Phosphor Slimes are one of the most common slimes in the game that can appear almost anywhere, though only appear - and can only survive - at night. If they sit in the sunlight for too long, they disappear.

Slimepedia Entry

Phosphor slimes come out at night, flying about the moonlit range upon their translucent wings. Phosphor slimes have a luminescent slime core that pulses with a soft glow, making them easy to spot. It's for this reason ranchers sometimes refer to them as 'low stars'.

Rancher Risks:
Phosphor slimes have special needs compared to your typical slime. A phosphor slime and its plorts will quickly vanish if exposed to sunlight, meaning a rancher could quickly lose an entire corral's worth of phosphor slimes if not careful. Ranchers must either vac them up before daybreak or keep phosphor slimes in a place that is perpetually dark, like a cave, or use the Solar Shield upgrade.

The luminescent compound found within phosphor plorts can produce light for over 100 years, making it an incredibly eco-friendly form of illumination on Earth. Cities across the globe are slowly switching over to phosphor lights, saving trillions of gigawatts of energy daily. Plus if you rub the stuff in your hair, it glows and looks really cool.


Phosphor Slimes are frugivorous slimes that only spawn at night. They have a noticeable glow inside them. Phosphor slimes can use their wings to fly, albeit not very long. They can stack upon another slime, and fly away with the slime still stuck to it. They cannot last long in sunlight (thirty real-world seconds or 30 in-game minutes), and after that time is up, they're gone for good.


  • Phosphor Slimes are sensitive to sunlight and will disappear when exposed after 30 seconds. If keeping them corraled out in the open, be sure to upgrade their corrals with a Solar Shield.
    • Alternatively, they can be kept in The Grotto where there is no sunlight so Solar Shields are not required.
  • Phosphor Slimes can fly and will attempt to fly away through the top of their corral when agitated. Upgrade their corrals with an Air Net, and try to reduce their agitation with a Music Box upgrade and a Night Light.


  • Phosphor Slimes may be a reference to the real-world material White phosphorus and its tendency to turn into Red phosphorus when exposed to sunlight. Though visually they may be inspired by fireflies and a Will-o'-the-wisp
  • Phosphor Slimes are the only Slime that appears exclusively at night.
  • The Slimepedia icon for the Phosphor Slime lacks their antennae.
  • Phosphor Slimes are capable of carrying one other slime with them when they fly, given that the agitation is high enough for them to stack.


  • 0.6.0: Fixed a bug where flying phosphor slimes only moved north east.
  • 0.3.4: An issue where phosphor slimes could sometimes disappear from the Grotto or corrals with solar shields was fixed.
  • 0.2.5: A bug causing Phosphor Slimes to think that Solar Shield was in a corral when it wasn't was fixed.
  • 0.2.4: Fix of a bug causing them to lose wings when Slime Quality was set to Low.
  • Before 0.2.0: Phosphor Slimes were added.


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