The Ancient Ruins is a zone that was added in Version 0.5.0. It serves as an interconnection between The Moss Blanket and The Indigo Quarry to The Glass Desert.


Hidden behind a vast mountain range, the Ancient Ruins stand as one of the few known unnatural structures on the Far, Far Range. Their origin remains a mystery, as do the strange occurences that happen within.

Home to quantum slimes that seem to express many other possible realities of their being, and phase lemon trees that do not remain in one place or time for very long, the Ancient Ruins defy logic and expectation.

Only one thing is certain in the Ancient Ruins: within its deepest chamber lies its greatest secret.

Natural Resources

Name Resources
Slimes Pink SlimesPhosphor Slimes, Tabby SlimesRock Slimes, Puddle Slimes, The Tarr, Gold Slimes, Lucky Slimes
Food Carrots, Pogofruit, Cuberries, Hen Hens, Roostros, Chickadoos, Phase Lemons
Exclusive Resources Echoes
New Slimes Quantum Slimes


  • To enter the Ruins, you will require plorts from these slimes: Tabbies, Phosphors, Rocks, Honeys, Booms and Rads. You will have to shoot these plorts into the statues that look like these slimes. After every plort is inserted, the gate will open.
  • It is recommended to bring a full tank of water or Hydro Turrets as Tarr spawn much more frequently than in The Moss Blanket.


  • The Ancient Ruins have the biggest Slime Gate in the Far, Far Range.
    • It is also the only Slime Gate to not require a Slime Key, but requires plorts from six different slimes. (not including the Pink Plort, which is already inserted upon discovery)
    • However, a normal Slime Gate leading from either the Moss Blanket or the Indigo Quarry needs to be opened before the one mentioned here. This means the Ancient Ruins also have the most amount of Slime Gates that need to be unlocked to gain access, which is two.
  • The Ancient Ruins were originally planned to be a sub-area connected to The Moss Blanket. [1]
  • It is the only zone that doesn't spawn Feral Slimes in any specific location.

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