The Wilds is an area that was introduced in Update 1.1.0 as part of Ogden's Wild update. It is accessible through Ogden's Retreat, but one of three working one-way teleporters must be located once in The Wilds which will teleport Beatrix directly back to Ogden's Retreat.

Slimepedia Entry

The Wilds are an ancient, untamed collection of islands that are home to an enormous population of feral slimes. All of these slimes are largo descendants of saber slimes, one of the oldest known species of slimes.

Ogden Ortiz once explored The Wilds and discovered the rare kookadoba fruit growing within. Since then he has contracted out the dangerous task of collecting these fruits to anyone willing to take on the risk.

Natural Resources

A list of slimes/resources available in The Wilds.

Name Resources
Slimes Pink Slimes, Rock Slimes, Tabby Slimes, Hunter Slimes, Boom Slimes, Rad SlimesPhosphor Slimes, The Tarr
Food Hen Hen, Roostro, Stony Hen, Pogofruit, Cuberry, Carrot, Heart Beet, Kookadoba
Exclusive Slime Science Resources None
New Slimes

Saber Slimes (various Largos, all spawn feral)


  • It is recommended to bring a full tank of food before jumping right into the Wilds, in order to calm any feral slimes you encounter.
    • Since all slimes that spawn in the Wilds are Largos, it is extremely easy for Tarr outbreaks to happen once plorts are created. Remember to carry a full tank of water! Though this can be great when surrounded by the feral slimes...
  • There are no gadget spots in The Wilds.
    • This means that you cannot place Hydro Turrets, Warp Tech, Taming Bells, Medical Stations, or any other type of gadget. 
  • If you'd like less chances of being surrounded, go during the day. At night, Phosphor Slimes spawn, which means more feral slimes and more Tarr. It'll take longer for them to despawn, as it's night.
    • While Tarr can be great for getting rid of large masses of feral slimes, it also means the ones you've already calmed down will be eaten, which means more feral slimes will spawn. Plus, you have to deal with them after...
    • Additionally, Tarr will rot nearby Kookadobas.


  • 1.1.1 - Teleporters from the Wilds now lead to Ogden’s Retreat instead of directly to Beatrix’s Ranch.
  • 1.1.0 - Implemented into the game along with the Kookadoba Fruit and Saber Largos.


  • The Wilds were discovered by Ogden Ortiz.
  • The Wilds does not have an associated map.
  • Despite the trailer showing a Puddle Slime in a body of water, Puddle Slimes don't spawn in The Wilds.
  • Prior to release, the roadmap entry for The Wilds stated:
    Take a side job working for Ogden Ortiz and explore the Wilds, an untamed island on the Far, Far Range full of primitive, feral slimes! Ogden will offer you unique rewards for collecting the rare kookadoba fruit that grows in the Wilds.
  • It is actually possible to see the Moss Blanket from at The Wilds and also see The Wilds from the Moss Blanket but it is not possible to jetpack from one to the other.
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