This page lists all of the available Treasure Pods in The Wilds.

The Jetpack is necessary to find these Pods, as the terrain requires extensive use of it to navigate. Additionally, the Treasure Cracker Mk III is necessary to open all of them.

There is currently no associated map with The Wilds, so locations are indicated by landmarks.

Green Pods (Treasure Cracker MK I)

On a cliff by the Hunter
and Rock feral Saber Largos
TWTP1 Wild Honey
WildHoney SP x2
Royal Jelly
RoyalJelly SP x1
Find this Kookacracker,
cross the bridge directly
opposite and jetpack on
top of the trees to
reach this cliff.
TWTP2 Wild Grass Patch
Find this Kookacracker. TWTP3 Glow Rocks
Find this Kookacracker;
there is a small path
to the left of the Hen Hen nest.
TWTP6 Cotton Flower Patch

Blue Pods (Treasure Cracker MK II)

Find this Kookacracker TWTP5 Wild Coral Columns
To the left of the waterfall are some
trees that must be climbed using the
Jetpack to reach this pod. It is on
the other side of the tree
TWTP7 Peach Cloud Tree

Purple Pods (Treasure Cracker MK III)

Find this Kookacracker,
take the left until you find
a waterfall; follow the path in.
TWTP4 Carved Rocks
Find this Kookacracker and
in the cave where
Phosphor Saber Largos reside.
Climb to the top until you find
a Hen nest and stalagmites.
The pod is on a small ledge.
TWTP8 Cave Rocks
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