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This article is about the plorts themselves. For plort prices, see: Plort Market


Plorts are a product of slimes that they produce when they are fed with food, or occasionally obtained as a reward from the Range Exchange. Their main use is to generate Newbucks by selling them at the Plort Market. Once The Lab is unlocked, they can also be deposited into the Refinery to create Slime Science Gadgets.

In Adventure and Casual Mode, Plort values rise and fall on a daily basis and prices re-roll at midnight; this is partially influenced by how often they are sold.

Notes: Lucky Slimes do not drop plorts - they reward the rancher with a shower of Newbucks instead. Quicksilver Plorts also can not be sold on the Plort Market.



A fresh plort encased in a gel sac, which dissolves soon after.

Plorts all share a basic global appearence, and each plort type shares a characteristic with the slime that created it.

When a plort is produced, it is encased in a gel sac which prevents other slimes from eating it until it dissolves. When a slime consumes a plort they do not produce, they undergo a sudden, permanent transformation into a largo; a larger hybrid version of the original slime and the type of slime of the plort it consumed. If a largo consumes another plort unlike its own, it transforms into a Tarr. Note that in Casual Mode, largos cannot eat plorts so Tarr do not exist in that mode. All Plorts except the Puddle, Fire, Gold and Quicksilver Plorts can be eaten by Slimes.

What exactly plorts are is not clear. It has been theorized that they are the slime equivalent of fecal matter, since they are only produced when a slime is fed.


Plorts are very useful for a variety of purposes, especially back on Earth. However, they are also widely used in Slime Science.

Below are each plort's uses as stated by their Slimepedia entries, and links to their category pages for Slime Science recipes each plort is used in.

In-game model
Pink Plort
Slime science recipes
Pink Plorts are an excellent "multi purpose generic substance" used to manufacture everything from food products to household cleaners. All over the Earth, people are eating burgers, sweetening their coffees, or scrubbing their floors with pink plort products. That's some serious versatility! PlortPINKrender
Rock Plort
Slime science recipes
Rock plorts are prized for being a key component in the production of 'blue metal,' an amazing alloy that's stronger than titanium and lighter than plastic. Because of its amazing strength, blue metal is often a key component in the hulls of light-speed capable starships, synthetic appendages, and protective holophone cases. PlortROCKrender
Phosphor Plort
Slime science recipes
The luminescent compound found within phosphor plorts can produce light for over 100 years, making it an incredibly eco-friendly form of illumination on Earth. Cities across the globe are slowly switching over to phosphor lights, saving trillions of gigawatts of energy daily. Plus if you rub the stuff in your hair, it glows and looks really cool. PlortPHOSPHORrender
Tabby Plort
Slime science recipes
Tabby plorts are a key ingredient in a variety of "performance enhancing" products that grant the consumer a surge of the tabby slime's signature energy and exuberance. And while athletes the world over take them to gain an edge, prolonged use often results in "uncontrollable butt wiggles", another (less desirable) signature of the tabby slime. PlortTABBYrender
Rad Plort
Slime science recipes
Given that raddies are basically mobile batteries, it's no surprise that corporations value rad plorts for their incredible energy-producing capabilities. Most rad plorts get turned into 'plortonium' and everything from the latest holophone to a radwave microcook system runs on the stuff. PlortRADrender
Honey Plort
Slime science recipes
Honey plorts are highly prized by food manufacturers. Though the plorts are naturally incredibly sweet, the discovery that they could be refined into an even sweeter substance made their demand soar. These refined honey plorts are said to score an unprecedented 867 on the Werner-Thompkins-Hong sacchrino scale, just a few points shy of 'not fit for human consumption'. PlortHONEYrender
Boom Plort
Slime science recipes
Highly volatile boom plorts have all sorts of applications, including powering rocket thrusters and demolitions. Military organizations value their highly destructive capabilities for "medical technology and other research". Imagine that! PlortBOOMrender
Puddle Plort
Slime science recipes
Cannot create Largo Slimes
Puddle plorts are made almost entirely from an incredible hydro compound known by chemists across the galaxy as H2Ohhhhh. This compound is used to create an absurdly expensive brand of bottled drinking water that is sought after by the elite back on Earth. While some people argue that there is little difference in taste between it and tap water, those people seriously are not getting it. PlortPUDDLErender
Fire Plort
Slime science recipes
Cannot create Largo Slimes
Fire plorts are used in the developing world on Earth to keep stoves and fireplaces burning. Thanks to fire plorts, warm hands and hot food is a possibility for millions of people who otherwise would not have access to such luxuries. A rancher won't get rich selling fire plorts, and certainly managing them can be a dangerous endeavor, but they should know that the sale of each helps those in need. Now and far into the future, the little noble actions of every individual help us move forward as a people. That much will never change. PlortFIRErender
Crystal Plort
Slime science recipes
Though the crystals produced by a crystal slime are highly unstable, a crystal plort, like all plorts, is far more pure and can be used by slime scientists to engineer a variety of metals that are entirely transparent. This innovation has lead to metropolitan areas on Earth completely transforming visually, allowing more light to reach the streets and the space as a whole a chance to 'breathe.' Architects often describe these transparent metals as 'so totally cooler than normal, boring metals'. PlortCRYSTALrender
Quantum Plort
Slime science recipes
Quantum plorts are believed by many to hold the secret to infinite resources. Given the Quantum slime's ability to change reality, it's theorized that unlocking the potential of Quantum Plorts would allow for a technology that converges the realities of other entities into our reality and- well basically we're talking about cloning stuff. Infinite energy, chickens, whatever. Probably no harmful side effects to this at all. PlortQUANTUMrender
Dervish Plort
Slime science recipes
Dervish plorts are a fantastic source of clean energy that helps give turbines and generators an extra boost. They are in constant demand as curiously, there is a finite number of spins stored in every dervish plort. PlortDERVISHrender
Hunter Plort
Slime science recipes
Amazingly, a serum can be made from hunter slime plorts that can actually render a person invisible! The effect only lasts for about a day, but this serum is nonetheless incredibly popular back on Earth as many people find its effects very soothing.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to disappear for a while. But then about a day goes by and you realize that not only did you miss being seen, but others missed seeing you too.

