Slime Key TP
"An ancient key for an ancient lock."

Slime keys are large, stone keys that are used to open the slime gates across the range. These gates often lead to expansive, new areas to explore or create shortcuts to familiar areas. - Slimepedia

Obtaining Keys: Keys can be found after feeding the Phosphor, Honey, Rad, Boom, Quantum, Hunter, Crystal, Dervish, Mosaic, and both of the Pink Gordos a massive amount of food that their type eats (45 food items are required for the Pink Gordos, and 65 for others unless you use the respective slime's favorite food, which will halve the amount). After being fed, the gordo will burst, giving a key as well as some slimes of the same type as the Gordo Slime and crates.

Note: Neither Rock Gordo, nor either Tabby Gordo, nor the Tangle Gordo drop slime keys, but all reveal Teleporters.

Where to use them: Slime Keys are used to open Slime Gates. Currently, only eight Slime Gates exist, leaving three of the eleven keys unused. The Slime gates are located:

Note: Even though there are eight slime gates, not all of them need to be unlocked to gain access to every area in the Far, Far, Range. Three gates can be left locked:

  • The Beach can be accessed via the overgrowth
  • Either, one of the gates leading to the Ancient Ruins, or the gate to the Indigo Quarry or the Moss Blanket can be left locked and the player will still have access to all three zones
  • The second part of the Glass Desert only needs one of both gates to be accessed

The amount needed shrinks even further when the player has access to the jetpack, which allows the player to bypass both the Moss Blanket and the Indigo Quarry gate. With this, the amount of keys needed is actually three.

Note: The other three slime keys that are not usable might be in the upcoming updates, or they could just be extras to give the player more ways to get the required keys.

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