For player-made teleporters, see Warp Tech

Static Teleporters are objects found around the Far, Far Range that will instantly transport you from one teleporter to another when stood on. Static Teleporters can be found under certain Gordos or in specific locations leading to another area.

You cannot take anything held on the Vacpack's nozzle through a teleporter, nor will the teleporter warp an item or Slime when shot at the teleporter.

One-way teleporters

Next to the Plort Market on The Ranch is a teleporter that appears to be inactive. It cannot be used to teleport to other locations, instead it is the one-way return location for the following teleporters located at:

Two-way teleporters

Between Dry Reef & Overgrowth

Between The Beach & Ring Island

Between Indigo Quarry & The Grotto

  • In the Indigo Quarry, in the cave just after the first area there is a Rock Gordo. Popping this Gordo reveals a teleporter that links to the outside of The Grotto

Between Indigo Quarry & Ash Isle

  • In the Indigo Quarry, there is an island with a broken bridge that must be flown over which leads to a Danger Zone with feral Boom Largos. On this island is a small path that leads directly to another Rock Gordo. Popping this Gordo reveals a teleporter that links to Ash Isle.

Between Slime Sea & Mustache Island

  • On the last island of a series of other islands in The Slime Sea which leads to Mustache Island.

Between the Ancient Ruins and the Glass Desert

  • At the end of the Ancient Ruins (requires 5 Quantum Plorts to activate). This unique teleporter leads to The Glass Desert.


  • When a teleporter gives off particles and spins around, it can be entered. If not, it is either the teleporter near the Plort Market which is one-way, or there is a Gordo sitting on the other side.
  • Before 0.3.7, the teleporter was only a blue circular pad.
  • On the release of 0.6.0, the Static Teleporter in the ruins was located on the cliff next to a treasure pod.
    • As of 1.0.1, the portal is now located near the temple housing the teleporter to The Glass Desert.


  • 0.2.0 - Implemented along with the Early Access of the game.
  • 0.3.5 - Added a Static Teleporter at the end of The Moss Blanket
  • 0.3.7 - Major remodel.
  • 0.6.0 - The Glass Desert Teleporter was added. It can be activated after popping the Tangle Gordo. A Static Teleporter can also be found on a cliff next to a Treasure Pod.
  • 1.0.1 - The Static Teleporter in The Ancient Ruins was moved next to the temple housing the Teleporter to The Glass Desert.


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