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Thora West is an NPC found on the Range Exchange.

Thora is an elderly, experienced slime rancher who is the first to welcome Beatrix LeBeau to the Far, Far Range. She introduces her to the Range Exchange and is the first person to be able to trade with.


Not much is known about Thora's life, such as when she became a slime rancher.

Through all these years, she is leading a humble life as a rancher on the Far, Far Range.

At some point in time, many years before Beatrix arrived on her ranch, she had met Hobson Twillgers, which had she soon fell in love with, since Hobson reminisces about her quite often in the journals he left behind. It's rumored (as said in the loading screen's tips) that he had broke up with her some years ago. We don't know currently why did this happen, but it might have to do something with Hobson having left this corner of the Far, Far Range to set off for one last adventure.

Years later, when Beatrix arrived to her ranch, she introduced her to the Range Exchange and now she ocasionally requests from her food and slimes.


Introductory Mail

Welcome to the Range Exchange!
Thora West

Hi there, Beatrix! The name's Thora West. I’ll keep my introduction short on account that we all got work to do: I’m a long-time rancher here on the Far, Far Range and head of the welcome wagon for your local Range Exchange.

The Range Exchange is a network of ranchers just like yourself who are looking to trade what they got for what they need: slimes, plorts, food- whatever. All you need to do is check out the Range Exchange machine daily and be sure to get your trade completed by noon.

As more ranchers get added to your network, you should receive a hearty hello from them so check your inbox.

Well, enough jawin’, we’ve both got slimes to wrangle.

Adios, Beatrix. – Thora

Range Exchange

  • Best part of the range? You hear all those cars and people? Yeah, I don't either.
  • Don't suppose you also got a cup a sugar kicking around too?
  • Drinks are on me if you can get me these things in a hurry!
  • Up too late last night, need a few things.
  • What're the odds the greenhorn beats y'all to this one?
  • You ever try to lasso a slime? Makes the whole vacpack thing pretty obvious.
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