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The Indigo Quarry is a winding network of caves and cliffs, striated with deep purple hills from the rare minerals found within it. It was once the site of a mining project but went bust after the discovery that the rare ores it produces quickly break down in the atmospheres other than that of the Far, Far Range.

It was later discovered that the means to harness these metals was via rock slime plorts. Somehow, rock slime plorts preserve the minerals within, a process that eludes even the most prestigious slime scientists.

The Indigo Quarry is a natural home for rock slimes and the more elusive rad slime, and its naturally mineral-rich soil make it a great place to harvest most wild veggies. - Slimepedia

Natural Resources

Here is a a list of Slimes and resources available in The Indigo Quarry.

Name Resources
Slimes Pink Slimes, Rock Slimes, Phosphor Slimes, Puddle Slimes, Boom Slimes, The Tarr, Gold Slimes, Lucky Slimes
Food Carrots, Pogofruit, Cuberries, Heart Beets, Odd Onions, Oca Oca, Roostros, Stony Hens and Stony Chickadoos, Hen Hen and Chickadoos
Exclusive Slime Science Resources Indigonium
New Slimes Rad Slimes, Crystal SlimesBoom Slimes


Sub Areas

Cinder Grove

Deep in the Indigo Quarry a volcanic cave can be found. This is the home of Crystal Slimes. There's nothing too interesting in this place besides a Treasure Pod containing the Crystal Cluster decoration and some veggies. You find most of the Crystal Slimes here, but also higher risks of Tarr and Crystal damage.


Ash Isle

After using a teleporter under the second Rock Gordo, you'll arrive here. It's the only other place where Crystal Slimes can be found besides from the Cinder Grove. Random rare Slimes appear here as well as few Treasure Pods.



  • It is the only area that doesn't have a unique tree that's buildible as a decoration. Though, unique trees are in Ash Isle.
  • It's the only area that houses Crystal Slimes and Rad Slimes.
  • It was a mining project that went bust because, minerals from the Far, Far Range, start to decompose after leaving the planet.
    • However it was discovered later that Rock Plorts stopped this from happening, though this was after the project was cancelled.
  • The Indigo Quarry has already existed up to 0.2.0, where it was removed, and later remade in 0.3.0.
  • At some point, Thora West actually visisted the Indigo Quarry when Hobson still owned the Ranch.
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