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Largo Slimes are a hybrid of two slimes resulting from a slime eating a plort unlike its own. They are twice as big normal slimes and have a combined diet of their two source slimes, making them enticing for ranchers that want to maximize their profits.

However, a largo is too big to vac and can only be transported using the end of the vac nozzle. This makes them difficult to control if things get out of hand.

Rancher Risks:
In addition to largos being more difficult to manage and having the combined powers of two slimes, an even greater threat to ranchers lies within these super-sized slimes. If a largo eats a plort unlike its two source slimes, it will transform into a ravenous tarr slime!

Ranchers need to be very careful when dealing with largos or risk an outbreak of tarr that can quickly overtake their entire ranch. Always carry a full tank of water just in case!

When a largo eats, it produces plorts of both source slime types, making them potentially very lucrative for ranchers that can deal with the added risk of keeping them.

Feral Slimes

Feral Slime SP

Feral Slimes are Largos that have flashing red indicators and angry eyes to show you that they are unfriendly. They spawn in only certain areas of the map, and a lower sound is heard when they spawn...
Main Article: Feral Slimes

Largo Properties

Note: It is impossible to make puddle, fire, lucky, or gold largos.

When a Slime becomes a Largo, they have the combined properties of the original slime as well as the plort's slime type. Regardless of the slime that eats the plort, the resulting slime will always have the same visual traits, abilities, and behaviours. For example, a Pink Slime eating a Rock Plort and a Rock Slime eating a Pink Plort will both become the same Largo, with a pink body, spiked rock top, and the ability to curl into a rock ball to roll around. Below is a list of each slime component possible for a largo, detailing the properties that a Largo will contain when mixed with the respective components. (for a comprehensive look at the colors of each Largo, see the charts in the next section)

Pink Slimes: Besides being pink and capable of eating any type of food, Pink Largos will always look and act like the non-Pink Slime that composes them.

Rock Slimes: The most prominent trait every Rock Largo gains is a rocky "hat" that will injure the player if stepped on. Additionally, they gain the ability to curl into a big spiked rock ball and roll around, usually targeting the player and, on occasion, other items around them.

Phosphor Slimes: The easiest way to spot a Phosphor Largo is their long antenna and wings, every Phosphor Largo has them. Additionally, most become translucent and gain a glowing "sphere" in the center, the only exceptions being Quantum Phosphor and Boom Phosphors, which remain opaque. Phosphor Largos also retain their ability to fly and their sensitivity to light, causing them to disappear during the day if not sheltered by a cave or solar shield.

Tabby Slimes: All Tabby Largos get Tabby Stripes. Most every slime also gets Tabby ears, a Tabby tail, and a Tabby face, with exceptions being Quantum Tabby Largos, which retain the Quantum face, and Tabby Hunter Largos, which retain the Hunter face, ears, and tail. Tabby Largos also have a strong attraction towards the player, attempting to "boop" them by jumping into them, and the ability to hold various items in their mouths without eating them.

Boom Slimes: It should go without saying that all Boom Largos retain the ability to go... well, "Boom". Additionally all Boom Largos have an animated "molten" skin and an exaggerated cell shading to them.

Honey Slimes: The honeycomb texture is the signature of any Honey Largo. Honey Largos also gain a metallic "sheen" to their skin.

Rad Slimes: A large radiation aura is a tell-tale sign you have a Rad Largo on your hands, and they still retain the ability to make it even bigger! Additionally, Rad Largos also have glowing green eyes, (only visible from certain angles on Quantum Rads and Rad Hunters) an animated "bubbly" skin, and a distorted, cell-shaded outline.

Hunter Slimes: Be wary of Hunter Largos, as when created, they instantly become feral and need to be tamed either by feeding them or using a taming bell. All Hunter Largos have a dark-colored band around their body and feral-looking ears and tail. Most all Hunter Largos also have the most defined faces of any other slime type, consisting of large yellow eyes with slit-like pupils and a large fanged mouth. The only current exception to this is the Quantum Hunter, which has the traditional Quantum face. Much like Tabby slimes, tamed Hunters also have a tendency to try and "boop" the player. (currently unknown if this gives the achievement as well) Finally, they can all go invisible, leaving only their eyes and mouth able to be seen.

Crystal Slimes: Every Crystal Largo is covered with colorful shards of pain, and they aren't just for show. Stepping on them or the crystals they can produce hurts the player quite a bit. And if that wasn't enough, they all have the ability to curl into spiked balls of pure pain and roll towards their desired victim, usually the player. It is also worth noting that unlike Rock Largos, which only have a rock "hat", these slimes have a large Crystal literally embedded into them, as can be seen with Phosphor Crystals and Quantum Crystals when they "glitch".

