When loading a game file, various texts can be displayed on the loading screen. Some of these are gameplay tips, while others are lore or flavour text.

Gameplay Tips

  • Fresh water can prevent tarr from cloning and eventually, destroy them.
  • The Indigo Quarry is a great place to discover rare veggies.
  • A gordo slime will eat untill it bursts.
  • Use silos to store plorts until they are in high demand on the plort market.
  • You'll need to purchase a water tank before you can vac up fresh water.
  • Feeding a slime their favorite food results in double the plorts!
  • The Moss Blanket has more fruit trees than anywhere else on the range.
  • Create largo out of pink slimes: they'll eat anything!
  • The tarr are more common and survive longer at night. Be careful!
  • A well-fed slime is a happy slime.


  • No one know who or what created the ancient slime gates that are found on the range.
  • A crazy slime scientist once proposed creating cube-shaped slimes. But that's just silly.
  • No one has seen Hobson in years. Some say he is traveling to the furthest reaches of the Far, Far, Range.
  • Mochi Miles claims she once caught a gold slime.
  • Rumor has it Mochi Miles hasn't spoken to her father in years.
  • Rumor has it Thora and Hobson were once in love... until he broke her heart.
  • Rumor has it Viktor invented a plort-cloning technology, and then destroyed it.

Flavour Text

  • Never turn your back on a chicken.
  • rOOmr hAZ EEt BOb hOomin. plS chIKKn?


  • A crazy slime scientist refers to Viktor, Cube-shaped Slimes refer to Minecraft Slimes.
  • "rOOmr hAZ EEt BOb hOomin. plS chIKKn?" could be saying "Rumor has it Bob [is] human. Please [send me] chicken[s]".
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