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Gordo Slimes are a rare phenomenon that occurs when multiple slimes of the same type congregate. The result is that the slimes seem to merge together into a much larger slime that is seemingly incapable of movement.

A gordo will eat until it bursts, causing all the slimes to separate once more, as well as revealing whatever object it was that caused the gordo to form in the first place.

Rancher Risks:
Gordos pose no real risk to ranchers, they can only sometimes be a nuisance in that they are hiding something a rancher might need. So if you see a gordo, feed it!

Gordos produce no plorts on their own, however the slimes they produce after bursting do like any normal slime.


After popping, the Gordos give 1-3 crates (they contain food and slimes) and several regular versions of the kind of slime it is. Pinks, Phosphor, Rad, Honey, Crystal, Hunter, Boom, Quantum, Mosaic and Dervish Gordos each drop a Slime Keythe Gordos created from Gordo Snares always give a crate that contains Slime Science materials; Tabbies, Rocks and Tangle Gordos instead reveal teleporters that they were sitting on. The first Tabby and the first Rock allow quick and easy access back to the ranch from the end of the Dry Reef or Indigo Quarry respectively. The second Tabby Gordo lets you access the Ring Island, and the second Rock Gordo lets you access the Ash Isle. The Tangle Gordo gives a one way exit from Glass Desert back to the ranch.


The Gordos from Gordo Snares can be potentially everywhere, where there is a gadget spot. Pink Gordo: Note: Both are found within the Dry Reef.

  • First one: While walking on the ledge going towards the second area of the Dry Reef, there is a section of fence cut out. Go into the hole in the fence, and directly ahead the Pink Gordo will be sitting on an island.
  • Second one: On the Ring Island when trying to go to the top of it, you'll find that Gordo on your way. (Accessible after removing the 2nd Tabby Gordo.)

Rock Gordos: Note: Both are found within the Indigo Quarry.

  • First one: After going through the indigo quarry slime gate go past the first section and go through the tunnel to the cave. At the back, to the right, of the circular area you will see the rock gordo

  • Second one: There is another hidden behind a rock/diamond face, behind the area you have to fly over the broken bridge to get to. It is accessible by the ramp on the side. It is on the left side of the pit it is in.

Phosphor Gordo:

After going through the tunnel in the Dry Reef (after the place where you first see Rock Slimes), turn left. There is a short wall. Jump over it. After landing on the ground instead of going forward, turn around and head into the cave in the rock face. The Phosphor Gordo is inside.


Getting to the phosphor gordo

Crystal Gordo:

Once you've gone through the teleporter that leads you to the Volcanic Island (underneath the 2nd Rock Gordo), walk to your right until you find a spiraling ramp on a column (the same one with the blue Treasure Pod .) There should be a ledge with the Crystal Gordo on it.

Tabby Gordo: Note: Both are found within the Dry Reef.

  1. At the end of the Dry Reef, where the bridge leading to the Moss Blanket is, turn right and the Tabby Gordo will be sitting in a hole in the rock, on top of a teleporter.
  1. After you unlock the sandy area after the feral rock canyon there it is. It's like target practice, though, as it's a little way off the beach, on its own island.

Rad Gordo:

From the first Rock Gordo, look at the pillar of rocks, jet pack up the pillar, follow it around, jumping on the second pillars. Jump from the second pillar across to the high landing.
From there, go forward until until you exit the cave. To your left, there will be a wooden ramp. Go down the ramp (don't jump, follow the ramp!) and then straight.
On your right past some large green crystals is a well hidden cave.


Getting to the rad gordo

Honey Gordo:

Upon dropping into the Moss Blanket, turn left into the new area. Go forward past the Hobson note and continue left. You will be blocked by a cliff, jump up onto it to find the honey gordo.

Getting to the honey gordo

Hunter Gordo:

Near the end of the Feral Hunter area in the Moss Blanket (right after the big mushroom area,) the Hunter gordo will be sitting on top of a big mushroom.

It might be slightly difficult to find it because of its camouflage.
Boom Gordo:

Near the end of the Ancient Ruins. When you approach the first archway, look down to your left: you will see the back of the Boom Gordo through a wall. Jump down and go through the door (you may have to hit a switch to open it). Hover around the edge counter clockwise and you will find its front.
Quantum Gordo:
Head towards the portal to the Glass Desert at the end of The Ancient Ruins. Head East toward the broken bridge. Head North, crossing that broken bridge to a small land mass. Head left to an open archway, turn right at the Glow Stick. Keep going until you see a switch. The Quantum Slime is on a path you can drop to from behind the switch, at the level of the Slime Sea, behind a door you just opened using the switch above.

