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Slimes are gelatinous, ball-shaped, adorable alien creatures that live in the Far, Far Range. They are a key element within the game since they are responsible for the production of plorts that are used to make money, create gadgets, and unlock areas in the game.

There are several different species of slimes, each found in certain locations on the Far, Far Range. Though their most common features are the permanent happy expressions they have on their faces when fed and their high pitched voices, each type of slime has a unique trait that is used to identify it. Nearly all small slimes are capable of stacking.

Each Slime - except the Pink, Puddle, Fire, Saber and Lucky Slimes - has a unique favourite food, which when fed to the appropriate Slime doubles the plorts they produce. Most of them can be converted to Largo Slimes to increase profitability even further.

All standard farmable slimes are subject to hunger and agitation.

Docile Slimes

These Slimes cannot harm you under normal conditions unless feral.
The standard risk of Tarr outbreaks is not taken into account for this categorisation.
Pink Slime SP
Phosphor Slime SP
Tabby Slime SP
Honey Slime SP
Puddle Slime SP
Pink Slime Phosphor Slime Tabby Slime Honey Slime Puddle Slime
HunterSlime SP
QuantumSlime SP
Tangle Slime-0
Dervish Slime
Saber Slime Hunter Slime Quantum Slime Tangle Slime Dervish Slime

Harmful Slimes

These Slimes can harm the player in some way regardless of whether or not they are feral.
The standard risk of Tarr outbreaks is not taken into account for this categorisation.
Rock Slime
Boom Slime SP
Rad Slime-2
CrystalSlime SP
M slime 3
Fire Slime SP
Rock Slime Boom Slime Rad Slime Crystal Slime Mosaic Slime Fire Slime

Hostile Slimes

These Slimes will actively try to attack you.
Feral Slime SP
The Tarr Feral Slimes

Special Slimes

These slimes are a category of their own from the standard Slimes.
Gold Slime
Largo Slime SP
Gordo Slime SP
PartyGordo SP
Quicksilver Slime Gold Slime Lucky Slime Largo Slimes Gordo Slimes Party Gordo


These Slimes were intended to be implemented into the game but were ultimately cut.
Meteor Slime
VE Slime Rancher
Docile Pink SlimePhosphor SlimeTabby SlimeHoney SlimePuddle SlimeSaber SlimeHunter SlimeQuantum SlimeTangle SlimeDervish Slime
Harmful Rock SlimeBoom SlimeRad SlimeCrystal SlimeMosaic SlimeFire Slime
Hostile The TarrFeral Slimes
Special Quicksilver SlimeGold SlimeGordo Slimes (Party Gordo) • Largo SlimesLucky Slime
Upcoming None yet
Behaviours AgitationHungerStackingPounce
Scrapped Meteor Slime
Meat Hen HenChickadooRoostroElder HenElder RoostroBriar Hen (Chickadoo) • Stony Hen (Chickadoo) • Painted Hen (Chickadoo)
Fruit PogofruitCuberryMint MangoPhase LemonPrickle PearKookadoba
Veggie CarrotHeart BeetOca OcaOdd OnionSilver ParsnipGilded Ginger
Upcoming None yet
Other WaterAshSpicy Tofu
Economy PlortsNewbucks
Other WaterAncient WaterSlime KeySlime GateCrateEchoesOrnaments
The Ranch
Plots CoopCorralGardenIncineratorPondSilo
Facilities Plort MarketVacpackRange ExchangeRanch HouseStarmail
7Zee Rewards Club Chroma PacksSlime ToysVacpack
Far, Far Range
The Ranch The GrottoThe OvergrowthThe LabThe DocksOgden's RetreatMochi's Manor
Wilderness The Dry Reef (Ring Island)The Slime Sea (Moustache Island)The Moss Blanket (Mushroom Lake) (Feral Path)The Indigo Quarry (Cinder Grove) (Ash Isle)The Ancient RuinsThe Glass DesertThe WildsNimble Valley
Upcoming None yet
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