The Prickle Pear is a fruit found exclusively in The Glass Desert. It can be grown in a Garden Plot in The Ranch.

Slimepedia Entry

Prickle pears are as tough as the Glass Desert itself; having a thick, leathery, skin and covered in sharp barbs, they're an 'acquired taste' to be sure. But those who put forth the cautious effort will find one of the sweetest fruits in the known universe hiding within.

On the Ranch:
Deposit a prickle pear into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large prickle pear tree of your very own.


  • Prickle Pears are easy to grow and harvest while Dervish Plorts are high in value, making it one of the best Fruit/Slime combinations in the game financially. It shares this trait with the Mosaic Slime and its favoured veggie, the Silver Parsnip.


Note that while these locations are precise, they may be on different elevations
Map Food Fruit PricklePear



  • 0.6.0 - Implemented. It is the Dervish Slime's favourite food. Now found in The Glass Desert.
  • 0.2.0 - Unimplemented. The Prickle Pear is now no longer the Rock Slime's favourite food; Rock Slimes now favour Heart Beets and unimplemented Mosaic Slimes were changed to favour Prickle Pears.
  • Before 0.2.0 - Unimplemented. The Prickle Pear is the Rock Slime's favourite food.


  • Prickle Pears are a visual pun on the Prickly Pear cactus. Physically, they resemble normal pears, colored purple. The spines covering the skin of the fruit physically resembles those present on the kiwano fruit.
  • Although the Prickle Pear has not been the Rock Slime's favoured food since before Update 0.2.0, the "Rancher's Rundown" and early art on the page on the Monomi Park website still indicates this.
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