Tangle Slimes are slimes encountered exclusively in the The Glass Desert.

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Though the tangle slime may look innocent with its wide smile and colorful flower atop its head, it's actually a fearsome predator with a big appetite for tasty meat. The tangle slime earned its name from the twisting vines that it can produce to grab things in the environment.

It's unknown what caused the tangle slime to become such a fearsome predator in the barren wastes of the Glass Desert. However, if the land once resembled the lush greenery of the oases within, perhaps the tangle slime evolved in a much different environment than what you see today

Rancher Risks:

The tangle slime can be a handful on the ranch if they're not well-fed at all times. Not only can tangle slimes tunnel their vines underground to snatch food from outside their corrals, but the flowers on their head can produce a noxious pollen cloud that causes other slimes to go into sneezing fits.

When slimes sneeze from the pollen their agitation rapidly increases, causing more boom slime explosions, crystal slime spikes, and all around jumpiness.


Despite the troublesome nature of the slimes that create them, tangle plorts have incredibly beneficial agricultural applications. Fertilizers and growth formulas made from tangle plorts are used by farms all across Earth to greatly enhance crop production.

It's speculated that the unususally high nutrient count found within tangle plorts that now grow Earth's vegetables results from the tangle slime's incredible appetite for chickens, but that's super gruesome so let's just ignore that.


  • Because they can reach for food and plorts outside of their corrals using their vines, the best place to ranch these slimes would be in The Overgrowth, due to building plots being a fair distance away from one another and the area regularly spawning Hen Hens.
    • Because their primary diet is Meat, turning them into a Largo that has a favourite Fruit or Veg is recommended.
  • It is possible to obtain this slime before restoring your first oasis, since their favorite food spawns in the desert already. Simply get a Painted Hen or three, snare a Tangle Gordo, and pop it to receive Tangle slimes.
    • There is also a Tangle Gordo near the first oasis patches, which you can pop with Hen Hens spawning in The Overgrowth and Painted Hens from The Glass Desert. This will also provide a teleporter back to the ranch and some crates.
  • They seemingly can move each other out of their corral using their vines if they're crowded together and hungry, and can also move other slimes outside of their corrals into theirs rarely.


  • The Tangle Slime may be based on any number of carnivorous plants. The slime itself may be based on an unripe tomato.
    • The flower on the Tangle Slime's head strongly resembles a Rafflesia, a type of Carrion Flower. Both emit a strong odor, except the odor that the Tangle Slime emits only makes other slimes sneeze. And while the Tangle Slime is a carnivore, Rafflesia is a parasite of Tetrastigma plants.
  • It is the second slime to have a shade of green. First being the Rad Slime.
  • The color of the flower changes depending on what type of Largo it becomes.


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