Lucky Slimes are rare Slimes that have a low chance of appearing in place of a regular Slime. They make a distinctive jingling sound when nearby and will despawn soon after they appear. When fed Meat they will shoot skyward while dropping Newbucks.

It is one of four feline-based Slimes in the game, along with the Tabby Slime, Hunter Slime and the Saber Slime.

Slimepedia Entry

Lucky slimes are a strange variant of tabby slimes that seem to have a fascination with shiny objects, particularly newbuck coins. A lucky slime gobbles up any coin it can find, giving it a distinct jingling sound as it moves about.

However, coins don't make for a balanced diet and a lucky slime will still greedily devour meat of any kind. in doing so, its body bursts with a shower of newbucks, leaving little room left in its slimy tummy. This burst often sends the lucky slime flying into the air.

Upon detecting a rancher, the lucky slime will soon make a hasty retreat. No known rancher has been skilled enough, or perhaps lucky enough, to capture one of these slippery slimes.

Rancher Risks:
Lucky slimes pose the same risk to ranchers as other rare slimes: mainly, accidents in pursuit which can lead to demise. The promise of a small fortune when encountering a lucky slime has led to more than a few ranchers head-first into the slime sea.

This occurrence has led some of the more superstitious ranchers to see the lucky slime as a bad omen, or the universe testing their greed. These ranchers will ignore lucky slimes altogether, even purposefully shooing them away. Well, until you hear those newbucks jingling, and then, maybe just one shot wouldn't hurt...

A lucky slime isn't known to produce plorts of any kind. Leading slime scientists believe this to be the result of the lucky slime not being a true slime variant. Rather, lucky slimes are believed to be just an abnormal tabby slime: one whose color has faded as a result of ingesting so many coins. It is perhaps this very change that also led to ceasing plort production.


  • Shooting any kind of Meat at it will make it shoot into the sky, dropping around 75 Newbucks. If you are lucky enough, the lucky slime may land near you so you can feed it again.
  • It is entirely possible for a Lucky Slime to spawn and eat meat on its own, awarding its Slimepedia entry.


  • Lucky Slimes are based off the maneki-neko, the lucky cat or beckoning cat. They are kept as good luck charms and figurines of the cat are usually used in restaurants and shops to bring customers fortune and good luck. They are often depicted holding a Koban, which the coin on the Lucky Slime's head is a reference to.
    • It is visually similar to Meowth, a Pokémon with the same inspiration.
  • This is the second rare slime to be added into the game, after the Gold Slime. It is also the first slime that was implemented after the game's public release.
  • Despite being a rare slime, it behaves like a normal slime. It can even forming stacks with other Slimes.
  • It can be eaten by Tarr.
  • Lucky Slimes do not eat Spicy Tofu.


  • 1.1.1 - Decreased the height of the shoot up and rewards you with more Newbucks.
  • 0.3.0 - Added to the game.


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