Plort Market
"Feed Slimes, collect plorts, get paid"

The plort market is a network of buyers and sellers of plorts across the galaxy. Ranchers use plort market machines on their ranch to send plorts to the market for sale. Ranchers are paid immediately when depositing plorts at the plort's current market value.

Plort market values fluctuate and some of the more savvy ranchers will hoard certain plorts for days when sale prices are high, especially rare plorts. - Slimepedia


Plorts are shot into the hole in of machine in order to sell them. In the process, they lose the plort but they gain newbucks in return. Prices of plorts fluctuate daily. This happens at 12 AM in-game time, when the plort market will be offline for a couple of in-game minutes. The fluctuation is based on how much Beatrix has sold with a little randomisation but they are always based on the plort's original value.

Plort values (Adventure mode)

Prices for all kinds of plorts
Newbucks10 Newbucks2 Newbucks25 Newbucks7-11
Newbucks22 Newbucks9 Newbucks50 Newbucks18-30
Newbucks22 Newbucks9 Newbucks50 Newbucks15-22
Newbucks22 Newbucks9 Newbucks50 Newbucks16-39
Newbucks45 Newbucks17 Newbucks100 Newbucks35-65
Newbucks45 Newbucks17 Newbucks100 Newbucks25-50
Newbucks45 Newbucks17 Newbucks100 Newbucks25-50
Newbucks45 Newbucks17 Newbucks100 Newbucks40-60
Fire Plort
Newbucks45 Newbucks17 Newbucks100 Newbucks40-60
Newbucks60 Newbucks18 Newbucks124 Newbucks45-67
Quantum Plort
Newbucks60 Newbucks18 Newbucks124 Newbucks52-97
Newbucks60 Newbucks18 Newbucks124 Newbucks45-55
Newbucks60 Newbucks18 Newbucks124 Newbucks45-55
Mosaic Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks34 Newbucks161 Newbucks70-120
Dervish Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks34 Newbucks161 Newbucks70-120
Tangle Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks34 Newbucks161 Newbucks70-120
Newbucks300 Newbucks200 Newbucks650 Newbucks250-350

Plort values (5-day rush mode)

The amount plorts are worth in the 5-day rush mode are always the same, and never change daily.

Tier 1:PlortPINK - 10Newbucks

Tier 2:PlortROCK,PlortPHOSPHOR,PlortTABBY - 22Newbucks

Tier 3:PlortBOOM,PlortHONEY,PlortPUDDLE,Fire Plort,PlortRAD - 45Newbucks

Tier 4:PlortHUNTER,PlortCRYSTAL,Quantum Plort - 60Newbucks

Tier 5:Mosaic Plort,Dervish Plort,Tangle Plort - 75Newbucks

Tier 6:PlortGOLD - 300Newbucks


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