Hobson Twilligers was the owner of the Ranch before it got passed down to Beatrix LeBeau. "Once the property of the legendary slime rancher and notorious old codger, Hobson Twillgers, the ranch has seen better days, as Hobson let it come into a state of disrepair shortly before disappearing completely."

In one of the loading screens, it is said that Thora West was possibly in love with him, before he broke her heart.

In the 0.5.1 update, electronic "notes" were added all over the Far, Far Range. These were made by Hobson, as written in one in the Reef, although he just signs them as "H". Apparently, just before leaving his Ranch, he placed them for Beatrix.

Not much else is known about Hobson at this point in the game.


Listed here is a collection of all known notes on the Far, Far Range left by Hobson Twillgers. Each one includes a transcript and the location of the note.

In the Dry Reef

This note is located just outside the ranch at the entrance to the Dry Reef, and is likely the first that players will encounter on their travels.

Hello Beatrix!

The Name's Hobson Twillgers: rancher,
explorer, and the former owner of this
here ranch you now call your own.
Pleased to make your acquaintance!

I was a rancher for more years than I can
remember and felt there was one last
adventure left in me so I've set off to find
just that. But before I go I'm taking one
last tour around this here land I love. So
keep your peepers peeled for notes like
these, if you want to hear what an old
coot has to say every now and again.

Be talking to ya!


Located in the mouth of the tunnel that leads to the Indigo Quarry, this note exists to warn players about the dangers of Feral Slimes, as well as how to deal with them.

This entire cave system was sealed off
from a cave-in when I first discovered
it. Maybe that's why the fellas up
ahead are so grumpy: haven't had a
bite in a long time.

In any case, don't let that long-
awaited bite come from your own
rump! Bring some food to calm them


Sat at the edge of the Slime Sea next to a large tree in the area where players first encounter Stony Hen Hens, this message conveys Hobson's primary motivation to visit the Far, Far Range.

I had a great, big tree like this here one
along the edge of my property back on
Earth. It had been there before anyone
could remember. It survived all kinds of
change around it and then one day I
began to notice it was dying.

Wasn't anything unnatural, was just its
time I suppose. And then I realized that
if I didn't do something, I'd end up like
that tree: I'd spend my whole life in the
same place.

I wasn't going to let that happen. So I
bought a ticket to the Far, Far Range
the very next day.


This one is located in the hidden valley, looking out on the Indigo Quarry.

I once lost a boot off this here cliff.

Now, I never said that these journals 
would be full of important
information. And to be fair, it was a
darn good boot


Located on the Beach, where the ground is filled with circles made of stones.

I used to come to this beach and think.
I'd sit and stare at that those distant
rings and ruminate on who created
them and for what purpose

But most of all, I'd sit here and think
of her.


This one is on the Circle Island, on the other side of a little island across the broken bridge by the two broken arches on the far side of the island.

If you're reading this, you must be a 
naturally curious person who doesn't 
mind a little risk now and again.

I think if we ever met, we'd get along just fine.

- H

In the Moss Blanket

Located up and to the right of the log that brings players into the Moss Blanket, this note is placed to inform players of the way out of the Moss Blanket.

The first time I went exploring the
Moss Blanket I got stuck here so I
constructed a way out. It's just up


If players continue right after entering the Moss Blanket and keep walking, a lone note stands in the middle of the field of grass. This note provides players with background on the Moss Blanket.

The Moss Blanket may seem like an
ancient jungle of sorts, but the fact is
that much of what you see here
wasn't even around when I first began
exploring this land. At this rate, I
reckon that it won't be long before
this greenery completely overtakes
the Far, Far Range!


Placed next to the section with giant mushrooms, Hobson expresses his feelings on love through this note.

Have you ever been in love, Beatrix?
Makes you feel all achy inside, like a
day after your soul's been to the gym.
That's the best way I can describe it,

It also realigns your thinking to
something you swear is downright
alien. All those things you thought
really mattered suddenly don't.
Changes you entirely!

Can't recommend it enough.


This note is placed right before the Hunter Largo section of the Moss Blanket to warn players of the dangerous terrain and feral inhabitants of the area.

I highly advise you have a jetpack and
a few upgrades before tackling what's
ahead. The land is all broken and
twisted and there's plenty of feral
slimes about who you won't see
coming before they blast you right
into the sea.

Keep those peepers peeled!


In the Indigo Quarry

Placed in line of sight of the player as they enter the Indigo Quarry, this note describes how Hobson used to be happiest alone, until he found Thora.

I was always happiest when I was by
my lonesome. Places like this old
quarry really suited me: nice and
quiet and mostly empty. So I figured
that life on the Far, Far Range would
suit me just as well.

And well wouldn't you know it? I
come all this way and the first person
I see... well, she changed how I saw
things I guess. Quiet wasn't good
anymore. I liked her laugh.


Found next to the pond with puddle slimes, this note simply describes Hobson using the water in the pond.

I used to come here when I needed a
good soak. It's a great way to clear
your head.

Sometimes I'd catch a puddle slime
blushing and I could never tell if it was
because I was in my bathing suit or


This note is located in the Cinder Grove. It describes how Hobson got pinned in the cave by crystal slimes while collecting crystals to build a wind chime for Thora.

