold Slime.


  • Gold Slimes cannot be captured. But shooting them with any extra inventory besides water or Chickadoos is a good source of income. You've got to be quick!
  • Similarly to what the first point discussed, it's very useful to always have a source of food, especially something cheap and expendable like pogofruit or carrots, on hand at all times. Although extremely rare, there is always a slim chance that you'll encounter a Gold slime, and as such it is wise to always have food on hand.
  • Gold Plorts cannot be used to make Gold Largos with any of the currently existing slime types. This same thing happens with any Puddle Slime or Fire Slime. Even if you attempt to feed a golden plort to a starving slime, they will just ignore it. The most interaction you can get with gold plorts is when Tabby Slimes pick it up and play with it.
  • Some Gold Slimes have been known to appear from smashed crates but, even if you smash the boxes inside a Corral, the Gold Slimes will disappear after approximately 7-10 seconds.
  • It is unknown whether you can farm it or not, as in starmail it is mentioned there is such thing as a Gilded Ginger which is used to tame it, mentioned by Ogden Ortiz. This is, however, not an in-game item.
  • Try to shoot at the Gold Slime from far away or at a different height (you being higher). It is less likely to notice you and run away.
  • Since gold plort values almost always go up, you can save your gold plorts to yield more money on a different day.
  • You can get the Achievement: Hat Trick by getting three plorts from the EXACT same golden slime.
  • Once you get a gold plort from a Gold Slime, its smile will disappear.
  • A Gold Plort will also be produced if you are to throw a plort that is not a gold plort at a Gold Slime.
  • A common myth is that golden plorts can be used to capture Lucky Slimes. This myth is utterly false, and its origins are unclear.


  • 0.6.0: Golden Sureshot is added. This Upgrade triples the amount of gold plorts from a Gold Slime.
  • 0.2.5: A bug causing Gold Slimes to produce more plorts after being hit with their own plort was fixed. But in future versions this bug returned.
  • Before 0.2.0: It was added to the game.


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