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The Slimepedia is the in-game encyclopedia which documents discoveries found during gameplay. It is accessible from the Menu (pressing Esc or F1 by default or on Xbox up on the D-Pad) which provides information on various aspects of the game, as well as any discoveries made during the course of the game.

At the start of the game, a majority of the entries are locked. When a new discovery is made, an icon pops up on the bottom right hand side of the screen and its Slimepedia entry is accessible from that point on.

There are currently 88 available Discoveries.


The Tutorials tab contains information regarding basic gameplay. Many of these are experienced on a practical level on a playthrough, and can be accessed later from the Slimepedia in purely text form. They are:

  • Basic Player Controls
  • Vacpack: Vac-ing and Shooting
  • Vacpack: Vac Tanks
  • Vacpack: Health and Energy
  • Ranching Basics: Corralling Slimes
  • Ranching Basics: Feeding Slimes
  • Ranching Basics: Plorts and the Plort Market
  • Slime Science: Basics
  • Slime Science: Gadget Mode


Main article: Slimes

Pink Slime SP
The Slimes tab contains a slime's Slimepedia Entry once it is discovered. Each entry contains a portion of lore about the slime, its Plortonomics, Rancher Risks, its general diet and favored food.
Unlock requirement
Pink Slime SP
Pink Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Rock Slime SP
Rock Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Phosphor Slime SP
Phosphor Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Tabby Slime SP
Tabby Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Rad Slime SP
Rad Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Boom Slime SP
Boom Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Honey Slime SP
Honey Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Puddle Slime SP
Puddle Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Crystal Slime SP
Crystal Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Hunter Slime SP
Hunter Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Quantum Slime SP
Quantum Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Fire Slime SP
Fire Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Dervish Slime SP
Dervish Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Tangle Slime SP
Tangle Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Mosaic Slime SP
Mosaic Slime
Containing the slime in the Vacpack
Saber Slime SP
Saber Slime
Vaccing up the slime's plort into the Vacpack
Quicksilver Slime SP
Quicksilver Slime
Vaccing up the slime's plort, or when the plort teleports into the Augmented Vacpack
Gold Slime SP
Gold Slime
Vaccing up the slime's plort into the Vacpack
Lucky Slime SP
Lucky Slime
When it eats a hen or roostro and produces Newbucks
Largo Slime SP
Largo Slime
Having the slime on the nozzle of the Vacpack
Gordo Slime SP
Gordo Slime
Bursting the Gordo by filling it with food
Party Gordo SP
Party Gordo
Bursting the Gordo by filling it with food
Feral Slime SP
Feral Slimes
Having the slime on the nozzle of the Vacpack
The Tarr SP
The Tarr
Having the slime on the nozzle of the Vacpack


The Resources tab lists all of the items that can be utilized by the player for a later benefit.


Main article: Food

Pogo fruit
All food items are logged individually and are discovered by storing them in the vacpack for the first time. Slimepedia Entries all include a backstory about the item, as well as possible uses by ranchers and their flavors. Each entry also states which slime favors it, if applicable. Both adult hens and their chickadoos have their own entries.

Slime Science Resources

Main article: Slime Science Resources

Jellystone SP
Resources obtained using Extractors or through certain Gordo Slime crates. Individual items have their own Slimepedia Entries, which each go into some detail about the item itself; some of which detail their practical uses. Their entries are recorded when they are first stored in the vacpack.


Main article: Echoes

Echoes SP
Echoes are recorded when one is stored in the vacpack.

They are only found in The Ancient Ruins, so it is required to visit this biome to unlock it.

Slime Toys

Main article: Slime Toys

Slime Toys
The Slime Toys' entry is recorded when first unlocking the terminal on The Ranch at Rank 8 7Zee.


The Ranch
The Ranch tab lists all of the available facilities available for use at The Ranch. Most of these entries are unlocked from the start of the game, as they are immediately usable by the player but are limited by their Newbucks:

Four entries are not immediately unlocked on a new game:

  • Ogden's Retreat and Mochi's Manor are each unlocked when visiting the area for the first time.
  • 7Zee Rewards Club entry is unlocked on Day 7, immediately after reading the introductory StarMail.
  • Chroma Packs' entry is unlocked when reaching 7Zee Rank 5; the first rank that installs the facility.


Main article: Far, Far Range

The Dry Reef
This tab lists the various biomes around the Far, Far Range, such as The Dry Reef. Each zone is discovered when the game recognizes that the player has entered that particular zone for the first time.

Subzones, such as Ash Isle and Ring Island, are considered part of their respective biomes and will not unlock their own Slimepedia Entry.

Slime Keys

Main article: Slime Key

Slime Key TP
Also under the World tab is the Slime Key, the entry of which is unlocked when collecting a key from a Wild Gordo for the first time.

Slime Science

Main article: Slime Science

The Lab
This tab is invisible until The Lab is purchased, and is immediately completely unlocked on purchase. The Slime Science tab lists the various facilities available at The Lab, and the various categories of gadgets that can be created from the lab's fabricator; Extractors, Utilities, Warp Tech, Decorations, and Curios.


  • If a player completes all available discoveries in the Slimepedia, they will be awarded the Achievement: Pro Style.


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