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Quantum Slimes appear to have resulted from some sort of event that took place in the Ancient Ruins long ago. At all times, the quantum slime is capable of emitting other possible realities of their being. Called 'ghosts', these other realities can come true, with the quantum slime aligning with the reality of the ghost, effectively teleporting.

Rancher Risks:
Quantum Slimes can be one of the most difficult slimes to manage, given their unique abilities. A rancher needs to learn to detect when Quantum Slimes are primed to take over the reality of a ghost, and act quickly, such as feeding them or splashing them with fresh water as a temporary measure.

Quantum plorts are believed by many to hold the secret to infinite resources. Given the Quantum slime's ability to change reality, it's theorized that unlocking the potential of Quantum Plorts would allow for a technology that converges the realities of other entities into our reality and- well basically we're talking about cloning stuff. Infinite energy, chickens, whatever. Probably no harmful side effects to this at all.


  • It will be easier for you to ranch them if you keep them away from other slimes.
  • When ghosts are created, the ghosts will continue to travel in a linear path the same direction the slime was moving. (including up, if the slime was jumping as it created the ghost)
    • Because of this, if Quantums are within range of something they need/want, (fruit, honey plorts, etc.) they will naturally start moving in that direction, vastly increasing the liklihood of finding a ghost near the source of their focus.
  • Once they get hungry, they will become agitated with now being able to swap places with their ghosts. In that case, try splashing them with water or feeding them.
  • Their ghosts can be destroyed by splashing the slime that made it with water.
  • A Rad Quantum Largo can emit radiation through the ghosts it creates and the radiation from the ghosts cannot be removed with water. The radiation from the ghost can only be removed if the clone disappears.


  • Quantum Slimes originally had black eyes, as evidenced by the reveal gif.
    • It is still possible to see their black eyes rarely when they create ghosts.
  • These slimes were for some reason already in the game's code since 0.4.3, but were only obtainable through hacking.
  • The phrase ''a slime that really shows its potential'' in the slimepedia is a reference to the concept of quantum potential .
  • The Butterscotch Slime Lamp has the same "glitchiness" that the Quantums have.


  • 0.6.0: Now Quantum Slimes can still ghost out of their corral, however they will never teleport onto other slimes' corrals, making them much easier to manage.
  • 0.5.0: They are now released and are able to be obtained legitimately.
  • 0.4.3: Added into the game's code. At this point, it's mostly finished.


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