The Phase Lemon is a fruit found exclusively in The Ancient Ruins. They can be found in crates, or on incorporeal trees found throughout the ruins which appear in specific spots, which change on a regular basis. These trees require fruit shot at them when ripe to phase them into reality.

When grown in a garden, the tree is physical and the lemons can be harvested like any other crop.

Slimepedia entry

A phase lemon comes from a different place and time. They are like an echo, reverberating through the halls of the Ancient Ruins, never staying in the same place for long.

In order to harvest phase lemons a rancher must pass fruit matter through the phase lemon tree when lemons are present. This process somehow removes the fruit from our reality and phases in a lemon in exchange.

On the Ranch:
Deposit a phase lemon into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large phase lemon tree of your very own.


Note that while these locations are precise, they may be on different elevations.
Map Food Fruit PhaseLemon



  • 1.3.0 - Fixed bug where when phase lemon trees in the ruins were watered, they would get overly excited and phase repeatedly.
  • 1.1.0 - Phase lemon trees planted in gardens will now act like normal fruit trees and not require phasing the lemons into reality. We altered the way space and time worked in order to make this QOL change. No big deal.
  • 0.5.0 - Implemented; they have a maximum harvest of 20 and Fruit is required to harvest them when ripe.


  • The Phase Lemon physically resembles a lemon, in particular the common supermarket Eureka variety which can be produced all year round.
    • Its name may be a reference to author and Professor Emeritus Don S. Lemons, who studies primarily in plasma physics. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, also called "phases"; the other three being solid, liquid, and gas. The method of turning a ripe lemon solid by shooting its tree with fruit may be a loose reference to phase transition.
    • The Slimepedia entry refers to the concept of time travel, and parallel universes within the multiverse.
  • Overall, there are 27 specific locations across The Ancient Ruins where an incorporeal phase lemon tree may be found. A maximum of 10 trees are present at any one time during an in-game day.
  • The prototype name for the Phase Lemon was the "Leap Lemon", and originally used the Prickle Pear model as a placeholder.
  • Phase Lemons are the only fruit that cannot be "traded" for other ripe Phase Lemons on incorporeal wild Lemon trees.
  • Phase Lemons appear to have the same particle effect that Quantum Slimes have when they are agitated and about to teleport.
    • Rotten Phase Lemons continue emitting their particle effect.
  • Unlike most other fruit/vegetable slimepedia entries, the Phase Lemon's entry doesn't state how it tastes. Though it can be assumed that they taste similarly to regular lemons.
  • Phase Lemons have teal colored leaves on their stem, while other fruits have green leaves.
  • Splashing a Phase Lemon tree with water in the Ancient Ruins causes it to teleport away.
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