Rock Slime are one of the most common slimes in Slime Rancher, tied with the Tabby Slime, both second only to the Pink Slime. They can be found almost everywhere at any time of the day. They have rocky crowns which are able to damage the player on contact and can roll up into a rocky ball and roll in a straight line.

Slimepedia Entry

Rock slimes earned their name from the rocky crown of sharp spikes atop their slimy bodies. But their affection for minerals doesn't end with their appearance: rock slimes are strict vegetarians, favoring the satisfying crunch of the heart beet most of all.

Rancher Risks:
The dangers of a rock slime should be fairly obvious: their rocky crown is sharp enough to pierce straight through a rancher's boots. But it's not all about watching where you're stepping as these rocks are always rolling. When you see a rock slime revving up for a tumble, it's best to get out of the way.

Rock plorts are prized for being a key component in the production of 'blue metal,' an amazing alloy that's stronger than titanium and lighter than plastic. Because of its amazing strength, blue metal is often a key component in the hulls of light-speed capable starships, synthetic appendages, and protective holophone cases.


Rock slimes have a crown of rocks upon their head, hence the name. They have a tendency to turn into a boulder and start rolling. They usually roll into areas where they know there is food, or into the rancher, dealing 10-20 damage. Touching them will deal 10-20 damage, so in areas filled with rock slimes and their Largos, jetpacking above them is reccomended. They feed exclusively on veggies, with their favorite being the Heart Beet.


  • Since Rock slimes hurt you upon touching them, so venturing into a corral to collect plorts can be a dangerous venture. If your Rock slime corral has even a few slimes, it can take away a chunk of your health. It is especially recommended that if you have corrals containing Rock slimes, you rely on plort collectors so that you don't get hurt, or even get knocked out.
  • Rock slimes are good; arguably the best to farm before you unlock the moss blanket. Unlike Tabby slimes, rock slimes can't easily jump out of corrals and do not eat meat, which is slower to produce than veggies. Pink Slimes would also be a good alternative, except their plorts are less valuable.
    • It is not recommended that rock slimes are turned into largos, as they would take up more space than usual if done so. Even if turned into tabby rock largos, which would result in slimes jumping out of their corrals with the tip of a hat, it would still be a major drawback to the extra tabby plorts. Plus, they will quickly smash through any air net you put on the corral.



  • Before 0.2.0 - Implemented. Rock Slimes had the unreleased Prickle Pear as their favorite food.
  • 0.2.0 - Rock Slime now favours Heart Beets, and the still-unimplemented Prickle Pears were changed to be the favourite of the unimplemented Mosaic Slime.
  • 0.3.0: Now also spawn in The Indigo Quarry.
  • 0.6.0: Updated Rock Slimes' textures.


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