The environment surrounding the ranch is known as the Dry Reef and is an arid, wind-swept land covered in dusty crags and rocky cliffs shaped by the wind over the millennia.

The Dry Reef is primarily home to pink, tabby, and rock slimes though phosphor slimes will also come out from hiding when the sun sets. The Dry Reef's climate doesn't make for abundant of any particular resource, but there are plenty of carrots, pogofruit and hen hens, as well as some less common resources if you know where to look. - Slimepedia


The Dry Reef is what you go into immediately after leaving your ranch. It is a desert-themed area entirely made of rock plateaus, rock cliffs, and large rocks coming up from the ground or The Slime Sea. The entire area is beige- and/or coral-coloured. There are many smaller cliffs and platforms that form part of the landscape as well. To date, five of the sixteen Gordo Slimes in the game can be found there (Dry Reef Pink Gordo, Ring Island Pink Gordo, Dry Reef Tabby Gordo, The Beach Tabby Gordo, and the Phosphor Gordo). The Dry Reef has many different parts, all of which have distinct features. Towards the end of the Dry Reef, there is a Static Teleporter underneath the Dry Reef Tabby Gordo which leads to The Overgrowth.

Natural Resources

Here is a a list of Slimes and resources available in The Dry Reef.

Type Resources
Slimes Pink Slimes, Tabby Slimes, Rock Slimes, Phosphor Slimes, Puddle Slimes (only on Ring Island), The Tarr, Gold Slimes, Lucky Slimes
Food Carrots, Pogofruit, Cuberries, Heart Beets, Roostros, Stony Hens and Stony Chickadoos, Hen Hens and Chickadoos
Exclusive Slime Science Resources Deep Brine



This is the first area of The Dry Reef you encounter. In this area there are several Carrot patches (one on the left as you exit the ranch and another behind a rock in the center) and Pogofruit trees (one on the left after the carrot patch and one high up on a wall to the right). Pink Slimes will also jump out of the reef in this area.


This area is after the intro. It contains a pillar in the very middle with a pogofruit tree on it, and a chicken nest on the other side. Pink and Phosphor Slimes spawn in this area.

Area east of Roundabout

There is a small extention to the right, which can house Tabby, Rock, Pink, and Phosphor Slimes. It is one of the first places you can find The Tarr.

The Hub

Right after the Roundabout is The Hub. It contains various small plateaus and a big arch over the middle. Pink, Phosphor, Tabby and Rock Slimes spawn in this area.

Big Tree

A small valley with two huge trees and lots of slimes. Pink, Phosphor, Tabby and Rock Slimes spawn in this area.

Pink Gordo Island

Right in the middle of the Dry Reef rests this small island with the first Gordo you see in the game, the Pink Gordo. Other than that, no actual slimes spawn in this area.

Hidden Valley

A valley right at the end of the Dry Reef, with lots of trees and Pink and Tabby Slimes.

Feral Sink

This is a mountain-valley-like area with a drop to feral largos, a water source, and two of each Treasure Pod (Blue, Green and Purple). The path is treacherous and you may get stuck on the way out if you don't stay high in the valley. The most notable feature here is the Spring Pad you get from a Treasure Pod. This is why some people nicknamed it Spring Pad Tech Valley.

Feral Canyon

This is a valley directly next to the Phosphor Gordo, and is filled with Pink Rock Feral Largos. It has a bridge above it leading to the Fourth Area.

The Beach

The Beach is the home of the second Tabby Gordo, and the relaxing place of various other slimes. The Tabby Gordo sits on an island which is part of a small island chain next to it.

On the beach there is a giant fossil rib-cage like object. It is made up of gray rings and is very worn down. Some believe that the object is actually a fossil of some sort. The creature whom this rib-cage could have belonged to remains unknown. Another theory suggests that this structure is made by something. It could be an ancient crashed spaceship or a tunnel made to make travelling easier. These rings also are in aligned with the two giant rings on the Ring Island. After all these may have a deeper meaning.


  • In the Slimepedia Entry, it states that the Dry Reef was originally a huge coral reef. This is supported by the amount of coral seen throughout the area.
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