The Odd Onion is a veggie found exclusively in The Indigo Quarry. Rather than growing on their own, they can only found randomly with other veg. When growing them in a Garden, up to 10 of them will grow in a plot with Carrots.

Slimepedia Entry

Odd Onions can only grow in the Indigo Quarry; however, you'll never encounter an Odd Onion patch. Instead, Odd Onions can be found randomly in other veggie patches. As the saying goes 'Forage into the Indigo Quarry and you'll always find the Odd Onion in your haul.

On the Ranch:
Deposit an Odd Onion into a garden's depositor and strangely, carrots will begin to grow. However, there is a good chance you'll get some odd onions in your crop as well. This crop will last for several harvests.


  • Growing Carrots in a Garden do not produce Odd Onions; Odd Onions must be placed into the Garden recepticle for them to grow.
  • Due to the relatively small amount of Odd Onions that grow per harvest, it would probably be wise to convert Crystal Slimes into Largos with a favoured food that is easier to grow.


  • The concept of the Odd Onion may be based on the slang term in literature, meaning "not often". This is evident in its behaviour of occasionally growing with Carrots.
  • Even though in The Ranch they only grow with Carrots, in the wild, they can grow with Oca Ocas, Heart Beets and Carrots as well.


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