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As a little thank you, I've activated three secret vaults that I built years ago to stash a small fortune of mine. I had always planned on using it as walking around money in the great beyond, but I ain't needing for that no more.
Hobson Twillgers via StarMail.

The Vaults are locations built by Hobson Twillgers before the events of the game. He unlocks them for Beatrix post-Adventure Mode. Each Vault requires a Slime Key to enter.

There are three seperate vaults in three seperate locations. Before they are unlocked the chambers the teleporters are in are hidden underground.

Each of the vaults have a one-way Static Teleporter back to The Ranch.



Moss Blanket: Feral Path


After entering the Feral Path all you must do is continue taking the only path that is available until you reach near the end, past the wild Hunter Gordo.

When first entering, there are six Pogofruit trees with six fruits each at the entrance to the room, totalling 36 Pogofruits. Before going deeper into the room, make sure that the Fruits are ready to harvest because Gold Slimes will spawn as you go deeper in, which despawn and do not respawn.


  • Any Gold Plorts you can get from the Gold Slimes the first time you enter.
  • Guaranteed 120 Gold Plorts. There are 11 purple treasure pods in total; the six at the back of the room contain 10 Gold Plorts each, and the five in the central platform contain 12 each.

Indigo Quarry: Ash Isle


You are required to pop the second Rock Gordo in The Indigo Quarry, since it is sitting on the teleporter to Ash Isle.

When on Ash Isle, head right from Hobson's note and follow the path until you see a small ramp to the right going up a plateau. Walk to the top and fly over the gap which leads you to the resting place of the Crystal Gordo. To the right is a doorway leading directly to the Vault entrance.


  • At first glance, the Vault is minimal and contains only a single purple Treasure Pod with one Gold Plort. Tucked behind it underneath the platform the Pod is on is a switch which removes the wall at the back revealing another room which contains 20 purple treasure pods; the far back central Pod contains 9 Gold Plorts, all others contain 7. Collectively there are 143 Gold Plorts.

Dry Reef: Ring Island


You are required to pop the Tabby Gordo at The Beach, since it is sitting on the teleporter to Ring Island.

On Ring Island, climb up the mountain until you get to the Pink Gordo. From there, jumping over the gap to the right, onto the yellow stairs and going through the small tunnel ends up in what appears to be a dead end. There is a small rock face that is climbable near the tunnel exit, at the top is the Vault entrance. Once inside there appear to be only four Treasure Pods, but there is a switch in the middle of the room. Hitting that will cause Feral Pink Rock Largos contained within the ceiling to fall down, but it also opens up the walls in the corridor, revealing more treasure pods.


  • The four purple treasure pods in the switch room contain 10 gold plorts each, totalling 40 Gold Plorts.
  • Hitting the switch will reveal more Treasure Pods (as well as trigger the Largo trap) contained within the walls of the hallway, each containing 10 gold plorts each for a total of 100 gold plorts. Together this makes for 140 gold plorts.
  • Potentially Pink and Rock Plorts, obtainable from the Feral Largos.

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  • They are accessible via teleporter, located on sub areas of the three original zones.
  • None of them have any Gadget sites.
  • The true in-game location of the Vaults is far away from the main landmass, close to Cinder Grove.
  • When you open your map while in the vaults, it says that you're located in Unknown.


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