NPCs (Non-Player Characters) can be encountered via Starmail, Range Exchange and electronic notes. Many NPCs are fellow Slime Ranchers, each with their own speciality (thus leading to them wanting different things). Most of the NPCs can currently be interacted with using the Range Exchange. On 5-Day Rush, instead of items, NPCs on the Range Exchange will give out gold Plorts for exchange.

Profile Interaction Description
Thora update
Range Exchange
Thora West - An elderly slime rancher who first welcomes Beatrix LeBeau to the Ranch. She explains the Range Exchange's functions, and requests a variety of items and slimes.
Viktor update
Range Exchange
Viktor Humphries - A slime rancher, scientist, and amateur musician. Due to his studies he often stays at home, and uses the Range Exchange to gain slimes he's short of. He has also lost his most favorite fiddle out on the Range and requests Beatrix return it to him if she finds it.
Ogden update
Range Exchange
Ogden Ortiz - A slime rancher who "fancies himself as a farmer." He came to the Far, Far Range to farm just as people do on Earth, and only raises slimes that eat fruits and veggies. Thus, he only requests for fruits and veggies from others.
Mochi update
Range Exchange
Mochi Miles - A slime rancher who is the daughter of billionaire Tatsuya Miles. She is very competitive and works for her father, conquering the Plort Market. Due to her father's insight, she often asks for Plorts that will make "huge profits later on."
BOB update
Range Exchange
BOb - Two or more pink slimes stacked on each other wearing a fedora and trench coat. BOb exclusively asks for chickens so they can eat them. BOb repays you in plorts, food and veggies.
Electronic Notes, Starmail Hobson Twillgers - A slime rancher, explorer, and the previous owner of your ranch. When he decided to leave it, he left electronic notes all over the world.
Starmail Casey - Beatrix's special someone on Earth, who occasionally contacts her through StarMail.
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