Tabby Slimes or Tabbies for short, are one of the most common slimes in Slime Rancher. They can be found almost everywhere at any time of the day. The Tabby Slimes are part of a slime family, consisting of Tabbies, Hunters, and Lucky Slimes.


Tabby slimes share many curious similarities to domesticated house cats of Earth. With their perky ears, striped backs, and swaying tails, you'd almost mistake them for a true feline... If they weren't made entirely of gooey slime, of course.

Rancher Risks:
A Tabby slime generally doesn't mean any harm to a rancher, but like their spiritual Earth cat cousins, often causes a great deal of chaos anyway. Tabby slimes love to steal things they don't eat, like fruits and veggies, resulting in lots of unintended largo transformations on the Range.

Tabby plorts are a key ingredient in a variety of "performance enhancing" products that grant the consumer a surge of the tabby slime's signature energy and exuberance. And while athletes the world over take them to gain an edge, prolonged use often results in "uncontrollable butt wiggles", another (less desirable) signature of the tabby slime.


  • As their Slimepedia entry says: they like to steal foods and plorts. It would be wise to make sure any Tabby largos you own are secure in a highly upgraded corral, or there may be a Tarr infestation at your ranch!
    • Moreover, Tabby largos tend to steal food other than chicken instead of eating it, making it harder to feed them with vegetables/fruits.
  • Tabby Slimes are generally harmless but they will bounce towards you if you get close and may bump you into other, more dangerous, slimes: so be careful!
  • Tabby Slimes are very bouncy and try to escape constantly. The Air Net and High Walls upgrades are highly recommended when corralling.
  • If you happen to lose a captive Tabby Slime or two, check around your coops! Runaway Tabbies often love to snatch up an easy meal!
  • If you let a Tabby Slime bump you, you get the Achievement: Boop!
  • You might not need to worry if a tabby slime escapes; they tend to jump out of their corral then immediately hug the wall of said corral as if they want to go back in.
    • This is a reference to a real life cat's behavior of begging to come into a room, then when the door is shut, begging to be let out almost immediately.


  • 0.3.4: A bug causing Tabbies to fight over a chicken was fixed, with the fastest one eating it now.
  • 0.2.4: A bug causing Tabbies to be stuck when staring at food is fixed.
  • Before 0.2.0: Added.


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