The Overgrowth is an expansion to the ranch that is covered in moss and tall grasses. The thicket it creates allows for fruit and veggies to grow naturally and attracts the occasional wild chicken, making it an ideal space for a rancher that wants to let their slimes roam freely. - Slimepedia

Natural Resources

Here is a a list of Slimes and resources available in The Overgrowth.

Name Resources
Slimes none
Food Carrots, Pogofruit and Hen Hens
Exclusive Slime Science Resources none
New Slimes none


Bright and sunny with lots of grass and wild food. This area contains only foods that aren't favored by any slime. The Overgrowth is more useful for new ranchers as it provides more resources. There's a hole to the left of the entrance which leads to a Static Teleporter, that you can use to teleport near the bridge to island where Pink Phosphor Ferals spawn, if you pop the Tabby Gordo that sits on it first. Next to the teleporter are The Docks. In front of the entrance is one of the gateways to the beach.


  • The Overgrowth has a high spawn rate of Hen Hens, has three hanging Pogofruit trees and three Carrot plots, which is especially handy when stocking up on a specific food type for popping Gordo Slimes.


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