Nimble Valley is an area associated with Mochi Miles which was released in Update 1.2.0. It is the home of the elusive, yet abundant Quicksilver Slimes, which require special equipment to grab and store their plorts.

Slimepedia Entry

The Nimble Valley is a wholly-owned property of Mochi Miles and the only known habitat of the exceedingly rare quicksilver slimes

Mochi uses a complex system of proprietary electrical generators to call quicksilver slimes out from hiding and then a modified vacpack to feed them charges of eletrical enegy. The Nimble Valley is also rigged with a series of warptech satellites that instantly transfer quicksilver plorts into a rancher's vac tank, because according to Mochi, having to vac up plorts manually "is for chumps."

Natural Resources

A list of slimes/resources available in Nimble Valley.

Name Resources
Slimes None
Food Spark Shot, Thunderclap, Static Clinger
Exclusive Slime Science Resources None
New Slimes

Quicksilver Slimes

Other resources Slooow Field


Unlike other zones, Nimble Valley behaves much more like a minigame, where you must race against the clock to grab as many Quicksilver plorts in the alloted time, which can be extended. Quicksilver slimes follow a set path in a racetrack-like zone, and electrical charges must collected from nodes and shot at them to feed them and produce plorts.

The Miles Tech Vacpack is equipped at Mochi's Manor before entering Nimble Valley, which uses a seperate vac tank to the standard vacpack; only items collected in the area can be used during the activity, and electric charges are removed when leaving Nimble Valley so cannot be smuggled out. Lastly, unlike the normal vacpack, the Miles Tech Vacpack's slots have specified functions;

  • Slot 1 is used for storing Quicksilver Plorts and has a capacity of 250.
  • Slot 2 is used for storing the standard Spark Shot projectile used to produce Quicksilver Plorts; 100 can be carried at any one time.
  • Slot 3 is used for storing special projectiles used to make the activity a little bit easier. It has a capacity of 3, and 1 of 3 projectiles is randomly chosen to fill the slot using Charge Stations.

There are two racetracks with which to play the activity; a Beginner track and an Advanced track. When time runs out on either track, it is locked off for 12 in-game hours - or 12 minutes - unless Sleeping Until Morning. This means the activity can be played up to 4 times in one day.

Starting the activity

Going through the Beginner or Advanced track's teleporters will bring you to a small hub zone with a generator nearby. Activating this generator begins a countdown from 3, and then starts spawning Quicksilver Slimes, activates all of the nodes, and begins the activity. The teleporter is locked during this time, and must wait until the timer runs out to be able to leave once again.

Relay Ring


Relay Rings extend precious little time.

By default the activity only lasts for 1 minute on track 1. Dotted around each track are Relay Rings which can be activated by running through them. They award a random time bonus between 10 and 30 seconds, allowing the opportunity to potentially earn more Quicksilver Plorts for trading. Once the time bonus has been claimed, the Relay Ring will deactivate.

Spark Shot


A Spark Shot node

Spark Shots are the standard projectile used on Quicksilver Slimes, which are always kept in the second slot of the Miles Tech Vacpack. 100 can be contained in Slot 2 at any one time. When claimed, the node deactivates for 1 in-game hour.

Spark Shot projectiles have a small area of effect which can hit multiple Quicksilver slimes clustered together.

Energy Boost Station


Energy Boost Station

Energy Boost Stations completely recover the Miles Tech Vacpack's Energy reserves, allowing further use of the Jetpack, or sprinting. When claimed, the node deactivates for 15 in-game minutes.

Charge Stations


Which special charge will you get? No one knows.

Charge Stations award special charges; and which one is received is completely random. They are always contained in the third vacpack slot, come as a set of 3, and any previously unused charges will be replaced. When claimed, the node deactivates for 2 in-game hours.

Note: The icon used for the Charge Stations is that of the Static Clinger. However, this will not always be the ammo you get.


A large area of effect projectile that works much like an upgraded Spark Shot, making it far more likely to hit groups of Quicksilver Slimes.

Slooow Field

The Slooow Field is a large, bubblegum-like dome that is placed on the floor which slows down any Quicksilver Slimes that passes through it, allowing them to be hit with Spark Shots much more effectively.
The bubble lasts for 25 in-game minutes.

Static Clinger

When a Quicksilver Slime is shot with Static Clinger, a bubble of electric charge is applied to it which automatically feeds other Quicksilver Slimes that come into its radius.

The projectile has a small area of effect, so a single charge can be applied to multiple Quicksilver Slimes if clustered together. Likewise, accuracy is key to effectively use it.

Time's up!

When time runs out all unclaimed nodes are deactivated, Quicksilvers flee from the player and despawn, and must wait 12 in-game hours to play that particular course again. The player can choose to remain in the area to search for Nimble Valley's Treasure Pods, and the area can be revisited at any time even if the cooldown isn't ready.


  • 1.2.0 - Implemented along with Mochi's Megabucks Update.


  • The name "Nimble Valley" alludes to how the zone is located between mountains - thus a valley - and either the speed of the Quicksilver Slimes, or how the player is required to run after Quicksilver Slimes to get their plorts.
  • Nimble Valley is the third zone introduced to not have an associated map or any gadget sites, after the interiors of The Vaults, and The Wilds. Moustache Island has since lost the gadget site distinction.
  • This is the first area to utilise a full minigame style of gameplay.
  • Projectile accuracy is reduced when sprinting while shooting. For a more accurate shot, stop sprinting, shoot, then resume sprinting.
  • Prior to release, the roadmap stated: Partner with Mochi Miles in a STRICTLY BUSINESS capacity to corner the market on quicksilver slime plorts! Explore the Nimble Valley, a wholly-owned property of Miles Corp and earn unique rewards from your boss, THE Mochi Miles.
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