The Glass Desert is an area that was added in update 0.6.0. It's very far from the mainland of the Far Far Range, and is only accessible through a teleporter located in The Ancient Ruins. It's a barren wasteland covered with giant glass structures that create ultra hot Solar Anomalies. This harsh, uninhabitable environment has little hint of what it once was, but you might be able to bring it back. It acts as the end-game zone, and has many challenges not found in other zones. Four new slimes called Mosaic Slimes, Tangle Slimes, Dervish Slimes, and Fire Slimes live in this place, as well as mysterious flowers, sticky tacti, and dried up fountains

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The Glass Desert is mostly uncharted territory within the Far, Far Range, located so far beyond the ranch it is only accessible via teleportation.

The Glass Desert gets its name from the monolithic glass structures that dot its landscape. Resembling prismatic, frozen flames, these glass structures are believed to have been created during a violent solar event, scorching the land and stone into glass. These glass structures are also believed to be the catalyst for the dangerous solar anomalies that regularly occur in the Glass Desert: firestorms that burst from the ground, as if intense heat is desperate to escape the ground below.

But the desert's barren, unforgiving, sometimes violent environment hides a secret: somewhere deep within it lies a memory of what once was, and a means of restoring parts of that memory.

Natural Resources

A list of slimes/resources available in the Glass Desert

Name Resources
Slimes Pink Slimes, Rock Slimes, Tabby Slimes, Hunter Slimes, Boom Slimes, Quantum Slimes, Puddle Slimes, Gold Slimes, Lucky Slimes, The Tarr
Food Hen Hen, Roostro, Stony Hen, Pogofruit, Cuberry, Carrot, Heart Beet, Prickle Pear, Silver Parsnip, Painted Hen
Exclusive Slime Science Resources Glass Shard, Silky Sand, Pepper Jam.
New Slimes

Mosaic Slimes, Dervish Slimes, Tangle Slimes, Fire Slimes

Other Exclusives

Ancient Water

Notable Places

Ancient Fountains

Around The Glass Desert are mysterious fountains that has been dried up. These fountains can only be activated when the player will insert plorts in specific Slime Statues found throughout The Glass Desert. Once three of the same Slime statues have been activated, the fountain will start to produce a special kind of water called "Ancient Water" which is used to water the plant bulbs to awaken the Oases.


Oases are special kinds of area that only appears once the plant bulbs found throughout The Glass Desert have been watered with Ancient Water. These Oases provide a barrier that protects slimes and the player from Tarr and Firestorms as long as they stay within it's range. It allows a large amount of slimes to spawn having a chance for Tarr to spawn within the barrier but the Tarr eventually blow up due to the protective barrier. Due to the place being barren and notably dangerous because of it's Firestorms, not many slimes spawn if there is no Oasis. It is the only known place that spawns Tangle Slimes before popping the Tangle Gordo.


  • There is an achievement named Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors, which is unlocked when visiting the The Glass Desert. This achievement was implemented before The Glass Desert was added, making it impossible to achieve until Version 0.6.0 was released.
  • The Meteor Slime, which was once intended to be in this place, was scrapped because the slime wasn't "working" but it is replaced by two slimes. However, it is unknown if it will come back in the future.[1]
  • Slime Statues similar to ones in The Ancient Ruins can be found at the entrance, requiring five Quantum Plorts.
    • In the teaser image of the entrance of The Glass Desert, the slime statues were the same as the statues at the entrance of The Ancient Ruins.
      • It was later replaced with Quantum Slime statues upon release of Version 0.6.0.
    • More slime statues are found around The Glass Desert in order to unlock the ancient fountains that give out Ancient Water, which is used to re-awaken Oases.
  • This is the biggest area in the game to be added, surpassing the size of The Ancient Ruins.
  • This is the area that houses most slimes, ranging from 14 different kinds of slimes (including The Tarr) overall.
  • This is the only area in the game that is not surrounded by The Slime Sea. Instead, it is surrounded by a sea of flowing, golden sand. Called the "Sand Sea" by Hobson.
  • The Solar Anomalies that happen periodically are the first and only naturally occurring event to be added to the game.
    • It is also the only disaster that actually spawns slimes, specifically Fire Slimes.
    • Firestorms seemingly don't damage the slimes but still damage the player. However, they still scare and agitate slimes.
  • The Glass Desert is actually located directly above The Ranch.
    • It is located above the skybox and seemingly doesn't appear unless the player is inside the Glass Desert itself.

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