The Hunter Slime is a relatively rare Slime that inhabits The Moss Blanket and The Glass Desert. While the pure slimes themselves are docile and pose no threat to the player, their Largo variants are always in a feral state when created, and if tamed can turn feral again when sufficiently agitated.

Hunter Slimes are one of the four feline-based slimes, along with Tabby Slimes, Lucky Slimes and Saber Slimes.

Slimepedia Entry

The Hunter Slime is the wild cousin of the Tabby Slime. A much more capable creature than the playful tabbies, the hunter slime excels at stalking the chickens of the Far, Far Range.

A hunter slime's slimological makeup allows for a natural cloaking ability that renders it almost completely invisible. Their only tell is in their giant, almond eyes, which can often be seen hovering in the dark. This effect is often described by unsuspecting ranchers as "aaaahhhhHHHH!"

Rancher Risks:
A hunter slime has keen senses and can detect its prey from great distances. This makes finding a good location for their corrals challenging.

Additionally, the wild nature of the hunter is also passed on to any largos formed from its plorts. A newly created hunter largo will always be feral! A prepared rancher knows that breeding hunter largos should always be done slowly, with a few chickens on hand to calm them down.

Amazingly, a serum can be made from hunter slime plorts that can actually render a person invisible! The effect only lasts for about a day, but this serum is nonetheless incredibly popular back on Earth as many people find its effects very soothing.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to disappear for a while. But then about a day goes by and you realize that not only did you miss being seen, but others missed seeing you too.


  • Due to the Hunter Slime's rarity and difficulty finding them when invisible, the most guaranteed way to obtain Hunter Largos for your ranch without snaring their Gordos is to obtain their plorts from a subsection of The Moss Blanket called Feral Path, since feral Hunter Largos spawn in abundance there.
  • Be wary of their Largos. Freshly-transformed Hunter Largos will always be feral (and will always be hungry) and calmed Largos can go Feral again when hungry enough. Feed them, or use a Taming Bell to calm it down.
  • Hunter Slimes make a distinctive muffled whooshing sound when they turn invisible. Listening for that sound could help you find one!
    • They are easier to see with low-quality Shaders, as they don't become completely invisible.
  • Hunter Slimes can detect a meal long distances, and because of that, you need to either get High Walls or Air Net upgrade on their corrals or place the food far enough so that it doesn't know whether it is nearby.


  • 1.3.0 - Fixed bug where some slimes (and especially Hunter Largos) stayed happy and calm and were not becoming agitated, even under the most extreme circumstances.
  • 0.6.0 - A bug where especially agitated feral Hunters would immediately turn feral again when calmed by the Taming bell was fixed.
  • 0.5.0 - Hunter Largos that get sufficiently agitated will revert to their feral form.
  • 0.3.5c - A grammatical error in its Slimepedia entry was fixed.
  • 0.3.5b - Their spawn rates have been slightly increased.
  • 0.3.5 - Hunter Slimes are remade and added into the game.
  • Before 0.2.0 - Implementation of Hunter Slimes into the game's code, though unfinished. They borrow their model from the Tabby Slime and their plorts are untextured and unsellable.



  • The Hunter Slime may draw some inspiration from the Cheshire Cat, due to its ability to turn invisible while still showing its eyes and mouth. The Pink Hunter Largo in particular resembles Disney's portrayal of the character. Similarly to how the Tabby Slime is based on the domestic tabby cat, the Hunter Slime may be based on the European wildcat, a subspecies of small cats with a reputation for being near-impossible to raise as pets, and like the Hunter Slime are often found in forests, typically have dark fur, and sport a bushy tail.
  • The Hunter Slime spawns in biomes where Tabby Slimes can also spawn.
  • The Cocoa Slime Lamp does not sport the Hunter Slime's unique face.
  • Before its release, its tooltip stated: "Like a wolf in slime's clothing... that looks more like a cat, really."
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