Feral Slime SP
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As a little thank you, I've activated three secret vaults that I built years ago to stash a small fortune of mine. I had always planned on using it as walking around money in the great beyond, but I ain't needing for that no more.
Hobson Twillgers via StarMail.

The Vaults is a fan term for a series of locations built by Hobson Twillgers before the events of the game. They are initially inactive, appearing as normal circular ground decorations, and cannot be accessed. Hobson activates them for the player after the credits, revealing that they are long tube-like constructions with teleporters contained within.

There are three vaults, each containing a Slime Gate within that require a Slime Key to fully access. Once open, multiple Purple Treasure Pods can be found, each containing a large number of Gold Plorts.

The vaults each have a one-way Static Teleporter back to The Ranch.


The Dry Reef
The Indigo Quarry
The Moss Blanket
Ring Island Vault Ash Isle Vault Feral Path Vault





  • A total of 403 Gold Plorts can be obtained from the vaults, not including from the Gold Slimes that spawn in the Feral Path Vault.
  • None of the vaults contain any Gadget sites.
  • The World Map does not recognise the areas of the vaults, showing them as in an Unknown location. The true in-game location of the Vaults is far away from the main landmass, relatively close to Crystal Volcano.
  • The insides of the vaults use assets from The Ancient Ruins.
  • All of the vaults located in each biome are in locations that were introduced after the biome's initial release.

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