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Plorts are diamond-shaped products of Slimes that they produce when fed with Food, or occasionally obtained as a reward from the Range Exchange. Their main use is to generate Newbucks by selling them in the Plort Market, but can also be deposited into the Refinery of The Lab once it is unlocked to create Slime Science Gadgets. Slimes can also eat Plorts to induce a transformation into a Largo, or if already one, turn them into a Tarr. All Plorts except the Puddle, Fire and Gold Plorts can be eaten by Slimes.

In Adventure Mode, Plort values rise and fall on a daily basis and prices re-roll at midnight. This is partially influenced by how often you sell them.

Notes: Lucky Slimes do not drop plorts - they reward the rancher with a shower of Newbucks instead.


Plorts are produced when a Slime eats food. Plorts share their appearence with the Slime that created it; this makes it easy to identify the different plorts.

What exactly plorts are has not been made clear; however, whether they're excess mass given off by slimes to prevent uncontrolled growth or leftover material from foods that slimes can't use, they are, in a sense, the slime equivalent of fecal matter. This does NOT make it gross, though - just as animal feces can be highly nutritious food to plants, and oxygen is waste for plants but vital to the survival of animals, what is waste material to an alien species like slimes is not necessarily toxic or disgusting for Earth-based life forms.

When a slime first makes a plort it comes encased in a gel-like material that goes away quickly. When the plort is in this substance it can not be eaten by another slime to become a largo, but it can still be vacuumed up by you.


Plorts are very useful for a variety of purposes at companies. While this is not visually shown, it is mentioned in the game. They range from power sources, food and drinks, to even military weaponry. Plorts are vital to industries outside of the Far, Far Range.


Prices for all kinds of plorts
Newbucks10 Newbucks2 Newbucks25 Newbucks7-11
Newbucks22 Newbucks10 Newbucks50 Newbucks18-30
Newbucks22 Newbucks10 Newbucks50 Newbucks15-22
Newbucks22 Newbucks10 Newbucks50 Newbucks16-39
Newbucks45 Newbucks20 Newbucks100 Newbucks35-65
Newbucks45 Newbucks20 Newbucks100 Newbucks25-50
Newbucks45 Newbucks20 Newbucks100 Newbucks25-50
Newbucks45 Newbucks20 Newbucks100 Newbucks40-60
Fire Plort
Newbucks45 Newbucks?? Newbucks?? Newbucks??
Newbucks60 Newbucks20 Newbucks120 Newbucks45-67
Quantum Plort
Newbucks60 Newbucks20 Newbucks120 Newbucks52-97
Newbucks60 Newbucks20 Newbucks120 Newbucks45-55
Mosaic Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks?? Newbucks?? Newbucks??
Dervish Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks?? Newbucks?? Newbucks??
Tangle Plort
Newbucks75 Newbucks?? Newbucks?? Newbucks??
Newbucks300 Newbucks200 Newbucks650 Newbucks250-350

Note: As of 0.6.0, the base prices have changed and it is currently unknown if their price range is still the same.

Treasure Pods that contain Plorts

Plorts Treasure Pod Location
Glass Desert Slimepedia icon (temp)
Glass Desert
Glass Desert Slimepedia icon (temp)
Glass Desert


  • On Adventure Mode, since Plort prices change on a daily basis, you should sell expensive Plorts in bursts by keeping them stored in an auto collector, a Silo, or depositing them into the refinery instead. Note that for the latter method, Plorts cannot be reclaimed.
  • Tarr are created when a Largo eats a Plort unlike their own. Unless intentionally clearing a corral or excess Slimes from an area, do not expose them to Plorts that they do not produce.
  • Plorts are involved in a few puzzles found in the Far, Far Range; one to open the gate to the The Ancient Ruins, one to activate the Teleporter to The Glass Desert, and four fountains in The Glass Desert have nearby Slime Statues that must be activated, and the Ancient Water effect obtained from the fountains used to revitalise Oases in The Glass Desert.
  • Gold Slime can eat plorts, but you'll get a golden plort and the gold slime will "fly".[citation needed]


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