Mosaic Plort
Slime science recipes
Mosaic plorts are desired for researching the glass structures within the Glass Desert. Samples of this glass turn brittle when taken from the Far, Far Range, yet interestingly, mosaic plorts seem unaffected by this phenomenon.

Almost certainly, this glass is being studied because it's really pretty and not because it can cause devestating solar anomalies.

Tangle Plort
Slime science recipes
Despite the troublesome nature of the slimes that create them, tangle plorts have incredibly beneficial agricultural applications. Fertilizers and growth formulas made from tangle plorts are used by farms all across Earth to greatly enhance crop production.

It's speculated that the unususally high nutrient count found within tangle plorts that now grow Earth's vegetables results from the tangle slime's incredible appetite for chickens, but that's super gruesome so let's just ignore that.

Saber Plort
Slime science recipes
Saber plorts are collected for their historical value, offering a window into the primitive past of the Far, Far Range. Some slime scientists have tried to extract the slime DNA from these plorts in order to recreate a true saber slime, but all have failed. And honestly, that's probably for the better, because as soon as that happens some charming billionaire would be talking about making a whole theme park to view them in captivity and then... PlortSABERrender
Gold Plort
Slime science recipes
Cannot create Largo Slimes
Gold plorts have little practical use and are the most valuable of all plorts simply because they are shiny and rare. Back on Earth, the elite love to adorn themselves in jewelry made of gold plorts, far exceeding the value of any terrestrial precious metal. For this reason a rancher should never pass up the chance to get a gold plort or two from a rare chance encounter with a Gold Slime. PlortGOLDrender
Quicksilver Plort
Cannot create Largo Slimes
Mochi sells quicksilver plorts off-market and little is known about her buyers or their motives. PlortQUICKSILVERrender

Treasure Pods that contain Plorts

Plorts Treasure Pod Location
Glass Desert Slimepedia icon (temp)
Glass Desert
Glass Desert Slimepedia icon (temp)
Glass Desert


  • On Adventure Mode, since Plort prices change on a daily basis, you should sell expensive Plorts in bursts by keeping them stored in an auto collector, a Silo, or depositing them into the refinery instead. Note that for the latter method, Plorts cannot be reclaimed.
  • Tarr are created when a Largo eats a Plort unlike their own. Unless intentionally clearing a corral or excess Slimes from an area, it's a bad idea to expose Largos to Plorts that they do not produce.
  • Plorts are involved in a few puzzles found in the Far, Far Range; one to open the gate to the The Ancient Ruins, one to activate the Teleporter to The Glass Desert, and four fountains in The Glass Desert have nearby Slime Statues that must be activated, and the Ancient Water effect obtained from the fountains used to revitalise Oases in The Glass Desert.


  • 1.3.1 - Fixed an issue where plorts didn’t know if they should stay or they should go after a save/load.
  • 1.2.0 - Quicksilver Slimes and their plorts are added. Quicksilver plorts cannot be sold at the Plort Market thus have no value.
  • 1.1.1 - (Undocumented) The gel sacs that cover Plorts when first produced by a slime are now shinier and transparent.
  • 1.1.0 - Saber Plorts along with their largos are introduced.
  • 0.6.0 - Fire, Mosaic, Dervish and Tangle plorts are implemented, along with their respective slimes.
    • Puddle Plorts no longer splash on contact with dry land and despawn after some time like regular Plorts.
  • 0.5.0 - Quantum plorts, along with Quantum Slimes, are introduced.
  • 0.3.6 - Crystal plorts, along with Crystal Slimes, are introduced.
  • 0.3.5 - Hunter Plorts, along with Hunter Slimes, are introduced.
  • 0.3.0 - Rad plorts can be obtained once again with The Indigo Quarry's reintroduction and can be legitimately obtained.
  • 0.2.5 - Puddle Slime plorts no longer splash when sent into the Plort Market.
  • 0.2.4 - Puddle Slime plorts produce a splash effect after disappearing.
  • Before 0.2.0 - Pink, Tabby, Phosphor, Rock, Puddle, Rad, Boom, Honey and Gold plorts are in the game along with their respective slimes. Rad however was temporarily made unobtainable due to the removal of a work-in-progress Indigo Quarry.


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