This page lists all of the available Treasure Pods in The Glass Desert. Before starting, it is recommended to activate The Glass Desert's Map Data Node to unlock terrain details on the World Map.

While the Jetpack is not necessary to find some of these Pods, it is recommended to buy it to be able to reach a vast majority of them. Having fully upgraded Energy is also highly recommended, since some of these locations require extensive Jetpack usage to get to.

Additionally, there are no Green Treasure Pods in The Glass Desert, so the Treasure Cracker MK II is required to start opening them, however the Treasure Cracker MK III is recommended since almost all of them are purple pods.

Blue Pods (Treasure Cracker MK II)

GDTP1 GDTP1Map Butterscotch Slime Lamp
GDTP3 GDTP3Map Ruined Desert Blocks
GDTP4 GDTP4Map Potted Tactus
GDTP7 GDTP7Map Ruined Desert Column
GDTP12 GDTP12Map Cocoa Slime Lamp
GDTP16 GDTP16Map Coil Grass
GDTP17 GDTP17Map Berry Slime Lamp

Purple Pods (Treasure Cracker MK III)

GDTP2 GDTP2Map Berry Teleporter
GDTP5 GDTP5Map Master Apiary
MasterApiary SP
GDTP6 GDTP6Map Gold Plort
PlortGOLD x3
GDTP8 GDTP8Map Palm Sprout
Palm Sprout
GDTP9 GDTP9Map Palm Tree
Palm Tree Image
GDTP10 GDTP10Map Cocoa Warp Depot
GDTP11 GDTP11Map Super Hydro Turret
GDTP13 GDTP13Map Master Drill
MasterDrill SP
GDTP14 GDTP14Map Gold Plort
PlortGOLD x3
GDTP15 GDTP15Map Fiery Glass Sculpture
Fiery Glass Sculpture
GDTP18 GDTP18Map Thundering Glass Sculpture
Thundering Glass Sculpture
GDTP19 GDTP19Map Cocoa Teleporter
GDTP20 GDTP20Map Master Pump
MasterPump SP
GDTP21 GDTP21Map Berry Warp Depot
GDTP22 GDTP22Map Towering Glass Sculpture
Towering Glass Sculpture
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