I once came here to collect crystals
for a little project of mine. Was
trapped here for nearly two days
when those curious crystal slimes
came rolling me way and started
firing off those dangerous shards. I
thought I was gonna kick the bucket!

The crystals were for a wind chime. I
bet Thora still has it hanging from her


This note is located right at the entrance of the Volcanic Island, and describes Hobson's eventual need to leave the Far, Far Range.

It was here that I knew I had to leave
once again. I had spent the entire day
exploring, trying to find my way to
this island. And though I spent the
rest of the night walking along the
shore in the soft glow of these
fireflowers, I caught myself looking up
again and again.

Once more, I was looking to the stars.


In the Ancient Ruins

This first note is located at the entrance to the largest chamber in the ruins. It lets the player know that the Ruins have a use and can be utitilized, and that Hobson has figured it out.

Fascinating aren't they? Who do you
think constructed these ancient ruins,
and for what purpose? I'd visit this
place and ponder that question often.
Only one thing is for certain: these
folks liked slimes!

Eventually I came to realize what this
place was for and how to utilize it.

Will you do the same?


Located in the room with 2 doors that open alternately, Hobson talks about how life is filled with similar doors, where doors are the choices people make.

These strange, glass doors are a good
reminder that you can't always have
both. Hit that switch over there all
you like and both doors will never be

Sometimes you gotta choose one
path or another and there's no way
around it. But you know what? Either
path you choose is gonna make you
hurt some for want of walking the

Life is filled with doors like these.


At the corner of the platforms above the water room, another note sits. This one describes to players how they can retrieve phase lemons.

The ghostly phase lemon trees that
you may have seen were a real head
scratcher to me for the longest time. I
kept dreaming about an ice-cold glass
of lemonade on the long summer
days I spent exploring these ruins.
Delicious stuff!

But here's the trick: if you want those
lemons, you've got to be willing to
part with a fruit of your own. Give it a


At the end of the Ancient Ruins left of the Glass Desert teleporter.

The ruins used to be some kind of 
warp station, used by whoever
created it to connect to one of the
most distant corners of the Far, Far
Range. Be carefull Beatrix: once you
cross over you'll be in truly untamed
country. Though beatiful, the other
side can be an unforgiving place.


In the Glass Desert

Located just before the natural bridge leading to the area with the giant pillar.

The Glass Desert is a fascinating place
but you need to be on your guard: at any
moment a dangerous solar anomaly
can occur that will cause all heck to
break loose for a spell.

You'll know when you see it, and 
when you do, head for cover or risk
burning your tuchus!


Next to the fountain in the Rock Slime Statue area.

The desert is a harsh place for sure,
but there are little pockets like this
where life is waiting to flow back into
the soil, and reach toward the clouds

Of course, it might happen a little
faster if you give it a helping hand.
Use that noggin, Beatrix!


In the Overgrowth

This is located on the path leading to The Docks. It describes the origin of the Overgrowth.

I built this are myself by spreading 
soil from the Moss Blanket all over 
the ground, just to see what would 
happen. I was hoping it would attract 
a hunter slime or two, but no such 
luck. Maybe I need to get some of 
them big mushrooms to grow here 
instead? They sure seem to like 
hanging out around those things. 

- H

In the Grotto

This is located to the left of the main entrance to The Grotto. Hobson describes his enjoyment of spending nights in The Grotto with Phosphor Slimes.

Before I left the ranch, I found myself 
sleeping most nights in this here 
grotto. I'd fill it full of phosphor slimes 
and watch them dance in the dark. 
Drifting off, I'd pretend I was drifting 
in a sea of stars, across the limitless 
black of space. 

It's funny how when you dream, you 
sure become a sucker for the 
impossible. Every time I woke to find 
myself back in the grotto, I'd feel a 
little sadness. But then it was back to 
work. There was always something 
that needed doing. 

- H

In The Docks

This note is located at the edge of what was probably a boat launch in The Docks. He speaks of the great unknowns of life, and questions why Beatrix is here.

A view of the sea really reminds you of 
our greater purpose, Beatrix. The sea 
was the first great unknown, and then 
space, and then whatever is beyond all 
that. That need to see what's around 
the next corner is in my bones, and 
since you're out here, I reckon it's in 
yours too. 

Though, I suppose you could also be out 
here because you like the fresh air. Or 
you prefer the untamed beauty of this 
land. Or maybe it's because you're 
looking to leave something far behind 
ya. Sure is the way to do it; doesn't get 
much farther than this. 

- H

The Lab

This note is located in The Lab itself, next to the fabricator.

I built this lab after meeting a slime 
scientist and learning about the wonders 
of plort technology. I figured it would be 
fun to tinker with on rainy days. 

I only nearly blew myself up three times, 
which is pretty good given my tendency 
for that sort of thing in my other 
hobbies. But it soon became a reminder 
that I have a thirst for adventure, and 
being cooped up in a barn all day wasn't 
ever going to satisfy that thirst. 

Soon, I began to set my sights for 
horizons beyond this ranch. And once I 
got to thinking on it, further still. 

- H
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