Quantum Slimes: All Quantum Largos are emblazoned with their signature animated swirl and blank white eyes, will occasionally "glitch out", and retain the ability to create ghosts of themselves and teleport to those ghosts when agitated.

Mosaic Slimes: Every Mosaic Largos gain a prismatic, glass-like skin, keeping the features of the other slime it combined with intact. When fed or agitated, Mosaic Largos have the ability to produce Glints, just as any normal Mosaic Slime can.

Tangle Slimes: All Tangle Largos gain the Tangle Slime's trademark flower on the tops of their heads. In addition, a part of the flower will take on the color of the slime it has combined with, i.e. a Tabby/Tangle Largo will have a grey flower, and etc.

Dervish Slimes: Dervish Largos gain the spinning ring Dervish Slimes spawn with. Some Largos, like the Mosaic Slimes will also gain a purple color inside of their glass skin.

Largo Types

Here are all largos currently obtainable in the game.

An in-game largo chart.


  • Largos are too big to be sucked into the vacpack. Instead, they get stuck to the nozzle, then they can be transported to another location and released there.
    • Consequently, they cannot be transported by any warp tech and must be either created or brought by foot to any location.
  • When fed the favorite food of its source slimes, it can make four plorts (two from each source slime) at once!
  • You can obtain the Achievement: Fireworks if you grab a Boom Largo and launch it into the air just before it explodes.
  • Hunter Largos are very dangerous since they become instantly feral after being created. Because of that, you need to have something to feed and calm them down.
    • Also, if they will be hungry, they will become feral again, so keep them well-fed.
  • Note: It's not possible to produce a Gold Largo as none of the other slimes eat Gold Plorts. It's also impossible to get Puddle Largos because slimes ignore Puddle Plorts and Puddle Slimes ignore other Plorts, same goes for their Fire counterparts, except this time, other slimes ignore the Fire Plorts too. A Lucky Largo is also impossible, since Lucky Slimes do not produce Plorts.
  • The Achievement "Diversification" is earned when you have 10 Largo types in your ranch.
  • Quantum Largos can be difficult to manage as they create ghosts and use them to get out of the coral. Feed them regularly and they won't get out of the coral.


  • Their Slimepedia Icon shows a Phosphor Tabby Largo with it's source slimes.
  • Naming conventions for Largos follow a set order in which the combined slimes' names are placed, which is as follows: Pink > Quantum > Honey > Phosphor > Mosaic > Tangle > Boom > Rad > Rock > Tabby > Hunter > Crystal > Dervish.
    • For example, Pink Quantum, Honey Crystal, and Rad Tabby are all officially correct names for Largos, while Honey Pink, Crystal Rock, and Rad Quantum are not.
    • It should be noted, however, that Boom Phosphors do not follow this convention.
  • When a Quantum Hunter Largo creates a ghost, it has the eyes of the Hunter Slime while the original largo has the eyes of a Quantum Slime.
    • This was actually in fact a bug that was later fixed in the Better Homes Update (0.5.1).
  • Different Slimes seem to react to becoming a largo differently, such as Pink Slimes mostly staying pink as largos, or that Tabby Slimes almost always never turn gray as largos, just looking like the other slime, but bigger, and with ears/tails and a "cat face".


  • 0.6.0: Dervish, Mosaic and Tangle Largos have been added.
  • 0.5.0: Quantum Largos have been added; Hunter Largos now become feral again if they are hungry.
  • 0.3.6: Crystal Largos have been added.
  • 0.3.5: Hunter Largos are redesigned and are now obtainable legitimately.
  • 0.3.4: Bug causing Rad Largos to be invisible when held fixed; A bug causing Tabby Largos to fight over a chicken was fixed, with the fastest one eating it now.
  • 0.3.2: Slimepedia Entry added.
  • 0.3.0: Rad Largos are now obtainable legitimately.
  • 0.2.5: Fixed a bug that did let you move Largos into a wall and get them stuck here.
  • 0.2.4: A bug causing Boom Rock Largos to become Tarrs after eating fruits got fixed; A bug causing Tabby Largos to be stuck when staring at food got also fixed.
  • 0.2.3: A bug causing Rock Tabby Largos to have additional spikes got fixed.
  • Before 0.2.0: Added to the game.


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