Mosaic Slimes are Slimes that have a glass-like shell that periodically creates hot glints of light similar to the ones produced in solar anomalies. They are exclusively found in The Glass Desert.

Slimepedia Entry

The mosaic slime gets its name from the glittering array of glass tiles that cover its body. This glass produces a similar anomaly found in the desert itself, making the mosaic slime beautiful, but quite dangerous.

Rancher Risks:
Mosaic slimes can be very dangerous for an unprepared rancher. Their glass tiles create a shimmering effect in daylight that attracts other slimes to them. It is unknown why slimes exhibit this behaviour exactly, but leading theories indicate that 'sparkly things are super cool'.

Even more dangerous, the mosaic slime can produce glints in the space around them: ultra-hot solar anomalies that grow in intensity before drifting toward the ground and bursting into flames. Glints can be snuffed with a splash of water, but the best way to reduce their appearance is to ensure your mosaic slimes are well-fed and not agitated.

Mosaic plorts are desired for researching the glass structures within the Glass Desert. Samples of this glass turn brittle when taken from the Far, Far Range, yet interestingly, mosaic plorts seem unaffected by this phenomenon.

Almost certainly, this glass is being studied because it's really pretty and not because it can cause devestating solar anomalies.


  • 1.0.1c - Fixed bug when it's glint's fire lasts forever. It could be destroyed by sleeping. While sleep works, time does not help.


  • The Mosaic Slime's sparkle, and by extension its hypnotising effect, can be turned off indefinitely by placing the slime into a Corral with a Solar Shield upgrade and destroying the Corral. Mosaic Largo sparkles can also be turned off by carrying them to a dark area by the Vacpack, letting them go, then picking them up and re-introducing them to a light area.
    • Removing the pure slimes from the world by storing them in the Vacpack resets them.


  • The Mosaic Slime is the first slime from The Glass Desert to be introduced on Twitter.
  • It is possible to obtain this slime before restoring your first oasis since their favorite food spawns in the desert already either through wild harvest nodes or from crates, simply get a Silver Parsnip or three, snare a Mosaic Gordo, and pop it to receive Mosaic slimes.
    • Additionally, there are spawn points for Mosaic Slimes past the locked Slime Gated area, allowing avid explorers to find the slimes themselves outside oases. They're both beneath the Mosaic Gordo, and on a plateau in the Fire Slime Canyon.
  • A corral with a Solar Shield can block the shining effect of the Mosaic Slimes, preventing them from attracting unwanted attention.
  • If you vac up a Mosaic Slime, the glints it produced will disappear.

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