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Mochi Miles is an NPC found on the Range Exchange.

Mochi is the daughter of billionaire Tatsuya Miles, according to the introduction letter she sends to Beatrix. She is very haughty and competitive, demanding Plorts so that she may make huge profits later on with her "inside track" on the Plort Market from her father. She claims that she has caught a Gold Slime before.


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Mochi Miles

Well, well it seems like another wannabe rancher has signed up for a lonely existence on a faraway space rock. Congrats Beatrix!

I'm Mochi Miles. That's 'Miles' as in Tatsuya Miles, the billionare. I'm here to do important business for my dad but that doesn't mean I won't make all the rest of these backwater types out here look bad in the process. No one conquers the plort market like I do: day in, day out.

My dad gives me the inside track so look forward to my requesting plorts that I know will make huge profits later on.

So I wish you the best of luck, Beatrix. Maybe you'll even reach second place! At the very least you can tell your friends that you helped out the great Mochi Miles in her conquest of the Far, Far Range!

Later, tater.

Mochi Miles, Top Rancher

Range Exchange

I need these plorts post-haste, whatever that means.

Let's make a trade, lemonade.

My ranching skills are gonna make you squirm, wiggle worm!

My toast is in a jam here! Help out a pal, yeah?

The last thing I want to do is make you look bad. But it's still on the list

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