Getting to the quantum gordo

Dervish Gordo:

When entering the Glass Desert, you will see a temple like structure with a tangle statue in it. Climb onto the structure using the ledges below it until you reach the first level. Go forward and turn left, then jetpack over to the dervish gordo.

Getting to the dervish gordo

Tangle Gordo:

Located in the ruins of the tower in the Glass Desert.


Tangle Gordo's Map Location

Mosaic Gordo:

Near the end of the Glass Desert, where you find the second Hobson note. Climb up the stairs until you reach the level of the note then jetpack over to a cliff on the right with a pillar on it then jetpack again to the top of the nearest glass crystal. Wait for your energy to recharge then fly all the way to the mosaic gordo.

Getting to the mosaic gordo

Glass Desert Gordos:

Note: Guide provided by Firekirby123


  • You are required to have 30 food items (50 on older versions) to satisfy the Pink Gordos, 3 Gilded Gingers for the Gold Gordo, and 50 (75 on older versions) for other Gordos. Items of the Gordo's favorite food count as double the amount of food (the pink gordo does not have a favorite).
    • Once fed to satisfaction, a Gordo will pop, providing a reward. A Boom Gordo, however, explodes when fed to satisfaction!
  • Currently, there are sixteen Gordo slimes in the game: Two Pink Gordos, two Rock Gordos, Phosphor Gordo, two Tabby Gordos, Quantum Gordo, Boom Gordo, Rad Gordo, Honey Gordo, Crystal Gordo, Hunter Gordo, Mosaic Gordo, Tangle Gordo, and a Dervish Gordo. Get ready to feed them!
  • Although Rancher Risks state that Gordos aren't dangerous, the Boom Gordo causes a large explosion when it bursts, and the Rad Gordo exudes a radiation aura that gets bigger the more it is fed..
  • It is possible to spawn a Gordo with a Gordo Snare.
  • After popping a "captured" Gordo Slime, at least 1 of the crates dropped from it will have resources used for Slime Science purposes


  • Gordo is the Spanish/Portuguese word for fat, hence the Gordo's chubbiness.
  • They are some of the only slimes in the game that cannot be eaten by The Tarr, other than The Tarr themselves, and Gold Slimes.
  • If you put a fashion pod on them, all of the slimes that come out of it when it bursts will wear it too.
  • According to Nick Popovich, the way Tabby Gordos sit on the teleporters is similar to how cats would sit on warm objects.
  • Lucky Slimes, Fire Slimes, Puddle Slimes, and Tarrs are the only slimes to not have a Gordo counterpart. This is due to neither of then having a favorite that can be able to be put on a Gordo snare.
  • Gold Gordos can actually be popped and require 3 Gilded Gingers to do so. Have some ammo ready!
  • Gold Gordos can only be seen by putting a Gilded Ginger on a Gordo Snare.


  • 1.0.1: A Gold Gordo can now be snared, with the same probabilities of capture on its respective snares as other Gordos. It requires 3 Gilded Gingers to burst.
  • 0.6.0: Crystal Gordo and Hunter Gordo can now be found within The Indigo Quarry and Moss Blanket, respectively. Dervish, Mosaic and Tangle Gordos can now be found in The Glass Desert.
  • 0.5.1: The Gordo Snares have been added. Crystal and Hunter Gordos can now be found using Gordo Snares.
  • 0.5.0: Boom and Quantum Gordos have been added. Crystal Gordos added to the game files
  • 0.4.2: Gordos can now receive fashion pod accessories.
    • Slightly reduced the number of required food for gordos to burst.
  • 0.4.0: Second Pink Gordo has been added.
  • 0.3.7: Second Rock Gordo now houses a teleporter to the Volcano Island under itself. It also doesn't drop gold slimes anymore.
  • 0.3.6: Second Tabby Gordo now houses a teleporter to the Arch Island under itself, and the key it dropped is no longer obtainable. That means, it now became either a useless trinket or a priceless reward depending on how you see it.
  • 0.3.2:Slimepedia Entry added.
  • 0.3.1: Second Tabby Gordo has been added.
  • 0.3.0: A Rad, a Honey and two Rock Gordos have been added; Redesign of them; First Tabby and first Rock Gordo's teleporters lead now to the Overgrowth and the Grotto respectively.
  • 0.2.2: Indicators of their diet have been added.
  • 0.2.0: The first gordos - Pink, Tabby and Phosphor Gordos were added.


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